Quito, the capital of a country that was called after the Equator, lies in the southerly Hemisphere. However, the is much less than 20 kilometres come the line that divides the Northern and also Southern Hemispheres. The place where French scientist Charles-Marie de La Condamine established the (more or less) precise location that the Equator, is now marked by a large monument: La Mitad del Mundo, the centre of the world.

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Although contemporary measuring approaches have determined that the real Equator in reality lies approximately 240 metres additional north, the Mitad del Mundo monument stays a well-known attraction. The monument is component of a facility of shops and attractions ~ above the leaf of the sleepy town of mountain Antonio de Pichincha. The city comes lively on Sundays and holidays, when it master a weekly sector with music and dance.


 ~ above the sheet of the Equator
 Ethnographic museum

The Museum the Ethnology

The 30-metre-high monument – topped by a metal globe – dwellings an ethnographic museum the showcases Ecuador’s different ethnic groups. Your visit begins with one elevator ride come the top, from where you descend steps to reach the museum. Girlfriend may also visit a collection of pavilions, one for each the the countries that participated in the 18th century exploration to recognize the ar of the Equator. If you have minimal time, visit the French pavilion which is exceptionally interesting. Finally, there is the Fundación Quito Colonial, a miniature depiction of the Ecuadorian cities of Guayaquil, Cuenca and also Quito.

Wherever the magic place of latitude 0° 0" 0" might be, it is definitely not in ~ the site of the monument. But considering the minimal tools and resources accessible during that expedition, the is quite an success that castle were only off by a couple of hundred yards. Today, most visitors just use a GPS combined into their camera or phone come walk to the exact location that the Equator. However, this an approach is also not 100% reliable.

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The case that the adjacent Museo Intiñan stood on the precise location that the Equator has not been confirmed either. But the location is close enough that one can perform various unique experiments. The most well known one displayed the so-called Coriolis effect: once you to water water over a round north of the Equator, the water will flow clockwise, and south the the Equator that will flow counter-clockwise. An additional interesting truth is the on the Equator you will certainly weigh a small bit much less than anywhere else on earth.