Hi all, I'm new to emulating DOS games. I've been trying to download the 1997 version of the Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego and am not quite figuring out how the emulator+ROM relationship seems to work for this type of game (I've used SNES, N64, and GameBoy emulators before). Any tips on how to do this?


this version of where in time is carmen sandiego is in eXoDOS: https://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/where-in-time-is-carmen-sandiego

The 1997 version is Windows 9598. So unfortunately it is not in either of my collections (which focus on DOS and Windows 3.x)

My suggest would be my auto downloader I released with my retro learning pack (which includes all of the carmen sandiego games: https://exorlp.xyz/auto.html

the download is about 2gb but it includes launchbox and all of the metadata. games aren't downloaded until you attempt to actually play them.

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edit: it seems the link above is down now. http://www.retro-exo.com has the full RLP torrent. I have also just added the Lite download to the website as well.

Hi! So I installed your auto launcher and was easily about to play Great Chase Through Time, but when it got to the point where it asked for the second disk, I can do anything about it. Any suggestions?

Hi! I found this thread because I am also trying to find this game. But the link to your autodownloader no longer works. Any chance I could download it from you from a different link?

Dos games are like windows games typically they come on disk you run setup or install on disc one and typically copy the program files to a hard drive and run the game from there. Real older dos games may run off discs. Depends on the age of the game. Best to either find a scan of the manual, or see if the game is on good old games and buy it. Dosbox is probably what you want to use. I’d recommend checking of the Vogons forum. Lots of old dos nerds hang out there.

Here it is. Happened to see it just the other day while I was setting up my backup collection for d-fend. You can click the little "show all" text for direct download links or use the torrent.

If you're totally new to dosbox emulation i'd suggest the same front end i'm using. D-fend Reloaded does a lot of the hard work for you and makes things much easier.

Once you've got that installed and running, as long as the game is only 1 CD you can just drag the iso or .cue/bin file into the window to install it. If its more then 1 cd you can click profile, install from source media, then drag all cd's into that window. When installing from the dos window ctrl+f4 swaps between disks.

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Buuuut.. All that is not very helpful because it seems Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego was a windows game, so perhaps you will get lucky and it will just work. More likely you would need to install an older version of windows on an emulated system. which gets slightly more complicated :)Also shout-out to http://exodos.the-eye.us/ which i JUST learned about and is apparently a HUGE collection of dos games, all pre-setup. worth looking into if you're into other dos games.