So you’ve ultimately settled on the perfect nose piercing. You know what kind you want and also picked out the coolest piercing jewellery. But there’s one question left, what side of the nose have to I pierce?

The evident lack of difference between piercing the left or right side of the nose can cause choice paralysis. The difference appears trivial, and the outcome of piercing either side is comparable enough, that neither choice is obviously much better. This have the right to make it hard to choose.

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Reasons to Pick One Side or the Other

As a dominion, the ideal side for a nose piercing is whichever you prefer! But if you’re having actually a hard time deciding, tright here are some components that deserve to assist narrowhead down the choices. The 2 greatest factors for picking a side are culture or aesthetics.

Cultural Significance of Nose Piercings

Nose piercings have a long history in social definition. They have a lengthy history in Center Eastern and also Hindu cultures, and also also make an appearance in the bible.

In Hindu tradition, woguys commonly pierce the left side of the nose. This has actually ties to Ayurveda. Ayurvedic medication is a holistic mechanism that days earlier countless years, connecting the mind and also body. 


Tbelow are claims that piercing the left side have the right to reduce the pain of menstruation and/or childbirth. However, it is unclear whether this is an actual idea from Ayurvedic medicine or an idea that was presented once it was brought to the Western people in the 1960s. In Hindu culture picking the left side is even more around heritage than effect.

In standard Chinese medicine, the left side was believed to be the female side, and also right the masculine side. Some world use this as a reason to choose their facial piercings on the left side for females or ideal side for males. However, in modern-day society, tright here really isn’t a male or female side.

If you have the right to uncover that one side has actually interpretation to your for personal or cultural reasons, that can be an excellent choice for your nose piercing.

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Choosing Nose Piercing Side by Aesthetics

Aesthetic considerations for choosing which side of the nose to pierce typically comes dvery own to the form of your face. It can likewise take right into account your hairstyle, facial attributes or other piercings.

Face Shape

For those via a symmetrical face, the piercing will certainly look equally excellent on either side. But those via an asymmetrical confront will certainly generally uncover a nostril piercing flatters one side of the confront more than the other. In this situation, you can attempt wearing an synthetic nose ring and see which side you favor. 


If you have a hairstyle that covers component of one side of your confront, you’ll usually want to put the nose piercing on the oppowebsite side. This boosts visibility and adds a visual balance. 

Keeping hair out of a fresh piercing is also essential for a trouble-complimentary healing duration. For more info on aftercare and also healing a brand-new piercing, click here!

Remember: Healing a healthy piercing starts via using the correct aftertreatment assets. Shop our recommfinished aftertreatment products by clicking here. 

Facial Features & Other Piercings

Another aesthetic consideration is what’s on the landscape of your challenge. If you currently have actually beauty marks, piercings, or various other differentiating functions on one side of the face, piercing a nostril on that side can produce an extra cluttered appearance. You may desire to pierce the opposite side of the nose.

If you have actually various other facial piercings you might also want to consider what form of jewelry you"re going to wear in your nostril piercing. You might want all your jewelry to complement, or compliment one another. You have the right to execute this by:-Matching the metal of your nose jewelry to your ear or various other facial piercing jewelry-Wearing pieces that function the very same colour gem stonesYou deserve to shop all our nose piercing jewelry choices by clicking right here.

Split the Difference

You don’t have to pick one side of the nose. There are a couple options that break-up the distinction. It’s not uncommon for civilization to balance their nose piercings with one on each nostril. Another alternative piercing the middle.

Septum piercings pierce the cartilage in between the nostrils. From Lady Gaga to Zoё Kravitz, the septum piercing is always in style. Even Kylie Jenner has actually been spotted wearing septum jewellery.


Another choice is a bridge piercing. A bridge piercing goes via either side of the nose. It normally uses a barbell or curved barbell via the beads on either side of the nose.

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Wbelow to Get Your Nose in Mississauga

The area you go to acquire matters even more than the placement of your piercing. Protect your wellness and the long-term aesthetics of your piercing by going to professionals at a clean, professional shop. The finest piercing shops in Mississauga, Ontario follow cautious methods and sanitary guidelines.