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* functionWelcome plank the crazy train. Model year transforms mean the some things will and also will not interchange. 1996 to be a design change, and for your previously stuff, Im not sure, yet I think there to be an earlier readjust as well.
2001 XJ: 4" elevator (MetalCloak CAs, Tuff nation coils, IRO aal), 31x10.50r15 Cooper STT Pros, TruTrac 4.10 front, Spartan locked 4.10 rear, SYE, custom gas tank skid, Durango steering box, Yakima roof rack on practice bars, WickedBilt LED lighting, 784 injectors, Afe intake, OBA, much more soon!1948 Sears utility trailer projectYouTube channel: XJSUPERMAN
Thank you. I could just buy it because that the block if naught else. It has a sound engine and it runs and they only want 700

And some much more food for thought: every you ever before wanted come know around an XJDesert anyone? budget plan Mods List
1996 Cherokee classic. 100k Miles, I6 HO, AW4, Np242, D30/C8.25 4.5" RE lift usual links: budget plan MODS List and All You ever before Wanted come Know around an XJ

Thank you. I might just to buy it because that the block if naught else. It has actually a sound engine and also it runs and they just want 700
230 hp 4.3L ChevyBuilt 4L60E with manual lockoutAtlas 4 speedGriffin radiatorOn board air warn 9.5ti on custom bumper7.5" RE front and bastard pack rear ~ above custom long arms31 gal. Gas tank

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