This page has assignments by as mentioned in to be under the OUI. For some information on IEEE 802 number assignments by the IEEE Registration Authority and also how to contact that authority, view the . Available Formats

Level text Registries had below MAC ADDRESS BLOCK MAC ADDRESS BLOCK

The CFxxxx Series

Keep in mind described an approach of using a "pseuexecute OUI" forcertain functions when tright here is no correct continuous OUI assigned.The registry for these is on the PPP Parameters web page.The CF series regisattempt has been closed by .Please see: .
No registrations at this time.

SNAP Protocol Numbers

Registration Procedure(s) Expert Resee Expert(s) Donald Eastlake (primary), Juan Carlos Zuniga (secondary) Reference Note The SNAP protocol number assignments use the OUI. Values 0000 and FFFF call for IESG Ratification as explained in section 5.1 of .

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Available Formats CSV Protocol Number (decimal) Protocol Number (hex) Description References
0000 0000 reserved
0001 0001 MARS Documents Messages (brief form)
0002 0002 scheduled for future NHRP use
0003 0003 MARS/NHRP Control Messages
0004 0004 MARS File Messeras (lengthy form)
0005 0005 SCSP - Server Cache Sync Protocol
0006 0006 VRID - Virtual Router MAC Address
0007 0007 L2TP
0008 0008 Virtual Private Network ID
0009-0065 0009-0041 Unassigned
0066 0042 Documentation Use
0067-65534 0043-FFFE Unassigned
65535 FFFF Reserved
Contact Indevelopment ID Name Contact URI Last Updated
S. Knight mailto:steven.knight& 1997-11