I don't recognize if this question has actually been answered, but I have lost Fawkes. I have actually completed the vault 87 mission, and also have finished the man storyline, and also now to be in the damaged Steel DLC. I visited the Museum of history where the is when you fire him. However he. Is. Not there. Any kind of thoughts?


I remember sending out him back to megaton law something solo quickly and also then fastraveled to megaton and also he wasn't there, so i walked the map back to the suggest I last saw him and also found him fighting scorpions

Try looking the citadel wherein you are lugged when damaged steel starts, or probably he's somewhere inside museum of background instead of in ~ the front door. Otherwise probably Megaton.

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Companions deserve to do number of things that will avoid them from being at their point of hire:

If fired, they have the right to get caught up in a fight or series of fights, this might potentially death them if castle aren't armored fine enough, though since it's Fawkes, I'm sure the 15000 hp will check out him through thick and thin.

They can likewise get grounding in terrain, I've had actually dogmeat sink right into the rocks the vault 101. (reloading the cell/waiting saved him, details on the is below)

They deserve to be left waiting in some areas where you lose follow control until you speak to them (the med clinic in the citidel after ~ the key story, for instance)


I'd recommend going earlier to where you fired him and walking a straight path to the museum of background (essentially simply put a mite there are start walking) if Fawkes is somehow stuck fighting people, girlfriend can find him ~ above your method there. Likewise all companions walk at walking speed so he can be taking a trip to obtain there.

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If you still execute not discover him, then walk to a component of the map the isn't close to them, visit the pitt or allude lookout because that example, and wait a week. 1 week will auto fire anyone in your party and bring them come their corresponding hire points (unless friend tell them to wait in her player home). Relocating out of the capital Wasteland will guarantee the cell because that the overworld reloads ~ above re-entry, which could unstick Fawkes if he is trapped. Then go to the museum of history or re-track the path you did before, and also he have to be what there.

Essentially the only outcomes I deserve to think that is:

the game thinks he's in your party and also he's no so it's not returning him over there (i had the video game thin dogmeat was still through me because that like, 4 work so i couldn't rental clover)