For your security have minimal indoor capacities, and timed admissions are encouraged to it is in purchased online.Please visit our health and also safety page for updates.

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1. Head south east on Kalākaua Blvd. (toward Diamond Head)

2. Rotate left at Kapahulu Ave. 1.5 mi

3. Follow indications for H-1 West

4. Take it the ramp onto I-H1 W 4.9 mi

5. Take leave 20A to merge onto HI-63 N/Likelike Hwy

6. Turn best at Bernice Str.

1. Head south-east (toward Diamond Head) on Bernice Str. toward Kapālama Ave.2. Rotate left at Kapālama Ave.

3. Turn appropriate at North school Str.

4. Follow college Street to the Liliha Onramp to H-1 Eastbound

5. Take it the ramp top top H-1

6. Take departure 23 for Punahou Str.

8. Follow Punahou Str. Come Phillips Str.

8. Turn right at Phillips Str.

9. Revolve left on Kalākaua Ave. and follow into Waikīkī.


1. Walk come the nearest bus prevent on Kūhiō path (parallels Kalākaua Blvd one block additional from the beach).

2. Obtain on the #2 ‘School St./Middle St.’ bus. Obtain off the bus at the intersection that School and Kapālama Streets.

3. Cross institution the intersection and walk under Kapālama Ave. (you’ll be headed towards the ocean, ‘makai’, despite you can’t see it).

4. In ~ the intersection that Kapālama Ave. And Bernice Str., turn right. You need to see the museum grounds on the left hand side of Bernice and the entrance is about 200 feet up the street (on your left).

NOTE: travel time is about 1 hour

Visit TheBus for more information.

...To Waikīkī through bus

1. Go the end the front door of the museum (Bernice Str.), and turn right.

2. In ~ the very first corner (Kapālama Ave.) rotate left (mauka).

3. Store walking till you acquire to the college Street intersection (Stop Light).

4. The bus stop will it is in to your left.

5. Take it the #2 ‘Waikīkī/Kapi‘olani Park’ bus.

Visit TheBus for an ext information.

...From Waikīkī by taxi

Fare will most likely be around $25 including tip

...To Waikīkī by taxi
$25 level Rate charge* indigenous Charlieʻs Taxi by utilizing the Taxi Butler situated at the admission Desk. Standard dimension vehicle and also Minvan options available.
*Pricing topic to change due to automobile size.
...From Waikiki by Waikiki Trolley violet Line - in the interim CANCELED because of COVID-19


Purchase a Waikīkī Trolley purple Line ticket here.

Hop top top the purple Line Trolley at any type of of the twelve locations:

T Galleria Hawaii

Duke Kahanamoku Statue

Aston Waikiki coast Hotel

Aqua Palms Waikiki

Ala Moana center (ocean side)

Aloha stadium (Wed, Sat, sunlight only)

Pearl Harbor

Bishop Museum

Pier 38 Fishing Village

Ward Center

Ilikai Hotel

To and From the airport...

...From the plane by automobile (1 mile/1.6 km)

1. Unify onto H-1 Eastbound via the ramp to Waikīkī/Honolulu.

2. Take leave 20A in ~ the Likelike Hwy (State Highway 63).

3. Follow Likelike Highway for a few hundred yards.

4. Turn right at Bernice Str.

...To the airplane by car

1. Drive out the front door of the museum (Bernice Str.), and turn right.2. At the first corner (Kapālama Ave.) rotate left (you’ll it is in headed toward the mountains, ‘mauka’).

3. Proceed to the prevent light (School Str.) and turn left (heading Ewa). Keep in the left lane.

4. Go past the first stop light, and also enter the left revolve lane at the 2nd stoplight (Likelike Highway/Kalihi Str.).

5. Turn left ~ above Likelike Highway (you’ll be heading makai), and also immediately get in the best lane.

5. Take it the H-1 West cut-off.

6. Native the H-1 West take the Airport, Hickam, Pearl port Exit and follow the airport cutoff.

...From airplane by taxi

Fare will most likely be about $17 including tip

...To the airplane by bus

1. Walk come Likelike Highway located on the left next of the campus on Kalihi Str..2. Overcome the roadway to capture the “#7 Kamehameha IV Rd. Bus”.

3. When you board, questioning the driver for a transfer.

4. Obtain off the bus ~ above Nimitz Highway, and then wait because that the #19 or #20 airplane bus to arrive.

Visit TheBus for an ext information.


Most constant questions and answers

Daytime parking because that non-members is $5.00.

Evenings after 5 p.m. is $3.00.

Bishop Museum Members with valid parking sticker room free.

Parking payment kiosks are situated in front that the main Museum entrance and in the top parking lot. Kiosks accept credit cards only. Native 9 a.m. To 5 p.m., parking fees can be payment by cash in Shop Pacifica. Parking will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

View Campus Map & Parking Areas
Why is there a fee to park in ~ Bishop Museum?

Parking fees provide crucial support because that the Museum’s collections, research, education programs, and exhibitions.

How much is the parking fee?
$5/vehicle Daytime Rate: 6:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
$3/vehicle evening Rate: 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m.
Evening and special events rates might apply. No overnight parking privileges.
Failure to pay because that parking will an outcome in a $5 parking owed notice, payable to Diamond Parking.

Member Parking

Most constant questions and also answers
I’m a member. Perform I need to pay for parking?

No. Members will certainly enjoy cost-free parking as a advantage of Bishop Museum membership.

What if I do not have actually my member parking sticker?

If you left your parking sticker at home, please view a employee member at the Admissions desk in Shop Pacifica because that assistance. You will be issued a momentary one-day parking pass for your visit. If girlfriend did not obtain parking sticker labels in the membership packet mailed come upon involvement or renewing her membership, climate ask the Admissions desk staff to worry you a temporary parking pass and also to contact the Membership department to mail you long-term stickers.

I shed my member parking happen – how have the right to I change it? You deserve to request to have actually them all set to choose up in ~ the Admissions desk in Shop Pacifica ~ above the work of your following visit, or mailed come you before your visit. Over there is a $5 replacement fee for lost/stolen parking stickers and also membership cards.

I’m a member and also have many vehicles that I use to visit the museum. Can I obtain much more than one parking sticker?

The membership Department problems one parking sticker because that Student and Friend member levels, and two parking stickers for Senior, Dual/Family, Patron and higher membership levels. Come obtain added parking stickers, there is a $5 fee.

My member parking pass has actually been lost/stolen. Just how do I attain a replacement? You can request to have them ready to pick up at the Admissions workdesk in Shop Pacifica on the work of your next visit, or mailed to you prior to your visit. Over there is a $5 instead of fee for lost/stolen parking stickers and membership cards.

What if ns just here for a meeting/dropping something/someone off?

There space a minimal number the 15 minute parking stalls available for member use. There are situated to the left of the key building and also are very first come, very first served. The parking many is monitored carefully by parking employee throughout the day and also infractions will be fined.

I’m an ASTC member, have the right to I park because that free?

Unfortunately, ASTC is no longer welcomed at Bishop Museum, so ASTC members room not eligible for cost-free parking.

If ns am at the Admissions Desk and want to acquisition a membership, deserve to I deduct that day’s parking fee from my membership payment?

Unfortunately, parking fees cannot be deducted indigenous the expense of a member – we space unable to verify your parking acquisition from the Admissions Desk. Friend can, however, credit transaction the cost of your museum admission towards the acquisition of a membership and also enjoy complimentary member parking for every future access time to Bishop Museum. Come redeem this membership offer, friend must present your admission ticket sales receipt come the Admissions desk within 7 job of the transaction date.

Visitor Parking

Most frequent questions and answers
Is there a fee for handicap vehicles?

Bishop Museum has designated practically parking because that its handicapped guests. Vehicles parked in a blue handicap an are and displaying a blue handicap placard will certainly not be charged because that parking.

Is there a charge for motorcycles and scooters?

Yes, the $5 parking fee applies to every vehicles parked in a nonhandicap Museum stalls.

I’m handicapped. Where have to I park?

Please park in the designated handicapped stalls.

Is over there a kama‘āina discount ~ above parking?

The parking dues is $5 every car, every visit. Over there is no kama‘āina discount.

If ns am a kama’āina but not a member, can I acquisition an annual parking pass?

Absolutely. Simply become a Bishop Museum member in ~ the level of your choosing and also you will get a member parking pass together a advantage of Bishop Museum membership.

What if i am just visiting the gift shop to purchase something and also will just be 15 minutes?

There room a limited number the 15 minute parking stalls accessible for member use. Castle are located to the left of the main building and are first come, an initial served. The parking many is monitored very closely by parking employee throughout the day and infractions will be fined.

I am simply going to the Café, execute I have to pay for parking?

Yes. Parking is $5 per car per visit.

If ns am just acquiring take the end from the Café, execute I need to pay because that parking?

There are a minimal number of 15 minute parking stalls available for use and based ~ above a first-come first-served basis.

I have actually a concern or concern, who should I speak to?

If your parking lot of is full, have the right to I park ~ above the street without obtaining towed?

Bishop Museum is no responsible for the tasks of vehicles parked off campus and we recommend the you follow all posted parking signs and also restrictions once parking on city streets.

Your an equipment doesn’t work, who carry out I speak to?

I journey an electrical vehicle. Execute I need to pay for parking?

Bishop Museum has four electric auto charging stations situated in the 2nd parking area, close to the Pākī and Atherton buildings. This stall are limited to electrical vehicles only and are easily accessible on a very first come, an initial served basis. Electrical vehicles parked in the charging stations execute not must pay the $5 parking fee, however electric vehicles parked in continuous stalls do have to pay the $5 parking fee.

Electric vehicles using charging stations will certainly be fee a charging fee. 

Special occasions Parking

Most frequent questions and answers
Is there a parking dues to to visit the Museum’s evening programs, consisting of Traditions that the Pacific?

If you room attending an evening Museum event and also are parking your car in the lot after 5:00 p.m., the parking fee will be $3 unless otherwise posted. Vehicles that park before 5:00 p.m. Will certainly be fee the regular $5 parking fee.$5 Daytime Rate: 6:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.$3 night Rate: 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m.

I’m component of a facility rental occasion that will take place at Bishop Museum. Perform I have to pay because that parking?

My boy is in the Kama‘āina kids program – carry out I must pay because that parking throughout drop off and also pick up?

There will certainly designated loading area for Kama‘āina kids families during drop off and also pick up hours. Please follow the post instructions.

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