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The daycare facility is around route 3, it have the right to be accessed ~ you reach Nimbasa City and also protect the Dare care man from Team Plasma.

The Pokemon daycare is on route 3, phibìc West of Striation City (when you get to the fountain, head north and the daycare have to be there)

Yupp, go to striaton city then go west till you with a fountain and also then north till you view these twins and also you see these two houses. That the residence next to the one with a red roof . And some old man is stading infront

Route 3 off Striaton City, there are two small girls external a school yard, enter the building on the right and leave your Pokemon there for a while.Be aware that the does cost, therefore don"t leave them TOO long :D

The Pokemon Daycare is on north of Straiton City.Hope it help you!!!


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