I just lost Zapdos, after ~ it acquired poisoned by my Nidoking and also the Ultra sphere didn"t even stand a chance with it!

So, i wonder, do Moltres and also Articuno exist in Pokemon sheet Green?

I deserve to imagine that the information is currently in the Internet, yet I are afraid it will reveal their ar as well. I do not desire that to happen, I desire to explore, in order to discover them. Because that example, some people in the video game talked around these legend birds, and I male in the cycling roadway told me he caught his Voltorb in the power Plant... ;)



Yes, all 3 legendary bird (Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres) exist in Pokemon sheet Green.

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If you gain stuck, I"ve placed their places in the spoiler part below. Computer mouse over them (tap top top mobile) to watch it.


Seafoam Islands (off path 20)


Mt Ember, on "One Island" in the Sevii Islands.


Power Plant, under from the entrance to absent Tunnel.

It"s likewise worth noting the


location different from the initial Red & Blue games.


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