Does her friend constantly put his hand on her thigh in the car? have actually you ever before thought about what that could mean? us clarify.

It’s together a common situation. friend sit with your love one in the cinema or in the car and also swear, his hand go to her leg. Does no feel poor – but why walk he do that? This concern was discussed on the website Quora . The Essence: if some guys said they just wanted body contact, one user gave a specifically interesting answer:

follow to mark Stellar’s assessment, a male wants come emphasize his authority and make it clear: “You belong come me!” Sometimes, however, that can also let the carer or protector hang out, follow to the motto “Do no go anywhere, baby, I’m always there for you!” , follow to his theory, just self-confident men do the – shy ones would fairly leave their hand v them.

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Aha! We have to say: Does no sound so stupid, what “Mark Stellar” says there. To it is in honest, though, we prefer the protector variant rather of the possessive types. however how good that there is a little of room for interpretation …

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