What is the 7th letter in the alphabet riddle – is an interesting riddle. The answer and the explanation come this riddle is to be given below in this article.

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Pay attention to the native in the question and also then try to answer it. This riddle can trick you an extremely easily. In this riddle you can see photo above, check out the picture carefully and also then shot to price it.

Riddle: What is the 7th letter in the alphabet riddle? choices are G, H, I and J.

What Is the 7th Letter in the Alphabet Riddle Answer

Answer: The answer come “What is the 7th letter in the alphabet riddle” is alphabet “H.”

I know many of you will be confused after see this answer over but allow me define you just how the answer is “H”.

What the typical mistake human being do below is the they straight count the alphabet to the 7th position and they will certainly say the prize is “G” but wait and also read the explain carefully.

If you check out the riddle very closely you will that the riddle says what is the 7th letter in “the alphabet”. Which way the concern is focus on the word “The alphabet”.

So, we have to count the 7th position letter in “The alphabet” i m sorry is “H” and also this is the correct answer come this riddle.

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