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Dramatic irony occurs when there is a contradiction in between what a character thinks and also what the audience knows to be true. Dramatic irony has been provided in literary works for ages. The Greek dramatists supplied it generally in plays such together Antigone. Shakespeare to work dramatic irony in virtually all of his...

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Dramatic irony occurs once there is a contradiction between what a character thinks and also what the audience to know to it is in true. Dramatic irony has been supplied in literature for ages. The Greek dramatists offered it broadly in plays such together Antigone. Shakespeare to work dramatic irony in virtually every one of his plays, especially his tragedies like Romeo and Juliet. When dramatic irony is present throughout Romeo and also Juliet, it might be most noticeable in action III.

In action III, step 1, Romeo is challenged by Tybalt in the roadways of Verona. Unknown to Tybalt or Mercutio, Romeo has just married Juliet, Tybalt"s cousin. As soon as Tybalt brand Romeo as a "villain" Romeo backs down and also tells Tybalt that he actually loves him:

Tybalt, the factor that I have to love theeDoth lot excuse the appertaining rageTo such a greeting. Rogue am ns none.Therefore farewell. I see thou knowest me not.
Indeed, Tybalt go not recognize that Romeo is currently his in-law. Had Tybalt recognized this information, the scene may have turned out in different ways (or possibly not, since Tybalt to be quite merely a hot head). Once Romeo acquiesces without explanation, Mercutio jumps right into the fray and also is soon eliminated by Tybalt that is then eliminated by Romeo in a fit of revenge. Romeo is sentenced come banishment for his function in the incident. In this scene, then, dramatic irony is responsible for the deaths of 2 men and also the banishment of another.
In action III, scenes 4 and also 5, another example that dramatic irony occurs as Lord Capulet, that knows nothing of Romeo and also Juliet"s relationship, arranges a marriage in between Juliet and also Count Paris. As soon as Lady Capulet introduces the idea come Juliet, who has just had actually her honeymoon through Romeo, she becomes distraught and also argues the she doesn"t want to it is in married. In an instance of linguistic irony she even says the she would quite marry Romeo, someone she no (not really, due to the fact that she currently married him):
I will certainly not marry yet, and also when I carry out I swearIt shall be Romeo, who you know I hate,Rather than Paris.
Upon hearing the news the Juliet refuses come marry Paris, mr Capulet flies into a rage and also threatens to disown his daughter and throw her out right into the street. The instance causes Juliet to eventually resort to drastic measures. When again, dramatic irony disrupts and complicates the love between Romeo and Juliet.

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What is an instance of dramatic irony from act 2 of Romeo and also Juliet? Dramatic irony occurs as soon as the an interpretation of the situation is interpreted by the audience yet not through the characters in the play.

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