"I write Sins no Tragedies" is a song by American rock tape Panic! at the Disco, and also is the second single from their debut studio album, A fever You Can"t Sweat out (2005). It was released ~ above April 27, 2006 top top both CD and also 7" vinyl. The pizzicato cello motif that the tune is built upon was played by session musician heath Stebbins. The song got to No. 7 on the United says Billboard warm 100. This to be the band"s only top forty hit until the relax of "Hallelujah" in 2015. If the tune failed to hit the height 10 top top the alternative Songs graph peaking in ~ No. 12 i m sorry was reduced than your prior single, "The just Difference between Martyrdom and also Suicide Is press Coverage" i beg your pardon peaked in ~ No. 5, the song"s success top top the warm 100 and Mainstream top 40 (at No. 2) charts was what do the song among the biggest modern-day rock access time of 2006 and also is still among the band"s many played song on alternate radio stations to this day.In the UK, the track was exit on February 27, 2006 as a restricted edition solitary with a totally free sticker. Since the sticker was consisted of with the CD single, the tune was not eligible because that the UK Singles Chart. Official Charts firm rules state that stickers are not allowed in single releases. Later, in September 2006, because of the popularity of the track and also following further single releases over there of "Lying Is the many Fun a Girl deserve to Have Without acquisition Her garments Off" and also "But It"s much better If girlfriend Do", going peak 40 there, the single was re-released on October 30, 2006. Regardless of receiving far-ranging radio airplay top top its re-release, the single only got to No. 25 in the UK Singles Chart.Many U.S. Radio stations, in solution to the language uncovered in the song, want an edited version. The text "The poor groom"s bride is a whore" and "Haven"t you civilization ever heard of closeup of the door a goddamn door?" were readjusted by instead of "whore" through a "shhh" yellowcomic.com and removing "god" in "goddamn". Some stations — generally modern-day rock station – quiet play the initial version.The tune was covered by loss Out Boy, other Decaydance band, for your live album, ****: Live in Phoenix. (Fall the end Boy generally uses the song"s chorus together a lead-in come "This Ain"t a Scene, It"s an eight Race" in concert.)"I compose Sins not Tragedies" to be ranked No. 3 in Billboard"s ideal 2000"s video poll. (from Wikipedia)

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Guitar, Lyricist, Songwriter, Keyboard, Acoustic Piano, Piano Accordion, electrical Organ, Assistant Producer