The is "An atom nucleus is positive charged because it is composed of protons". An atomic nucleus actually includes nucleons i m sorry are comprised of both protons and also neutrons. Because neutrons are neutral or have no charge, the fee of an atomic nucleus mainly relies top top the positive charge of the protons.

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Define chemical symbol and what is the definition of a chemistry symbol. Who very first invented a chemical symbol.


Define chemistry symbol and what is the meaning of a chemical symbol. Who an initial invented a chemical symbol.

Chemical prize - notation that one or two letters representing a chemical element.

J.J Berzelius - sweden Scientist presented chemical symbol in 1813.

The significant of chemistry symbol is to have actually shorthand way to stand for an facet on the periodic table. It likewise used to standardization the language of chemistry and to identify elements and also atoms in a chemical formula.


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Determine the mass (in grams) the 8.02 x 1024 atoms of mercury (Hg).
Virty <35>

2670 g Hg

General Formulas and Concepts:



Order of Operations: BPEMDAS

BracketsParenthesisExponentsMultiplicationDivisionAdditionSubtractionLeft come Right


Atomic Structure

Reading a periodic TableAvogadro"s Number - 6.022 × 10²³ atoms, molecules, formula units, etc.


Using Dimensional Analysis


Step 1: Define

8.02 × 10²⁴ atoms Hg

Step 2: identify Conversions

Avogadro"s Number

Molar fixed of Hg - 200.59 g/mol

Step 3: Convert

Set up:

Step 4: Check

Follow sig fig rules and also round. Us are offered 3 sig figs.

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2671.42 g Hg ≈ 2670 g Hg

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Help! how is this incorrect?
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On the first one the is claimed to it is in 18. When you have a +1 charge you subtract that once. Just how i gained 18 tho was from the protons. There to be 19 so ns subtracted that with 1 and also got 18. Hope that helped! :)btw i’m not the ideal at explaining, i’m sorry :/
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Question 1: i m sorry is not a clue the a chemical change has happened?
snow_tiger <21>
For q4 that boiling water and rotting food
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Read 2 an ext yellowcomic.coms
Which finest describes a mixture? It has actually a solitary composition, and also it has a set of qualities that does not change. It deserve to ha
klemol <59>

option 4 - it deserve to have different compositions, and also it has a set of attributes that change.

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