Of every the disadvantage weather conditions you may have actually to address while driving, fog is the most dangerous. You cannot check out obstacles, people and other vehicles, nor can the drivers of other vehicles watch you. The best method to continue to be safe throughout foggy weather is no to journey in it at all, if possible. Carry out not start a trip if the fog is for this reason thick the the method ahead is fully obscured a few feet in prior of her vehicle.

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Turn on her headlights to increase visibility.Use low-beam lights, as high-beams will certainly reflect turn off the humidity in the air and also cause glare.


Activate fog lights, if that is legit to perform so and your auto is equipped through them.Use fog lights in enhancement to your ordinary headlights, no on their own.


Activate your windscreen wipers.Poor visibility when driving with fog is frequently caused by moisture build-up on the windscreen fairly than by the fog itself.


Do no drive v parking lamp or risk lights on.This might confuse other road users and an outcome in a collision.


Reduce her speed.

Drive progressively in fog

Slowing down is the easiest and also most effective way to defend yourself when driving in foggy conditions. Keep an eye on her speedometer as having actually an unclear see of her surroundings deserve to make it an overwhelming to gauge how fast you are traveling.

You should drive even more slowly when you view headlights or red taillights. Fog have the right to make other vehicles seem more away than they truly are. Increase your complying with distance and make sure you have the right to stop in the room you view in front of her vehicle. Be mindful of slow-moving vehicles ahead of you and also check the rearview mirror commonly for vehicles approaching indigenous behind.

Fog lights

Fog lights deserve to be an enormous aid in very foggy conditions. They are specifically designed come maximize your check out of the roadway ahead and also to make your vehicle an ext visible to other drivers, hence reducing the danger of control in fog. However, fog lights space not legal in all states. Whereby they space permitted, they must typically be made and also fitted to very particular safety accuse outlined in the driver’s manual. Examine your handbook because that the rules concerning fog lamp in your state.

Merging and passing

Crossing, merger with, or passing an additional lane of traffic is a very bad idea in foggy conditions. Negative visibility will dramatically increase your opportunities of misjudging one more vehicle’s speed or distance and causing a collision. Just merge or pass as soon as driving in fog, if that is 100 percent necessary. Fog have the right to make the surface ar of the road slippery; always apply the brakes gently and also smoothly to prevent skidding.

Be mindful of patchy fog

You need to still slow down when patchy fog permits you common visibility few of the time. Usage your headlights just as you would in more heavier or more consistent fog. Continue to be alert and also do not let her guard under in patchy fog, together you could drive into a heavier financial institution of fog where visibility is bad at any moment. Try not to scare if you uncover yourself unexpectedly unable to check out ahead, behind or to the sides of your vehicle. Instead, follow the advice outlined at the start of this module.

Limited or zero visibility

When fog i do not care so thick the you can barely see, pull off the road as quickly as the is for sure to do so. It is in patient and also do not proceed your journey till the fog has subsided enough for girlfriend to view clearly. Always turn off her headlights and also switch ~ above your danger lights once stationary top top the side of the road. The way, various other road customers will have the ability to see you, yet they will understand you are not moving.

Stopping or stalling in the fog

Stopping your auto on the roadway in fog is extremely dangerous. Other motorists may not be able to see you and also if they can, they will expect you to be moving. If you should stop her vehicle, move it off the roadway as conveniently as possible. Leaving your automobile unattended in the roadway will ar other drivers in danger. If your vehicle stalls and you room unable to move it, make certain you:

Turn top top your risk lights or ar flares approximately the car to warn other drivers.Move far from the vehicle to a safe location at the next of the road.

Driving v smoke

Driving with smoke presents comparable challenges to driving with fog, with the included threat that smoke can cause asphyxiation and also a fire might be nearby. Stop driving close to fires or through smoke at any time possible. If driving with smoke is unavoidable, minimize your speed and switch on your low-beam headlights. Favor fog, smoke deserve to reflect high-beam headlights and cause glare.

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Always steer, accelerate and also brake gently when driving with smoke. Visibility will be negative and very dense smoke can reason damage and also limit your manage of the vehicle. Be mindful that you might encounter stopped vehicles on the highway.