I got my piercing done at the an extremely beginning the January and also I think it’s healed reasonably well. The still slightly red around the peak hole yet I to buy a bunch of jewelry I want to usage and readjust to. So, ns was wondering when the suitable time would certainly be or exactly how I recognize if my piercing is totally healed without having to take a thirty minute pilgrimage to mine piercer?

Also, how hard is it an altering your belly ring for the first time? i’m scared ns going to take it it out and not have the ability to get the other one in as soon as the time comes.

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Navels take 6-9 month to heal, maybe up come a year. Girlfriend shouldn't be changing it yet, particularly by yourself.

If you bought a bunch, I very suspect it won’t be an excellent quality and could irritate your piercing. Great pieces deserve to be expensive so i hope you are using good, implant class titanium jewelry. Happy healing!

Yeah, it is why ns didn’t go with ebay prefer I initially was going come haha. The piece I readjusted to was from human body Candy and I paid $20 because that it due to the fact that it was on sale and also didn’t in reality cause any kind of irritation! Yay!

PS: thanks for the warning around looking out for quality! I never ever realized exactly how much of a duty that plays. :)

I haven’t had actually a bellybutton piercing yet I’ve had my nose and nipples and I commonly wait to change it until it looks like continual skin again and also there’s no a many crusting or ache to move it around. If you’re came to tho possibly email her piercer and also see if they have an opinion ~ above it?

I finished up simply saying screw it and transforming it one night after i made this short article because i was pretty convinced the jewelry they offered to pierce me v was low grade because as quickly as I changed it, the redness fully went away.

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And i didn’t buy any cheap jewelry, I just bought a ton of jewel from different places (i.e. Etsy, body candy, etc). I’m pretty certain it’s no low high quality as it no hurt favor the previous jewelry did.

I acquired mine pierced when I to be 16 (4ish year ago) and also waited a complete year to readjust it out. At nearly 21, I'm pretty over it so ns rarely put it in (usually simply when I'm put on a chop top, going come the beach, etc). Prevent the dangly rings for the first year/keep a nice stole bar in throughout the heeling process

Very poor advice you opened yourself up to a high threat of infection and also irritation. Just because it worked out for you doesn't typical it's the appropriate thing come do. Everyone should be wait at least six month to change a belly ring

I ended up an altering mine after ns made this article and totally forgot to answer to mine responses yet I had actually mine it for about three? Maybe 4 months before I readjust it and also now I adjust it every month or so and it’s actually acquired rid that the redness the old jewelry they pierced me with offered me!