When it concerns getting a sidearm to use, there room a the majority of options. Among the plenty of things to take into consideration such together which pistol you favor the feel of better, or i beg your pardon one is more accurate, there comes the inquiry of propellant. Environment-friendly Gas or CO2? Now green Gas and also CO2 work really similarly. Regularly used together a propellant because that pistols, and also sometimes for rifles, these gasses room stored in the magazine of the gun. As soon as the cause is pulled several of the gas is released into the nozzle leading to the bb to shoot, and the gun come cycle.

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Differences in between Green Gas and CO2

Now, when in the operations of the airsoft gun, both species of propellant duty very similarly, there are actually quite a few differences in the gases themselves. Eco-friendly Gas is essentially propane, with some silicone oil added in, and also the odor removed. Most of the time environment-friendly Gas is purchase in prefilled Airsoft environment-friendly Gas cans. However, v the appropriate adapter (found here), you have the right to use constant propane cans, such together you would usage to fuel a camping stove, to fill her magazines. Green Gas is save in a bottle, pressurized to around 300 psi, and you can fill up magazines through charging them through the to fill valve. Depending on your gun, you will get differing shots per to fill up, as well as different shots per can.


CO2 meanwhile is just straight air. It is pressurized Carbon Dioxide, and contained in a small metal cylinder. There are number of sizes of Co2 Cartridges available, the ones frequently used in airsoft firearms are 12g Cartridges i beg your pardon are around the same size as your thumb. CO2 will have a press of around 12,000 psi. Similar to green gas, the CO2 will go in the magazine. However, unlike environment-friendly gas, the entirety canister will go into the mag, you won’t fill up the magazine itself.

Benefits of eco-friendly Gas – Reliable, Affordable, Easy

There are many benefits of utilizing both green Gas and also CO2. Several of the services of using green gas room that it is less complicated on the gun, much more cost efficient, and is often simpler to save magazines full. Due to the fact that Green Gas has actually a relatively low pressure compared to CO2, it will not it is in so stressful on her gun. Also, due to the fact that it has silicone oil in it, that will partly lubricate your gun as you are firing. However, just due to the fact that there is silicone oil in the gas doesn’t supposed that you don’t need to clean her pistol properly. Girlfriend still do.


Green Gas is also much more cost efficient. Green Gas prices anywhere from $10-20 for a can, and depending on your gun, you deserve to be getting more than 800 shots the end of a can. Finally, since you have the right to just peak off the mag, many human being find it much easier to for sure you have actually a full mag when using green Gas. So, green Gas has actually some good advantages such as integrity of the weapon, being expense efficient, and also ease that use. However, CO2 likewise has some good benefits together well.

Benefits the CO2 – more difficult Kick, faster FPS

CO2 likewise has some good benefits. While that is true that environment-friendly Gas is less complicated on the gun, and more affordable, that doesn’t median that Co2 is worthless. CO2 is walk to kick harder, shoot faster, and work much better in colder temperatures. Because of it’s greater pressure, a CO2 it is provided pistol will kick lot harder 보다 a eco-friendly gas weapon. Also due to the pressure, most environment-friendly gas pistols will have actually a greater FPS 보다 their green Gas counterparts. Finally, because of the self-contained cartridge design, Co2 will also function far better at much more extreme temperatures than eco-friendly Gas. CO2 cartridges will certainly usually price upwards of a disagreement a cylinder, and also usually get all over from 30-50 shots per cartridge.

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The Ultimate question – i m sorry is a far better System?

Ultimately, if you’re reading this that probably due to the fact that you want an answer. However, it will certainly truly come down to personal preference, and what you choose better. Execute you value a reliable, affordable, and easy to use pistol? Then green Gas is the method to go. We have actually lots of an excellent Green Gas pistols available at a wide range of prices. Few of the finest that us have found are the Elite pressure Glock Series. On the other hand, if what friend are trying to find in a pistol is a difficult fun kick, and a powerful shot, climate you could want come look in ~ Co2. We favor the ASG CZ P-09 because that a reasonably reliable and fun Co2 Pistol.

Let us understand if friend have any kind of questions or comments, we love listening feedback and also helping our customers. We are always looking for methods to improve!