The Microsoft Office switch is used specifically in the Microsoft Office 2007 versions of the adhering to programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and also Outlook (in the composing and also reading windows). It is not provided in any prior or subsequent version that Microsoft Office. Any type of guidance containing referrals to the Microsoft Office button uses only to Office 2007.

In the Office 2007 version of the provided Office programs, the File menu is replaced by the Office Button .

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What perform you want to know?

whereby is the Office switch located?

What perform I see as soon as I click the Office Button?

wherein is the options command?

Why walk the Office button blink?

just how do ns customize the perform of recently used files?

as soon as do I see the Office button in Outlook?

Where is the Office button located?

The Office Button is located in the upper-left corner of the adhering to 2007 Microsoft Office device programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook (in the composing and also reading windows).


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What perform I see when I click the Office Button?

When girlfriend click the Office Button , you see the same straightforward commands accessible on the File food selection in earlier releases of Microsoft Office to open, save, and print her file.


However, in the 2007 Office release, more commands are now available, such as Finish and also Publish. For example, in Word, Excel, and also PowerPoint by pointing come Finish, and also then clicking Inspect Document, you can examine a document for covert metadata or an individual information.

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Where is the options command?

After girlfriend click the Office Button , friend can likewise see the brand-new location where you can set your preferences. The Options command the was on the Tools menu has actually been moved to it is in under the Office Button . The new location because that the Options command is in the lower-right corner under Word Options, Excel Options, PowerPoint Options, or Access Options. The complying with shows the place in Microsoft Office Excel 2007.


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Why does the Office button blink?

The Office Button have to only blink as soon as you have not clicked the switch to view the commands. The blinking is a "look at me/click here" feature, due to the fact that many world think the the switch looks favor a decorative logo, quite than a switch to click to view commands. If girlfriend click the Office Button one time, it should stop blinking.

At this time, there is no means to rotate off the blinking.

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How carry out I customize the perform of newly used files?

Many Microsoft Office programs display the last couple of files you opened up in that program. You deserve to use the web links on this perform to quickly accessibility files. For an ext information around how this attribute is turned on, turn off, or to readjust the variety of files that it displays, watch Customize the list of freshly used files.

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When do I watch the Office button in Outlook?

In Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 once you review or develop a message, task, contact, or calendar item, you view the brand-new Office Button .

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