The mucous membranes room linings of greatly endodermal origin, spanned in epithelium, which are associated in absorption and secretion.

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The mucous membranes room linings the ectodermal origin. It consists of one epithelium layer and an basic lamina propria of loosened connective tissue. The mucus membranes are connected in absorption and secretion. Most mucosal membrane contain stratified squamous or an easy columnar epithelial organization types. Submucosal exocrine glands secrete rubber to facilitate the movement of particles along the body’s miscellaneous tubes, such together the throat and also the intestines.

Key Terms

mucous membrane: Linings of caries that space exposed to the exterior environment and also to interior organs.

The mucous membranes are linings of ectodermal origin. It consists of one epithelium layer and an underlying lamina propria of loose connective tissue. This mucus membrane are involved in absorption and also secretion. They line cavities that space exposed come the external environment and internal organs. This membranes exist in the hollow organs the the digestive, respiratory, and urogenital tracts.

The ax “mucous membrane” refers to where they are uncovered in the body; not every mucous membrane secretes mucus. Secreted mucous traps the pathogens in the body, preventing any kind of further development of microbes.

Most mucous membranes contain stratified squamous or straightforward columnar epithelial tissue. The epithelial tissue sheet lies directly over the great of loose connective tissue dubbed lamina propria. In part mucosa, the lamina propria rests ~ above a deeper, 3rd layer of smooth muscle.

The submucosa is the organization that associate the mucosa to the muscle outside the tube. Submucosal glands covers exocrine glands the secrete mucus. This glands excrete mucus to facilitate the motion of particles follow me the body’s various tubes, such together the throat and intestines. The submucosal glands space a companion to unicellular goblet cells, which additionally produce mucus, and are discovered lining the very same tubes.


General company of the gastrointestinial tract: Illustration of mucosa in relation to various other lining components.

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