"Pokemon LeafGreen" and "Pokemon FireRed" are the updated versions of "Pokemon Red" and "Pokemon Blue," released because that the Nintendo game Boy Advance. You can accessibility the rock tunnel, a pitch-black cavern, in both games. If you have a flash, you have the right to illuminate the entirety cave, yet if not, friend will need to navigate blindly. It"s a small cave, so you can acquire through in a couple of minutes.

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Go as much down together you have the right to until you hit the bottom wall. Go as far right together you deserve to until you with the ladder and go down the ladder to the second floor.

Battle and also defeat the Pokemon trainer top top the 2nd floor. Go five steps down and then head to the left till you with the much wall. Walk as far up as you can to reach the following ladder. Go under the ladder to with the 2nd floor.

Go every the way down, then every the way to the left. Go up one step, left one step, then under one step. Battle and defeat one more Pokemon trainer. Go two measures up to reach the wall above you and continue come the left until you are tested by one more trainer. Battle and defeat the trainer and continue up until you hit an additional wall. Hug the wall surface to the right until friend are tested by yet one more trainer. Defeat the trainer and also head north. Stop as soon as you fight a boulder. Walk to the left once you with the boulder come reach an additional ladder and also head to the 3rd floor.

Head all the method down and then to the right. Proceed to the best until you are tested by a Hiker. ~ you defeat the Hiker, walk behind the to reach the ladder come the 4th floor.

Go every the method to the north and also avoid the Pokemaniac. If you great to gain experience and money, you have the right to defeat him; otherwise store going north till you reach an additional ladder. This will certainly take you earlier to the third floor.

Head left till you fight a wall, then down until you an additional wall, climate left until you are tested by a trainer. Defeat the trainer, climate go down one step and as much right together you can. Go under two actions once you with the far wall and then proceed to the left. You will certainly be tested by one last Pokemon trainer. Defeat him and also go down one step, then eight to the left, to with the departure of the rock tunnel.

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