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Friday, February 23, 2001Mystery surrounds whereabouts of gravesiteBy Wayne Drehs
yellowcomic.comKANNAPOLIS, N.C. -- In a cemetery top top the southern side that this small, quiet mill town, a gravestone rests through a white No. 8 race car and also the name "Earnhardt" etched in that is side.

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A few feet over sits another Earnhardt grave. Next to that, another.

This is Dale Earnhardt"s hometown. The ar where "The Intimidator," probably NASCAR"s best driver, was born and raised. The place his mother Martha tho calls home.

So it was of tiny surprise once auto racing pan from both near and far came right here Thursday, come Centergrove Lutheran Church Cemetery, to pay your respects to Earnhardt. A memorial service, televised live nationally, was organized in Charlotte, some 27 miles away. But Kannapolis is wherein these NASCAR pan had come to say their goodbyes.

Earnhardt reportedly was hidden here Wednesday following a private funeral business attended only by his family and closest friends.

But as fans gathered below Thursday, what they found was nothing.

No i turned down dirt. No elaborate canopies. No extraordinary species of flowers. Nothing to signify the interment of the NASCAR legend.

So lock made perform by huddling approximately the gravesite of Earnhardt"s father, Ralph, a NASCAR legend in his very own right. There they came throughout the No. 8 car with the names Dan, Randy and Dale -- Ralph"s three sons -- composed on the hood.

"I knew his father pretty well and also I believed for certain Dale would be hidden here," claimed one man as walked along the cold, sleet-covered blacktop before climbing into his Chevy. "I can"t check out why not."

Why no has become the biggest secret to struggle this tight-lipped town since, "Who shoot J.R.?"

Nobody will say where, or even if, the auto racing legend to be laid to rest in Kannapolis.

In the Kannapolis independent Tribune, an write-up quoting one unnamed Earnhardt household member added to the mystery. "I can"t do a declare on behalf of the family," the human being said, "but we did no attend a funeral service because that Dale Earnhardt in Kannapolis top top Wednesday."

The fans were left to wonder the feasible hidden an interpretation of the quote. Is he buried in a different town? was he hidden at all? will certainly he be hidden in Kannapolis ~ above a different day? no one knows. Or at least, no one is saying.

Like Centergrove, Kannapolis" various other two significant cemeteries -- Memorial Park and also Historic Kannapolis Cemetery -- showed tiny signs of overturned dust or a current burial. A secretary for St. Mark"s Lutheran Church in Mooresville, which organized the Earnhardt family"s private funeral Wednesday night, said: "I"m not sure, however I don"t think he"s been buried yet."

A mrs at Midway Florist claimed Earnhardt was one of her customers however wouldn"t say where he was buried in Kannapolis. She said she desired not come comment additional out the respect for the family. The family members was walking to an excellent lengths to keep the information private and had supplied three various funeral residences to save Wednesday"s funeral service private, she said.

The Raymer Funeral house of Huntersville, charged v overseeing services for the family, said specific information around Earnhardt"s funeral site would certainly not it is in made publicly until next week.

In one more story on Tuesday, the elevation Tribune reported Earnhardt"s mother, a member that Centergrove Lutheran Church, had considered the cemetery as the final resting clues for she son.

It is possible that through the substantial outpouring the emotion following Earnhardt"s death, the household is pertained to that Centergrove Cemetery, which attributes a lone, one-lane driveway, can be too tiny to manage throngs of visiting fans.

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"I think they want to stop an Elvis situation," Tribune reporter Beth Snead. "You know, how they hidden Elvis in a public cemetery, yet that there to be so lot traffic and so countless problems they had to move him to Graceland. The family could be worried about that."

On Thursday, with the just speculation the Earnhardt can have been laid to rest beside his father at Centergrove, cars clogged the cemetery"s driveway.

"It"s frustrating," stated Jeff Rowe, that drove from Charlotte looking for the gravesite. "I thought this would be the place, however I guess not."