Naruto: all 7 Rasengan individuals (& 3 Who deserve to Learn It) Not countless shinobi have the right to use Rasengan, but these are the ones that can together with a couple of that simply might be able to in the future.

The Rasengan in one of the many iconic Jutsu in Naruto that"s to be passed down from generations in Konohagakure. This Jutsu permits the user come manifest a sphere of chakra that spins at exceptionally high speed and also generates enough power to rip through every little thing it touches. Due to it being so incredibly powerful, the Rasengan can be classified as an A-Rank Jutsu.

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Although it is widely known to be an incomplete Jutsu, it is undeniably one of the most used approaches in the series. Unsurprisingly, only a couple of shinobi have actually the capability to learn and also create the Rasengan, and also even fewer have the potential to discover it.

Minato Namikaze was Konohagakure"s fourth Hokage. Likewise renowned together the Yellow Flash, it was Minato who created the Rasengan at some allude in his life. This method was used extensively by him since it didn"t take lengthy to prepare and could be supplied in conjunction with the flying Thunder God together well.

Furthermore, Minato do the efforts to include his nature revolutions to the Rasengan as well, understanding it was an incomplete Jutsu. Unfortunately, the died before he could accomplish this. Nonetheless, his consumption of this method made him one of the most feared shinobi in the series.

among the legendary Sannin and also the sensei that Minato"s team, Jiraiya was one of Konoha"s mightiest shinobi. Claimed to be a master of many Jutsu, Jiraiya additionally possessed the ability to use the Rasengan. The Rasengan to be taught come him by his student, Minato Namikaze, that he explained as a once-in-a-generation prodigy.

Akin to Minato, Jiraiya relied top top this Jutsu rather a lot, and also with time, it became his go-to technique. Jiraiya"s skill with this Jutsu was such the he might magnify its dimension according come his liking and his Rasengan was stated to be qualified of tearing through hills when unleashed.

The daughter that Konoha"s legend Sasuke Uchiha, Sarada has actually inherited the powers of the Sharingan from she father. Having awakened a fully-matured Sharingan recently, Sarada"s intuitive prowess is certain to have heightened. What"s more, Sarada has currently displayed the ability to have the ability to copy Jutsu before and doing the exact same with the Rasengan shouldn"t be too tough for her.

If Kakashi Hatake can copy the Rasengan with his Sharingan, there"s no reason to doubt whether Sarada should be able to do the exact same with hers. Furthermore, Sarada Uchiha is one admirer that the seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki. Finding out this Jutsu might be her means of payment homage to she idol.

7 Kakashi Hatake

among Minato Namikaze"s students, Kakashi to be revealed to be a user the the Rasengan together in Naruto Shippuden. Back the Copy Ninja doesn"t count on the as much as the others, he"s certainly one of its strongest users. It remains unknown exactly how Kakashi learned this Jutsu, or who taught it to him, but it is speculated that it needs to do with his Sharingan, which grants him the power to copy Jutsu in ~ will, as long as they"re not Kekkei Genkai or Hiden abilities. Kakashi relies on the Raikiri rather of the Rasengan, i m sorry he developed while attempting to med his chakra nature into the Rasengan.

The protagonist the the series, Naruto Uzumaki was taught how to use the Rasengan by none various other than Jiraiya, his master. Essentially, Jiraiya happen Minato"s heritage on to his son by having actually Naruto discover the Rasengan. What"s more, Naruto was even able to add his nature change to the Jutsu, which led to the creation of the Rasenshuriken.

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Evidently, the did what Minato Namikaze couldn"t, and completed the Rasengan. Transparent the Naruto series, the yellow-haired ninja is seen as its most considerable user, even managing to create multiple develops of the stated technique.

5 Konohamaru Sarutobi

Konohamaru Sarutobi is the grandson of Konoha"s 3rd Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and also the nephew of Asuma. Being Naruto Uzumaki"s apprentice, Konohamaru was taught the Rasengan before the pains arc in the series. As with Naruto, Konohamaru at first relied on making use of a shadow-clone to develop this Jutsu, although, over the years, his manage over it has actually refined come the suggest where that doesn"t must rely on one anymore.

Konohamaru also managed to include his Wind release nature come the Rasengan, offering rise to Wind Release: Rasengan, a lot stronger variant of the regular Rasengan.

Kawaki was properly presented in the Boruto manga not so long ago. Because then, he"s unable to do on to come to be a family members member of Naruto Uzumaki, and likewise one of his very own students. Under Naruto, Kawaki had controlled to learn techniques such together the Shuriken Jutsu. Return the 2 haven"t trained with each other in a while, they might get to perform so again in the future.

Therefore, Kawaki learning Naruto"s signature Jutsu isn"t entirely out that the question. In fact, it would certainly make a most sense if Kawaki learns how to use chakra and also eventually, develop the Rasengan as well.

3 Boruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki"s son and the protagonist the the Boruto: Naruto next Generations series, Boruto Uzumaki is hailed as a prodigious shinobi. Gift able to use 3 nature varieties as a Genin, it"s no surprised that Boruto had actually it in the to discover the Rasengan. Under the guidance of Konohamaru Sarutobi, he successfully learned the usage.

Furthermore, he regulated to add his nature come the Rasengan subconsciously, resulting in the production of Lightning Release: vanishing Rasengan. Boruto"s usage of this Jutsu was an effective enough to hurt Momoshiki Otsutsuki, a godly figure in the series. With time, he"s only going to gain better.

Kashin Koji is one of the members that Kara who has an enigmatic persona around him. Claimed to have actually some connection to Konohagakure, Kashin Koji is, surprisingly, may be to use the Rasengan. Exactly how or as soon as he learned this an approach isn"t recognized yet, however fans suppose it to be revealed very soon. In his fight versus Konohamaru Sarutobi, Kashin Koji was able to summon a giant frog from mount Myoboku and use the Rasengan to respond to Konohamaru"s Jutsu.

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As such, fans have actually speculated that the true identity of Kashin Koji is none other than Jiraiya himself. What rather Kashin Koji is capable of stays to be seen, however he"s, undoubtedly, one of Boruto"s most intriguing characters.

1 can Learn: Himawari Uzumaki

Himawari is the daughter the Naruto and Hinata Uzumaki. Like Boruto, Himawari shows up to have a the majority of potential in the bag, and she"s regulated to awaken the Byakugan on much more than one occasion now. Back Himawari isn"t focused on in the collection as much, she"s most likely to flourish up to end up being a kind Kunoichi in the coming years.

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With the Kekkei Genkai the the Byakugan currently at she disposal, Himawari might go a action further and learn more Jutsu. As with Boruto, she can end increase mastering the Rasengan together it serves as his father"s legacy.

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