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Understand how Neils Bohr refined the Rutherford atomic design in explaining the activity of electrons around the nucleus

Bohr model, summary of the framework of atoms, particularly that of hydrogen, propose (1913) through the Danish physicist Niels Bohr. The Bohr design of the atom, a radical exit from earlier, classical descriptions, to be the very first that incorporated quantum theory and was the predecessor of wholly quantum-mechanical models. The Bohr design and every one of its successors describe the nature of atom electrons in regards to a set of allowed (possible) values. Atoms absorb or emit radiation only once the electrons abruptly jump in between allowed, or stationary, states. Straight experimental proof for the presence of such discrete claims was acquired (1914) by the German-born physicists James Franck and Gustav Hertz.

Immediately before 1913, one atom was assumed of together consisting the a tiny positively charged hefty core, referred to as a nucleus, surrounded by light, planetary negative electrons revolving in circular orbits of arbitrary radii.


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Bohr amended that check out of the motion of the planetary electron to lug the model in line v the continuous patterns (spectral series) of light emitted by real hydrogen atoms. By limiting the orbiting electron to a collection of one orbits having discrete radii, Bohr can account for the collection of discrete wavelengths in the emission spectrum the hydrogen. Light, he proposed, radiated from hydrogen atom only when an electron do a change from an outer orbit come one closer come the nucleus. The power lost by the electron in the abrupt change is precisely the very same as the power of the quantum that emitted light.


In the Bohr design of the atom, electrons travel in identified circular orbits roughly the nucleus. The orbits are labeled by an integer, the quantum number n. Electrons can jump indigenous one orbit to an additional by create or soaking up energy. The inset shows an electron jumping native orbit n=3 to orbit n=2, create a photon of red light through an power of 1.89 eV.

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