Want an unusual cut of poultry that supplies a healthier alternative to classic BBQ ribs? discover out everything you need to understand with our turkey rib recipe and also meat guide.

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What room turkey ribs?

Despite the name, turkey ribs room not in reality ribs. Instead, castle come native the shoulder the the bird. They’re dubbed turkey ribs due to the fact that they have a comparable taste and texture come pork ribs, however have less fat and gristle. This makes them a healthier alternative while quiet retaining whatever that makes barbecue ribs so delicious.

Unlike continual cuts that turkey, these ribs are less complicated to keep tender and also juicy due to the fact that they’re attached come the bone. A huge struggle with totality turkeys is protecting against the bird from drying out, but ribs are great at maintaining moist throughout smoking.

Turkey ribs vs turkey tips

While turkey ribs come from a trimmed part of the shoulder area of the bird, turkey tips are something else entirely. They’re little bite-sized piece of white turkey meat that are heavily marinated before grilled. They often use turkey thigh meat since it’s the juiciest and also can carry out a structure most comparable to sirloin steak tips.

Where can I buy turkey ribs?

Turkey ribs are difficult to find, and it is unlikely that your local supermarket or butcher will market them. It’s constantly worth questioning however. Some butchers might be willing to trim down a reduced of turkey shoulder to offer you ribs.

Your best bet is to walk online. The included benefit is the they should come prepared, ready to be thrown top top the grill. This sometimes also come as pre-cooked, definition you simply need come heat and sear castle on the grill without worrying around meat safety.

Both TK Gourmet and also Kuck ranches in phibìc America market turkey ribs online. They’re slow cooked in vacuum-sealed packs, keeping the odor locked in.

Our recipe supplies pre-cooked ribs to buy online. If you space using raw meat, you will need to chef them longer, as with you would through grilled baby earlier ribs.

How to do turkey BBQ rub

Our obstacle is one adaptation of a an easy BBQ obstacle from The Spruce that we’ve supplied for entirety turkeys in the past. The a simple recipe that adds a touch of warm without dominating the vulnerable white meat. You deserve to tweak the amount of cayenne in it if you’d prefer a bit an ext spice, but be mindful not to overwhelm the herbal flavors the the bird and smoke.

The ingredients because that our obstacle are:

¼ cup kosher salt2 tablespoons onion powder2 tablespoons paprika1 tablespoon ground oregano1 tablespoon garlic powder2 teaspoons cayenne pepper1 teaspoon dried thyme

Thoroughly incorporate all the ingredients in a tiny mixing bowl and you’re an excellent to go. Merely rub the mix end each rib generously. Shot to work it right into into and also under the turkey skin where possible. I recommend using rubber gloves to avoid the cayenne or paprika gaining in her eyes or irritating your skin.

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Once done, pave the ribs in plastic and also transfer come the refrigerator. Leaving for one hour to enable the obstacle to execute its work before removing native the fridge when you’re all set to grill.