characteristics of Life


What do a bacterium and a whale have in common?

Do lock share features with us? every living organisms, from the smallest bacterium to the largest whale, share certain characteristics of life. Without this characteristics, there is no life.

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Characteristics that Life

Look at the duck decoy in Figure below. It looks very similar to a real duck. Of course, genuine ducks space living things. What around the decoy duck? that looks favor a duck, but it is actually made the wood. The decoy duck doesn’t have all the features of a living thing. What characteristics set the genuine ducks except the decoy duck? What are the qualities of life things?


This duck decoy looks favor it’s alive. It also fools actual ducks. Why isn’t it a living thing?

To it is in classified together a living thing, things must have actually all 6 of the complying with characteristics:

it responds to the environment. The grows and develops. The produces offspring. It maintains homeostasis. That has facility chemistry. It consists of cells.

Growth and Development

All living points grow and develop. Because that example, a tree seed may look favor a lifeless pebble, however under the right conditions it will grow and develop right into a plant. Animals also grow and develop. Look at the pets in Figure below. Exactly how will the tadpoles adjust as castle grow and also develop right into adult frogs?


Tadpoles go with many changes to end up being adult frogs.


All living things are qualified of reproduction. Reproduction is the process by which life things offer rise come offspring. Reproducing may be as simple as a solitary cell dividing to type two daughter cells. Generally, however, the is much an ext complicated. Nonetheless, even if it is a living point is a substantial whale or a microscope bacterium, the is capable of reproduction.

Keeping points Constant

All life things space able to preserve a more-or-less continuous internal environment. They store things relatively stable on the inside regardless that the conditions approximately them. The process of preserving a secure internal setting is dubbed homeostasis. Human beings, for example, maintain a stable internal body temperature. If you go outside when the waiting temperature is below freezing, her body doesn’t freeze. Instead, by shivering and other means, the maintains a stable interior temperature.

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All forms of life are developed of at the very least one cell. A cell is the an easy unit of the framework and role of living things. Life things might appear an extremely different native one an additional on the outside, but their cell are really similar. Compare the person cells on the left in Figure below and onion cells on the best in Figure below. Exactly how are they similar? If you click on the computer animation titled Inside a Cell in ~ the attach below, you have the right to look within a cell and also see its inner structures. Http://


Human cells (left). Onion cell (right). If friend looked at cell under a microscope, this is what you can see.