umps the lower power level come which the electron returns the total number of energy level the electron have the right to jump come the variety of electrons under electronic shift at the exact same time the total number of energy level the electron have the right to jump to.

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Explanation:The spectral lines (which may be emissions or absorption lines) exchange mail to to the loss (release) or gain (absortion) of power of the electrons when they jump in between energy levels.So, the higher the number of energy level the better the variety of spectral lines.

A sky driver has actually a fixed of 65kg. Calculation the load of the sky drive. Wait resistance on the falling thing is 520 N. What is t

So impulse= force × timeP1= 80N× 0.05 = 4 P2= 60N × 0.1= 6 for this reason John delivers a higher impulse I perform exams and quizzes if your interested

A 5.00 kilogram fixed is traveling at 100. Meters every second. Recognize the rate of the massive after one impulse through a magnitude o

m = massive = 5 kg

= initial velocity = 100 m/s

= final velocity = ?

I = impulse = 30 Ns

Using the impulse-change in momentum equation

I = m(


30 = 5 (

- 100)

= 106 m/s

def a panda!


The panda"s eyes, ears, legs, and shoulders room all black, and also the remainder of its body is white. Although relatively big, the giant panda isn"t yes, really all that giant. It can prosper up to about three feet tall and six feet long when was standing on all 4 legs. The woman pandas are generally smaller than the males.

A tiny dog is trained come jump directly up a street of 1.2 m. Just how much kinetic energy does the 7.2-kg dog need to jump this hi joules.Explanation:1) Data:m = 7.2 kgh = 1.2 mg = 9.8 m / s²2) physics principleUsing the regulation of mechanical power conservation principle, you have actually that the kinetic power of the dog, when it jumps, must be same to the final gravitational potential energy.3) Calculations:The gravitational potential energy, PE, is equal to m × g × hSo, PE = m × g × h = 7.2 kg × 9.8 m/s² × 1.2 m = 84.672 joules.

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And the is the kinetic energy that the dog needs.