There are 9 available Pokemon trades in Pokemon Red & Blue from NPCs. If you want to fill out your Pokedex, here is your guide!

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Even after being out for more than twenty years, Pokémon Red and Blue are still considered by many fans to be the best games in the series. They were also one of the first games to really take advantage of the link cable. Players could use the cable to connect with each other and trade monsters.

In the games, the devs wanted to include some artificial trades to help promote this feature and make Kanto feel like it was alive. Some trades are more exciting than others, while some are pretty much useless. To help you find every available Pokémon trade in Red/Blue, we have made this handy list below.

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This is the very first trade that you will ever come across in the series, and in all honesty, is a pretty solid deal as Abra is a pretty common Pokémon to find early on. In fact, even with the fact they teleport away after one turn, most trainers will easily be able to snag one with a single Pokeball. You can find this outside of the Diglett"s Cave entrance on route 2, just enter the nearby house to talk to the trainer.

Keep in mind that Mr. Mime is a Pokémon that doesn"t occur naturally in the game, and this is your only chance to get one.

This is a bit of an unbalanced trade if you"re not playing the Red version. For this trade, you will be trading a male Nidoran which is common in Blue and rare in Red for a female Nidoran. If you want to go through with this deal though head to Route 5. Here you will need to go the northern exit of the Underground tunnel where you will find the trainer waiting to trade with you.

This can be a great swap if your playing Red and want an easy way to have both Pokémon on your team.

If this trade sounds just like the one before to you, then you probably won"t be surprised to learn it"s kind of useless in the Blue version as well. For this trade, you will swap the female Nidorina for a male Nidoran; both of these are the second evolution in the Nidoran line. It should be noted that while hard in Red, both of these can be caught in the wild, and this trade really isn"t as great as it sounds.

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If you do want to go through with this deal though then head to Route 11 here, you will need to go in the building that links the route to the town and talk to a trainer on the second floor.

This trade is another must for anyone playing through the older games. It is the only way to get the Pokémon Lickitung without trading with another player. For this trade, you will have to work a bit harder as you will need to evolve your Slowpoke to a Slowbro. Once you have decided to part with your Slowbro, you will want to head to Route 18 and enter the building that connects the route to the city.

Head upstairs and talk to the only NPC in the room to begin the trade.

This is a trade that is actually pretty useful since Jynx is one of the few ice-type Pokémon in the game. Jynx has a great move set, especially for gen one, and the only way to get one is through this trade. First, use your fishing rod to catch a Poliwhirl and then head to Cerulean City. Once there, locate the Pokémon center and enter the house directly beside it.

Talk to the sprite of the old man inside to start the trade. Keep in mind if you happen to be playing the Japanese edition of the game, you can find Jynx in the Seafoam Islands.

You"ve probably already guessed from the other trades on this list, but Farfetch"d isn"t a Pokémon you can catch in the game. This trade is the only way to get him, so be sure to catch and store a Spearow at the start of the game. If you want to add Farfetch"d to your team, then head to Vermillion City, enter the eastern house from the Pokemon center where you will find a female sprite.

Talk to the sprite to initiate the trade, keep in mind that the Farfetch"d will be the same level as your Spearow, which could be quite low.

Now that we have gotten through some of the better trades, we have Ponyta for Seel, which doesn"t make a ton of sense. This trade can be found on Cinnabar Island, where Ponyta can be caught naturally. To get to Cinnabar, you will also need to pass the Seafoam Islands, where you can easily catch a Seel. If you just didn"t bother and want a quick way to beat the fire gym, though, then this trade may be worth it.

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Go to the laboratory and talk with the scientist sitting in front of the table nearest to the entrance to start this trade.

This trade is interesting for a tidbit of dialogue that you get after you complete it. To begin this trade, you will need to catch a Pikachu and then buy a thunderstone to evolve it. Once this is done, head to Cinnabar Island and enter the laboratory once again. Here you will find a second character wanting to trade.

After the trade is complete, a strange bit of dialogue occurs where the man will claim that the Raichu evolved. Perhaps this is leftover remenants of Pikachu"s scrapped third form?

This is the final trade you can do in the game, and for some reason, it is also the third trade you can do on Cinnabar Island. For this trade, you will need to have a Venonat and the go back to the laboratory. Here you will find the final scientist that will want to trade you a Tangela.

Keep in mind that you can do the lab trades in any order and that they are all available as soon as you reach Cinnabar Island.

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