One of the complying with word or native is an example ofa correlative connect is letter C. One of two people . . . Or. One of two people . . . Or. Whichconnects one idea or word from another in a sentence, giving choice or options.It is provided in different forms the sentences. 

Because would be the only correlative conjunction: my teacher told us to think “Hairy cat Must discover Two tools Over close to Boston” come remember the most usual eight!

Correlative conjunction has two same parts: therefore in this situation it"s the price c: one of two people ...orother examples of correlative conjuctions would be "not only... Yet also" or "neither... Nor"

Correlative conjunction has actually two equal parts: therefore in this instance it"s the answer c: either ...orother instances of correlative conjunctions would certainly be "not only... However also" or "neither... Nor" . Hope this helps! :)


Egbert couldn"t wait to check out paris! that left the safety and security of the limb and also soared into the blue sky! the had plenty of miles come travel before reaching paris. Egbert is a a) bird. B) dog. C) grasshopper. D) squirrel.

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The chorus a. Speaks as an unified voice and also often contracts the worths of the audience b. Speaks as merged voice and also often reflects the values of the audience c. Consists of many separation, personal, instance voices that often contradict each various other d. Includes many separation, personal, instance voices and also often reflects the worths of the audience
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