Romeo and Juliet is as much a story of hate together it is the love (by Dr Jennifer Minter, English works Notes, 2014)

Sadly, Romeo and Juliet hail native the two feuding families, the Montagues and the Capulets respectively, which determines their intense, quick love affair. Shakespeare presents plenty of attempts in the pat to bridge the hatred in between the families, but only the deaths that the lovers has actually the potential to make a lasting difference. Ultimately, the families’ hate for each other arises from a solid desire to uphold your family’s pride and honour and also neither party seems capable of overyellowcomic.coming the “ancient grudge” and the simmering grievances and also tension.

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Despite the enmity the the Montague’s and Capulet’s, the attraction in between Romeo and also Juliet is instinctive and strong. Upon their first meeting, the “star-cross’d lovers” show up spontaneously attractive to each other and unaware of every one’s enemy status. Romeo emphasises exactly how Juliet’s beauty, beauty stands the end from the crowd. She is a “snowy dove trooping v crows.” he is automatically respectful towards her also though she is a Capulet, and his love is much more heartfelt than his pretentious show of affection towards Rosaline. Juliet is additionally much more angelic and also radiates purity and softness. Romeo expresses his rapture: “O she doth teach the torches to burn bright! It appears she hangs ~ above the cheek of night as a affluent jewel in an Ethiop’s ear.” The reality that lock yellowcomic.come from hostile households makes their love much more intense, urgent and desperate.

During the balcony scene Romeo and also Juliet express your deep love and also devotion to for each other. Lock deeply remorse the fact that they space foes and also resent the social restrictions placed upon your love because of their various “names”. Juliet exclaims in despair, “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore arts thou Romeo”. Juliet describes the pass out of love and the reality that love and hate are intertwined: “my only love sprung native my only hate”. She is deep saddened through the truth that Romeo is a Montague. Yet both agree that their love for each end outweighs your families’ hatred.

Shakespeare argues that the love has actually the potential to leg the feeling of animosity and also hatred that swirl in between the 2 families and also for this reason Friar Lawrence agrees to wed Romeo and Juliet. The believes that it is unreasonable for the two lovers to it is in separated by your feuding families. He likewise believes the the marriage in between the two families potentially might solve the aimless fighting that haunts the highways of Verona. The Prince castigates both families: “Three civil brawls .. Have actually thrice disturb’d the quiet of our streets”.

The “pernicious rage” and the “canker’d hate” between the families, the death of Tybalt and Mercutio and the proposed marital relationship to Paris are all events that seek to inject a feeling of urgency into their relationship. Likewise, the oxymoronic contrasts relating to the death-love nature of their relationship also injects a sense of poignancy.

Despite the hatred, Romeo and also Juliet are intuitively and romantically drawn to each other and harbour a desire to rise over petty grievances. Shakespeare says that love is far superior come hatred and also does no respect borders and barriers. Juliet’s yellowcomic.comments reveal her desire come “doff her name”.

Shakespeare yellowcomic.compares their love with various other versions the love in the pat to present their superiority and also maturity: yellowcomic.compare their love v Romeo’s love for Rosaline which appears pretentious, affectatious and distant, the Nurse’s version of sexual love and also the parents’ version of loved based on duty and also obligation.

The contrasting darker forces of hate inject a sense of urgency into the relationship and lead come risk-taking sacrifices together an expression of your love. Tybalt and Mercutio stand for the dark forces of each family that threaten the peace and undermine the profound love of Romeo and also Juliet. Shakespeare says that this malign pressures are disruptive and also divisive and only lead to death. Together a fiery Capulet, Tybalt theatre a prominent role in perpetuating the feud through his provocative and misguided make the efforts to protect their family pride. In this regard, the playwright intentionally sets increase a contrast between Tybalt’s indignant and fiery stance, and also Romeo’s desire for tranquility to reinforce his suggest that the hatred only leads come death and division.

This is specifically evident during his fatal encounter through his winter image, Mercutio. Mercutio cynically says that Tybalt (“Good King that Cats”) is a coward and also urges him to attract his sword, “Tybalt, girlfriend rat-catcher, will certainly you walk” (3.1) Indignant ~ Prince Capulet’s defence of Romeo throughout the masked ball, Tybalt has been spoiling because that this opportunity. The audience is aware that he no “peace” as he no “hell, every Montagues, and thee.” Tybalt deliberately looks for to wound Romeo’s pride as Mercutio injured his. His case to Romeo that, “thou arts a villain”, could be introduce to a male of inferior birth, such together a peasant, i m sorry is on purpose offensive and also seems to sell Romeo no option but to respond.

The ensuring fight and also subsequent deaths threaten Romeo’s conciliatory actions and accordingly, Shakespeare says that the belligerent (bellicose) actions of both beyellowcomic.come the catalyst because that Romeo’s exile and also the hasty marriage. To part extent, Tybalt can be blamed for the chain of occasions that lead to tragedy, causing the lovers’ date with destiny.

Attitudes towards women

Throughout the play, Shakespeare critiques prevailing social mindsets relating to ladies such together their standing as chattels, and also their subordinate social role. The common derogatory and dehumanising view of ladies as property and also sexual objects is exposed in the conversations between Sampson and also Gregory, Romeo and also his friends, and the Nurse and also Capulet with Juliet. In Act ns Scene I, Sampson and Gregory’s use of bawdy and crude humour, such as the summary of their “maidenheads” and also the decision to “thrust females to the wall” shows the dehumanising attitude that women are simply sexual objects and also their purpose is to administer sexual gratification. The Nurse’s assistance for Juliet’s marriage to Paris and also her assorted crude yellowcomic.comments around the literal and also physical nature that sex and love also reflect her belief that the is less complicated and an ext convenient for females to expropriate this role. Romeo’s description of Juliet’s beauty the is “cut turn off of all prosperity” as “sparing makes a vast waste” is an example of the objectification of ladies which associates their beauty beauty with sexual favours. Initially Romeo’s views of both Juliet and Rosaline echo this check out of ladies as property, who exist primarily because of your appealing physical attributes. Furthermore, the marriage of Juliet and also Paris is a usual example that the territorial check out of women as its purpose is come extend and also cement the family’s honour. Juliet, for instance, is forced to marry Paris in order to an increase the Capulet’s household name in Verona. Her absence of choice, particularly after she confesses she love for Romeo, likewise reflects the neglect of a woman’s personal view and highlights the subordination that woman throughout this time. (The passionate language the Romeo and Juliet had actually widespread appeal among the populace. Man Marston mocked “young men about town from whose “lips … doth flow/Naught but pure Juliet and Romeo”. (Shapiro: 193.))

Lady Capulet likewise seeks to tie Juliet to the “golden story” of she husband’s destiny. She seeks to to convince Juliet the marriage and child-rearing space a woman’s responsibilities. Together Ryan points out, Paris, the husband, “is presume to be the author and also the subject of the ‘precious publication of love’, whose ‘content’ the mam is supposed to digest and also simply embellish with a glamorous ‘cover"” (Ryan, 79). Both lovers room expected come conform to the sex-related conventions of their culture which forbids lock the liberty of speak their very own lines. Juliet meets the masked Romeo in ~ the Capulet ball and both are unaware that their team identities prior to they loss in love. Nameless, they space not hemmed in by social convention. Shortly Tybalt, hearing Romeo’s voice, reminds Capulet the the mindless feud.

Shakespeare presents Romeo’s and Juliet’s voluntarily love because that each various other as a systems to the constant hatred the swirls between the family. Return forbidden, their love is additionally inspirational and also exalted, specifically because that the maturity that both the young stars as evident in your deft language choices and also sensible tone. Ominously, Romeo attends the sphere with a feeling of trepidation which Shakespeare argues is integral to the path in which your destiny is figured out by the feud” “I fear too early, for my mental misgives some consequence, however hanging in the stars” .

In she turn, Juliet looks for to withstand the male desire innate in the patriarchal power-structure to rotate her into a yellowcomic.compliant woman without choice or desire.

That Shakespeare provides Juliet equal right of reply in their an initial sonnets sets the scene for a partnership forged on shared attraction and a love the is reciprocal and equal. (“As mine ~ above hers, so hers is set on mine” 11.iii.59). Shakespeare challenges the subordinate duty of the female in standard sonnets of the moment to depict Juliet as an equal partner who is not typically silent.

The mishaps that add to the twin suicides spring from, according to Ryan, “institutional pressures that split and isolate the lovers, leaving them food to such possibility adversities” (Ryan, 84.)

The language the love

Juliet’s love appears heartfelt and also wise as she urges Romeo to express his feelings as faithfully and candidly together possible. Collection against a paper definition of lewd and also physical love, Romeo and Juliet’s love shows up to be profound and sublime, thus the spiritual imagery in your interchange. Their equality is obvious during their very first romantic an initial encounter, whereby the young lover speak, touch, then kiss in the course of share a sonnet. “While Romeo addresses his beloved in the well-worn language the the Petrarchan lover, the department of the sonnet between the young man and also the commonly silent thing of his love provides a new twist.” (James Shapiro, A Year in the Life of william Shakespeare: 1599, Harper, London, 2005, 193). In this instance the lover each speak in quatrains; the passionate pilgrim, Romeo, speak first, and also unlike various other 16th century traditional sonnets within the woman voice is silent, Shakespeare gives Juliet the appropriate of reply, mirroring a better sense of power of the feminine. This equality shows his watch that love works ideal between same partners.

Juliet is distrustful of an elaborate phrases and also implores Romeo come speak as plainly as possible. (“If she doth love/pronounce the faithfully”) She also asks Romeo to be himself and also believes the the surname is just a meaningless label that does not convey one’s true feelings. (“tis however thy name the is my enemy”). She argues that no issue what one call a rose, its high quality would it is in the same. “What’s in a a name? the which we contact a increased By any type of other word would smell together sweet”. She later on states that words cannot convey the depth of her feelings, “but my true love is get an impressive to together excess i cannot amount up sum of half my wealth”. She echoes Friar Lawrence’s advice come Romeo. The advises that to it is in clear and plain because an elaborate words have actually a propensity to camouflage or hide one’s true feelings. That begs Romeo, “be plain great son and homely in her drift”.

Later during the ‘balcony scene’, Romeo is relieved the the load to self-censor and also struggles through the controls and yellowcomic.commitments that the household name. “My name, too ~ saint, is hateful to myself”. He battles to assert a me that is no confined come the boundaries of the feud (and undoubtedly to the language of that feud). “As if the name, Shot native the fatal level of a gun, go murther her, as that name’s cursed hand, Murder’d she kinsman”. (III. Iii.102)

Contrastingly, Rosaline and Romeo have a propensity to it is in pretentious and affected. As Kiernan Ryan notes, Romeo is “trapped within the hackneyed duty and ossified verse of the Petrarchan lover. His rhyming decided is paralysed by the dead weight of clichéd paradoxes and inert metaphors, exiled indigenous actual experience and emotions” (Ryan, Shakespeare, second ed: Prentice Hall, 1995). “She is too fair, too wise, wisely as well fair, come merit bliss by do me despair. She on foot forsworn to love, and also in the vow execute I live dead the live come tell that now”). Such language catch both lover and loved in a “degrading charade the domination and subjection”. Romeo seems to search for a self elsewhere, “I have lost myself, ns am not here.”

Mercutio’s tendency to mitigate love to male sex-related aggression walk nothing to relief Romeo, “if love be rough v you, it is in rough with love/Price love for pricking, and you beat love down”.

Like Romeo, Juliet struggles to protect against the language that seeks to confine them both to an established sexual order. Rather, Juliet asks Romeo to avoid slipping right into the function of committed worshipper at her shrine. She bids him, “do not swear in ~ all”, fairly than swear come a formula the constrains castle both. (“Fain would I dwell ~ above form, fain, fain deny”). Her “farewell yellowcomic.compliment” shows her rejecting stiff, customary means of speaking. Whereas Romeo resorts come the language the the merchant adventurer that would brave any type of dangerous sea journey to gain Juliet’s attention. “I am no pilot, however wert though as much As that vast shore washed v the the furthest sea, I need to adventure because that such merchandise.”

Eventually, despite love brings about a rapprochement between the families. Capulet and also Montague agree to ask their feud in light of the tragedy that has befallen their families and the significant sacrifice the the lovers. Shakespeare’s post at the finish of the beat is that love and also tolerance deserve to overyellowcomic.come hatred and also prejudiced.

Who is to blame? “Romeo and Juliet” is a young couple’s play around love and also hate, adolescent angst and death. The continual feud between the Montague and the Capulet family members results in recurring conflict. There are countless factors that are responsible for the deaths the Romeo and also Juliet. Friar Lawrence, fate and also their parents have the right to be organized responsible for your tragic demise. However the lovers and Friar Lawrence, unwittingly, make decisions that undermine their best intentions. Lock seem come choose versus themselves. Miscalculation and accidents also pat a part, whilst the lovers, to your misfortune, autumn in love before they beyellowcomic.come conscious of the social limitations surrounding their “names”.

The feuding familiesTo a large extent, the feud is responsible for the disastrous deaths. Over there is a the majority of ill-feeling and also hatred between the two clans and also the feuding households creates a malignant context for the lovers, who are expected come marry in ~ the social borders of the family. The play is about ‘The fearful passage of your death-mark’d love, and the continue of your parents’ rage, which but their children’s finish nought could remove.’

Significantly, both Romeo and Juliet autumn in love before they beyellowcomic.come aware that lock both hail native the foe clan. Romeo’s mask in ~ the Capulet sphere is a prize of the anonymity that love that knows no boundaries. Belatedly, once she discovers Romeo’s identity, Juliet realises the their connection is cursed. Juliet and also Romeo are both determined to find a method to be together and get married regardless of their foe status. Juliet regrets the Romeo is a Montague, yet she asks, “What’s in a name”. She tells Romeo, “doff thy surname … and also take every myself.”

Marriage plans:Lord and Lady Capulet pressure Juliet come marry Paris without questioning her opinion because they assume that she will certainly obey them. Castle misunderstand the extent and also purpose of she grief complying with Tybalt’s death.

Reflecting the patriarchal views around women, Capulet implies that Juliet is his property: ‘an you be mine, I give you to mine friend’ (Paris). Upon she defiance, she father is enraged together he expects her to ‘give she thanks’ and be ‘proud’.

When she does no obey your orders, mr Capulet angrily retorts: “Hang you, girlfriend minx! girlfriend disobedient wretch! i’ll tell friend now: walk to the church top top Thursday, or never ever look ~ above my face again!” Arrogant and harsh, that shows little concern because that Juliet’s feelings and also accuses her of gift ungrateful. This hardens Juliet’s resolve; she consults Friar Lawrence’s way counsel.

Friar Lawrence: a moderate civilization view (passion and also restraint)Despite his ideal intentions, Friar Lawrence imagine a arrangement that involves considerable risk-taking, beginning with the magic potion the Juliet must drink. Ironically, the chain of events undermines his ideal intentions. Whilst he preaches moderation and also restraint, his arrangement gives increase to excessive actions. The Friar’s wise counsel, “they stumble that operation fast” and also his desire come ensure that all the elements are accordingly balanced, soon yellowcomic.comes unstuck.

Significantly, his view around moderation and also balance shows Shakespeare’s yellowcomic.commonplace idea that the civilization is harmoniously organised for good reason and also that love and hatred and “grace” and also “rude will” space perfectly poised. That believes that it is vital to respect this divine and natural order and also in doing therefore the properties and also “true qualities” will yellowcomic.complement each other according to their proper use. During his initial soliloquy, he tends lovingly come his plants, i beg your pardon he collects to do medicines. Together he fills his “osier cage” with both “baleful weeds” and “precious-juiced flowers”, the Friar shows upon the delicate balance in between all tree from “nature’s mother’s” tomb, which is also her “burying grave”. Using the analogy that the herbal world, that notes the a disturbance to this organic balance has actually malign consequences. He believes that numerous plants have both medicinal and also poisonous qualities, (“poison afoot residence, and also medicine power”) but the poison frequently takes end if it has been abused or misapplied. For example, “mickle” is both a “powerful grace” the is found in plenty of plants yet is also quite “vile”, an especially if “strained” indigenous its “fair use”.

This harmony deserve to be replicated in person lives so lengthy as passion and also desire are appropriately restrained. As soon as an facet takes over, such together mickle i m sorry is both a “powerful grace” and also “vile” if “strained” native its “fair use”, then, so too, deserve to human nature be easily corrupted indigenous its decent and honourable course. The notes the “virtue itself turns vice, gift misapplied, and also vice at some point by activity dignified”. Such yellowcomic.comments foreshadow the simmering feud between both Tybalt and Mercutio, who misapply the notions the courage and honour, v disastrous results for the lovers. “In man and also herbs, grace and also rude will” and where poisonous aspects take over, “the canker death eats up the plant”.

Mercutio and TybaltThe ongoing brawling in between clan members such together Tybalt and Mercutio directly leads come Romeo’s exile. Both Mercutio (Montagues) and also Tybalt (Capulet) are troublemakers who reflect the patriarchal/masculine perspective that their reputation and honour must be safeguarded at all cost. At this time, duelling to be a traditional method of proving oneself and also defending one’s honour and dignity. As soon as Romeo declines Tybalt’s challenge, Mercutio is infuriated in ~ his ‘dishonourable and also calm submission’ and draws his very own sword instead. (Later, as soon as Romeo breaks down because he is exiled, the nurse scolds him and tells him to ‘be a man’.

Shakespeare constructs the 2 figures, Mercutio and also Tybalt, together mirror photos of their different families. Both incite hatred and inflame the tension in between the two clans. Both be affected by each other a grudge versus each other. Castle both use words and also phrases come deliberately offend each other.

Mercutio is just as provocative together Tybalt. When they fulfill in plot III, Mercutio says that “I care not” the Tybalt is yellowcomic.coming and that they need to prevent a fight. His language and also his native are really inflammatory. In solution to Tybalt he says “a word and also a blow”. That deliberately misunderstands/ misinterprets Tybalt’s words, “consortst” together an insult. Tybalt deliberately uses the word “consort’st” since of its double meaning. Together a result, Mercutio interprets this offensively. The is the one that draws his “fiddlestick” or sword an initial and prompts a fight. He refuses to listen to reason from either Benvolio or Romeo. He likewise refers to Romeo’s indigenous of tranquility as “vile submission”.

Likewise, Mercutio hates Tybalt and provokes him to a fight when he asks if Tybalt, the “Good King that Cats”, is a coward: “Tybalt, friend rat-catcher, will you walk” (3.1)

Provocatively, Tybalt greets Romeo through the phrase “here yellowcomic.comes mine man”.Tybalt bear a grudge against Romeo from the moment he yellowcomic.comes to the ball. That is stubborn and hot-tempered, admitting the he no “peace” as he no “hell, every Montagues, and also thee.” He says to Romeo, “thou arts a villain”, which refers to the fact that he is intended as an insult and refers to a male of inferior birth, together a peasant. He tells Romeo, “turn and also draw”.He also feels slighted the Lord Capulet seems to have defended Romeo in ~ the ball. Capulet believes that Romeo is a “virtuous” and also “well-govern’d youth” with a an excellent reputation. This seems to fuel Tybalt’s feeling of inferiority, and, feeling aggrieved, that is constantly in search of an outlet come vent his anger on Romeo.He derails Romeo’s attempts come mediate in between the clans. He refers to Romeo together his “man” i m sorry is a pun on servant; that is demeaning. He claims that he cannot excuse the “injuries that thou hast done me”. Likewise, that calls Romeo a ‘villain’, suggesting that the is a peasant (which would certainly be considered a an extremely serious and provocative insult). Romeo responds only by saying ‘villain am ns none’ (3.1.61) and also turns down the challenge.Tybalt refuses to take Romeo seriously, as soon as he states that that “loves thee far better than thou canst devise”. The goes versus the Prince’s orders and is so hot-tempered that he takes advantage of Romeo’s attempts to restrain Mercutio. He recklessly and also impulsively stabs Mercutio therefore precipating a chain of events that leader to the death of both Romeo and Juliet.

Both Tybalt and also Mercutio pat a significant role in Romeo’s downfall. They refuse to resolve for peace. Lock deliberately usage inflammatory words and also spoil for a fight.

Romeo Romeo has actually a tendency to be impulsive and this contributes come his exile. Also Friar Lawrence tries to warn him around the unforeseen aftermath of impulsive actions. Friar Lawrence is shocked the Romeo has actually so quickly adjusted his affection from Rosaline, i beg your pardon is pretentious, to Juliet which appears heartfelt and genuine. However, Romeo does screen his love for Juliet as soon as he tries come restrain Tybalt and states that contrary come expectation that “love(s) thee much better than you canst devise”, for this reason showing the strength of love to resolve differences.

During this bellicose encounter, Shakespeare endorses Romeo’s refuse to fight, i beg your pardon undermines the “masculine” idea that a hero, and also presents Romeo as “womanish”. Us recall the Friar Lawrence also told Romeo that his tears room ‘womanish’ (3.3.110) and also that that is one ‘unseemly mrs in a seeming man’ (3.3.112).

In his very own way, Romeo unwittingly contributes come his demise since of his inability to restrict the two warring foes during the fatal encounter that precipitates his exile. Tybalt and Mercutio are both spoiling for a fight and also ironically, the more Romeo seeks to mediate the 2 enemies, the an ext he provokes the duel. In this regard, Romeo beyellowcomic.comes a victim of your confidential love affair and his confession to Tybalt that he “love(s) thee much better than you canst devise” enrages Mercutio. Shakespeare supplies dramatic irony to display the differences between Mercutio and Tybalt who look for to provoke every other, and also Romeo, who prioritises peace and reconciliation. Romeo’s tragedy appears to arise because he struggles with his perceptible persona that conflicts with the furious undertones of gang warfare. He struggles to articulate the aftermath of his profound love that have an influence upon his conduct. He professes come Tybalt, “villain am ns none”, “I check out thou know’st me not”. However, his sell of peace is misinterpreted by Tybalt together a reason to fight. He intercepts the fight and also pleadingly, reminds castle of the Prince’s decrees. To no avail. The stage directions announce the Tybalt “under Romeo’s arm stabs Mercutio, climate flies with his followers.” 

After Tybalt kills Mercutio, Romeo decides that he must protect his honour and also no much longer shows control and restraint. The imagines that his love has actually weakened him. He concerns that Juliet’s “beauty hath do me effeminate” and also is identified to adjust this. He states let “fire-eyed rage be my command now” and resorts come the patriarchal, feudal sense of loyalty and also honour. Only as soon as it is also late, the realizes just how foolish he has been. Dubbed, “fortune’s fool”, that realises the the feud has declared him as another victim. Sadly, Romeo also panics as soon as he look at Juliet in the casket.

The Ill-hatched plan

The tragedy is a catalogue of errors originating in Friar Lawrence’s ill-hatched plan, which was the brainchild of a well-intentioned and prudent mentor.

The plan was too sophisticated and risk-laden (despite that worthy aims) and also ends increase with damaging consequencesThe Friar encourages Juliet to deceive her parents; she fakes fatality which is a very upsetting endure for she parents.Friar Lawrence does not have any back-up plans; Friar john was waylaid by authorities and also Friar Lawrence fails to educate Balthasar who hurries to tell Romeo around Juliet’s death.Romeo end up distraught and also unable come think clearly: Romeo is too young and impulsive to advice the situation when the backfiredFriar Lawrence’s plan is no well planned and also is probably too advanced for the young lovers. Juliet blindly places her belief in Friar Lawrence and when the arrangement backfires both Romeo and Juliet space too young, naive and innocent to think of various other remedies.

Although love and also peace are his key aims, Friar Lawrence instigates the dangerous setup that has damaging consequences. He claims that “this this alliance might so happy prove to rotate your households’ rancour come pure love”. Friar organises the risk-laden system which seeks to avoid Juliet’s hasty marriage to Paris. (Also that knows that Juliet is threatening to kill herself if the does not find a solution.)

The plan appears simple, yet is risk-laden. It urges Juliet come deceive she parents. She feigns death which leader to disaster upon the lack of yellowcomic.communication with Romeo. Friar Lawrence’s scheme is not well planned and is perhaps too advanced for the young lovers. Juliet blindly places her confidence in the Friar and when the setup backfires both Romeo and also Juliet room too young, naive and also innocent come think of various other remedies.

He does not have any kind of back-up plans. Friar john is hosted up by the authorities. That is can not to give Romeo the letter about Friar Lawrence’s scheme because he and another monk to be delayed by the authorities and quarantined. (“Where the contagious pestilence go reign, Seal’d up the doors, and also would no let us forth”.)

Friar Lawrence falls short to inform Romeo’s servant, Balthasar, that hurries come Romeo with the news that Juliet is dead. The begs Romeo to present patience, which may have led come a different outyellowcomic.come. Pale and also wildly impetuous, Romeo decides to go straight to her tomb.

When the learns about her “death” Romeo rushes come buy poison. In front of Juliet’s human body he continues to be with your memories. The remembers the memory of she kiss: “Death, that hath suck’d the love husband of thy breath.” ~ his fatality by “true apothecary”, Juliet wakes up and kills herself with a “dagger”

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Love and hatred in Romeo and Juliet

See “The Balcony Scene” for more analysis Romeo visits the Capulet mansion in ~ night. If hiding in the garden, he sees Juliet top top a balcony and overhears she declare the she loves him. Romeo provides his existence known and also the two comment on their love. Juliet agrees come marry Romeo if his intentions are honourable. Romeo assures her the is in honourable. Check out further: Romeo access time the Capulet mansion in ~ night.

The nurse is bawdy, vulgar and also garrulous; she has only 4 teeth left; she sounds choose an old witch and can be insensitive and also immoral; her husband and also daughter, Susan, are dead and also she remembers castle both with straightforward piety. (She has simplistic confidence in God.). She was hired by Juliet’s household 14 years back as a wet nurse because that Juliet, probably so that Juliet’s mother did not need to breast feed. She remembers weaning Juliet when she was three years old. For an ext : check out the nurse and her role.

When writing topic sentences, think about Shakespeare’s message

Love and also hatred: Shakespeare says that those who seek to erect barriers between the clans and also who insist on the hatred in between the households are regularly those that are many responsible because that the tragedy; Tybalt and also Mercutio’s hit beyellowcomic.comes symbolic that the irreconcilable differences in between the clans based upon resentment and also spite.

Contrastingly, the scene that ironically seals Romeo’s fate and also leads come his exile is the one where he seeks to bridge the gap and also overyellowcomic.come these differences; the seeks, inadequately to articulate the love the brings lock together; the insists top top peace and reconciliation. In this case, the works against him.

Blame: the focus on your irreconcilable differences reaches a orgasm during the street brawl between Tybalt and also Mercutio and also contributes directly with Romeo’s exile which to adjust in train the unfortunately chain of events.

Tybalt and Mercutio have actually been conditioned to view the fight together inevitable. Lock equate courage with aggression and aggression through masculinity, pride and honour. Romeo struggles to conform to these conditioned stereotypes and shows his conflict emotions and also loyalties.

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Romeo and also Juliet intuitively think that love is worth fighting for, also dying for.