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VAN MORRISON – ” Brown Eyed Girl ” exit 28th March1967


On now (March. 28th) in 1967: Van Morrison tape-recorded the monitor “Brown Eyed Girl” during a two-day session in ~ A&R Studios in brand-new York City; written by Van, that was among eight songs videotaped at the moment for his new record label, Bang Records; developed by Bang founder Bert Berns in 22 takes, the finished version was different than what Van had actually envisioned; “The record came out different,” he later on explained…”This other Bert, the made it the method he wanted it & I embraced the reality that he was producing it, so I simply let him carry out it”…(this fab clip from 1973, likely an ext how Van heard it…). The song spent a total of 16 weeks top top the chart. It featured the Sweet Inspirations singing back-up vocals and is thought about to be Van Morrison’s signature song. “Brown Eyed Girl” has continued to be a staple on classic rock radio, and has been covered by numerous bands over the decades.

Because the a contract that signed through Bang Records there is no legal advice, Morrison states that he has never received any type of royalties for writing or record this song. Morrison vented frustration around this unjust contract in his sarcastic nonsense tune “The big Royalty Check”. Morrison has stated that “Brown Eyed Girl” is not among his favourite songs, remarking “it’s not among my best. I mean I’ve got about 300 song that i think room better.

After finishing his contract with “Decca Records” and the mid-1966 split of his band, Them , Morrison went back to Belfast seeking a new recording company. When he received a phone contact from Bert Berns owner the Bang Records who had developed a number of recordings through Them, he flew to brand-new York City and hastily signed a contract (which biographer Clinton Heylin says most likely still offers him sleepless nights). During a two-day recording session beginning 28th in march 1967, he tape-recorded eight song intended come be supplied as 4 singles. The recording session took location at A & R Studios and “Brown Eyed Girl” was captured on the 22nd take it on the an initial day. Of the musician Berns had assembled, there were 3 guitarists Eric Gale Hugh McCracken and Al Gorgoni plus bassist Russ Savakus pianist Paul Griffin and drummer Gary Chester It to be released together a single in mid-June 1967.

Originally titled “Brown-Skinned Girl”,Morrison adjusted it to “Brown Eyed Girl” when he tape-recorded it. Morrison remarked ~ above the location change: “That was just a mistake. It to be a sort of Jamaican song. Calypso. It simply slipped my mind I readjusted the title. After ~ we’d tape-recorded it, ns looked in ~ the tape box and also didn’t even an alert that I’d readjusted the title. I looked at the box where I’d go it down through my guitar and also it stated ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ on the ice box. It’s simply one the those things that happen.

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The song’s nostalgic lyrics around a former love were thought about too suggestive at the time to be play on many radio stations. A radio-edit of the track was released which removed the lyrics “making love in the green grass”, instead of them v “laughin’ and also a-runnin’, hey hey” from a vault verse. This edited version appears on some copies of the compilation album The ideal of van Morrison. However, the remastered album appears to have the bowdlerised text in the packaging yet the initial “racy” text on the disc.

“Brown Eyed Girl” joined an elite group of songs together it was honoured for having 10 million us radio air plays