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1. The buffers for packet processing and the to run configuration record are temporarily stored in which kind of router memory?


RAM gives temporary storage because that the running IOS, the to run configuration file, the IP routing table, ARP table, and also buffers for packet processing. In contrast, permanent storage that the IOS is detailed by flash. NVRAM offers permanent warehouse of the startup construction file, and also ROM.provides irreversible storage the the router bootup instructions and also a limited IOS.

2. Refer to the exhibit. A firm has an inner network that for your employee workstations and a DMZ network of to hold servers. The agency uses NAT when inside hosts attach to outside network. A network administrator worries the show ip nat translations command to examine the NAT configurations. I beg your pardon one of resource IPv4 addresses is interpreted by R1 v PAT


3. Refer to the exhibit. This network has actually two relationships to the ISP, one via router C and one via router B. The serial link between router A and router C support EIGRP and also is the primary connect to the Internet. If the primary attach fails, the administrator needs a floating static course that avoids recursive path lookups and any potential next-hop worries caused by the multiaccess nature that the Ethernet segment with router B. What should the administrator configure?

Create a static path pointing come Fa0/0 v an advertisement of 1.Create a static path pointing come through an advertisement of 95.Create a static path pointing to v an ad of 1.Create a totally specified static path pointing come Fa0/0 through an advertisement of 1.Create a totally specified static route pointing to Fa0/0 through an advertisement of 95.

4. Which form of inter-VLAN communication design requires the construction of lot of subinterfaces?

legacy inter-VLAN routingrouting because that the management VLANrouter on a stickrouting via a multilayer switch

5. ~ sticky finding out of MAC addresses is enabled, what activity is needed to prevent dynamically learned MAC addresses indigenous being shed in the occasion that an associated interface goes down?

Reboot the switch.Copy the running configuration come the startup configuration.Shut down the user interface then allow it again with the no shutdown command.Configure port defense for violation defend mode.

When sticky discovering is enabled, dynamically learned MAC addresses are stored in the running configuration in RAM and will be shed if the move is rebooted or an user interface goes down. To protect against the loss of learned MAC addresses, one administrator have the right to save the running configuration into the startup configuration in NVRAM.

6. A network technician is configuring port defense on switches. The interfaces top top the switches are configured in together a means that when a violation occurs, packets through unknown source addresses room dropped and no notification is sent. Which violation mode is configured on the interfaces?


7. A technician is configuring a move to allow access both come IP phones and also to pcs on interface Fa0/12. The technician start the interface command mls qos trust cos. What is the reason for consisting of that command?

It is used in conjuction with STP PortFast to ensure that interface Fa0/12, in situation of a shutdown, regains an “up” state immediately.It is offered to verify organization levels and also to ensure the congestion end serial interfaces is lessened for voice traffic.It is used to collection the reliable state the an user interface to permit classification of web traffic for QoS based on the CoS value of the IP phone.It is provided to provide higher categories of security for voice and video clip traffic.

The course of service (CoS) value is a number placed inside a ar in the 802.1Q or ISL trunking header and also used because that prioritizing traffic and providing quality of organization (QoS). The mls qos to trust cos command is supplied when a VoIP call attaches to a Cisco switch and QoS is implemented.

8. What is the minimum configuration for a router interface that is participating in IPv6 routing?

to have only a link-local IPv6 addressto have both a link-local and also a worldwide unicast IPv6 addressto have actually both one IPv4 and an IPv6 addressto have actually a self-generated loopback addressto have actually only an automatically generated multicast IPv6 address

With IPv6, a router interface frequently has an ext than one IPv6 address. The router will at least have a link-local address that deserve to be immediately generated, but the router commonly has an an international unicast resolve also configured.

9. Refer to the exhibit. Assuming that the routing tables room up to date and no ARP messages room needed, after ~ a packet leaves H1, how many times is the L2 header rewritten in the path to H2?



H1 creates the very first Layer 2 header. The R1 router needs to examine the destination IP attend to to determine just how the packet is to be routed. If the packet is to it is in routed out one more interface, together is the situation with R1, the router strips the present Layer 2 header and attaches a brand-new Layer 2 header. When R2 determines the the packet is come be sent out the LAN interface, R2 removes the class 2 header received from the serial link and also attaches a brand-new Ethernet header before transmitting the packet.

10. What command will enable a router to begin sending messages that allow it come configure a link-local address without making use of an IPv6 DHCP server?

a revolution routethe ipv6 route ::/0 commandthe ipv6 unicast-routing commandthe ip routing command

To allow IPv6 top top a router you should use the ipv6 unicast-routing worldwide configuration command or use the ipv6 permit interface construction command. This is indistinguishable to entering ip routing to permit IPv4 routing top top a router once it has been turn off. Store in mind that IPv4 is permitted on a router by default. IPv6 is not permitted by default.

11. Which switching an approach provides error-free data transmission?


12. Which difficulty is noticeable if the show ip user interface command mirrors that the user interface is down and also the heat protocol is down?

A cable has not been attached to the port.There is an IP resolve conflict v the configured address on the interface.The no shutdown command has actually not to be issued ~ above the interface.An encapsulation mismatch has occurred.

If one interface has not been lugged up through the no shutdown command, the interface status reflects administratively down. A duplicate IP resolve will not lug an user interface down. An encapsulation error is normally discovered using the show interfaces command.

13. A agency security plan requires that all MAC addressing be dynamically learned and included to both the MAC deal with table and the to run configuration on each switch. I beg your pardon port defense configuration will accomplish this?

auto for sure MAC addressesdynamic secure MAC addressesstatic for sure MAC addressessticky secure MAC addresses

With difficult secure MAC addressing, the MAC addresses deserve to be one of two people dynamically learned or manually configured and also then save on computer in the attend to table and included to the to run configuration file. In contrast, dynamic certain MAC addressing gives for dynamically learned MAC addressing the is stored only in the resolve table.

14. Refer to the exhibit. A tiny business provides VLANs 8, 20, 25, and 30 on 2 switches that have a trunk link in between them. What indigenous VLAN must be offered on the stems if Cisco finest practices are being implemented?



Cisco recommends making use of a VLAN the is not provided for noþeles else because that the aboriginal VLAN. The native VLAN should also not be left to the default that VLAN 1. VLAN 5 is the only VLAN that is no used and not VLAN 1.

15. A network administrator is configuring an ACL through the command access-list 10 allow Which IPv4 deal with matches the ACE?

With the wildcard mask the, the IPv4 addresses that complement the ACE space in the variety of to

16. The PT initialization was skipped. You will not have the ability to view the PT activity.Open the PT Activity. Do the tasks in the activity instructions and then answer the question.Which password is displayed on the internet browser?

Inter-VLANonfigured!It works!Welldone!Grea

17. I m sorry command is approve in the VTY heat configuration mode to apply a standard ACL that will control Telnet accessibility to a router?

access-group 11 inaccess-class 11 inaccess-list 11 inaccess-list 110 in

The access-class 11 in command applies a standard ACL to the VTY currently of a router to regulate Telnet and SSH access. The access-group 11 in command would be authorize on a router user interface to apply an ACL, and also because it uses a typical ACL, all IP web traffic will be filtered, not just Telnet and also SSH interactions bound for the VTY lines. The access-list command create the access control expression of an ACL but do not apply the ACl to a router user interface or line.

18. Which collection of regulates will cause accessibility list 15 to restrict Telnet accessibility on a router?

R1(config)# line vty 0 4R1(config​-line)# ip access-group 15 inR1(config)# int gi0/0R1(config​-if)# ip access-group 15 inR1(config)# line vty 0 4R1(config​-line)# access-class 15 inR1(config)# int gi0/0R1(config​-if)# access-class 15 in

Once an access list to restrict Telnet or SSH accessibility has been created, the is applied to the vty lines v the access-class command. This will restrict Telnet or SSH access.

19. Which three statements accurately describe VLAN types? (Choose three).

A monitoring VLAN is any VLAN the is configured to accessibility management features of the switch.A data VLAN is provided to lug VLAN monitoring data and user-generated traffic.Voice VLANs are supplied to assistance user phone and e-mail traffic on a network.VLAN 1 is always used together the administration VLAN.After the initial boot of one unconfigured switch, all ports space members of the default VLAN.An 802.1Q tribe port, with a aboriginal VLAN assigned, supports both tagged and also untagged traffic.

20. A customer is using SLAAC to attain an IPv6 resolve for that interface. After ~ an deal with has been generated and applied come the interface, what should the customer do prior to it can start to usage this IPv6 address?

It should send a DHCPv6 INFORMATION-REQUEST article to inquiry the deal with of the DNS server.It should send an ICMPv6 Router Solicitation blog post to identify what default gateway it must use.It have to send a DHCPv6 REQUEST message to the DHCPv6 server to inquiry permission to use this address.It need to send an ICMPv6 ar Solicitation message to ensure that the address is not already in use on the network.

Stateless DHCPv6 or stateful DHCPv6 offers a DHCP server, however Stateless deal with Autoconfiguration (SLAAC) does not. A SLAAC client can instantly generate an deal with that is based upon information from regional routers via Router advertisement (RA) messages. As soon as an address has been assigned come an interface via SLAAC, the customer must ensure via Duplicate resolve Detection (DAD) that the attend to is not already in use. That does this by sending out one ICMPv6 neighborhood Solicitation message and listening because that a response. If a solution is received, climate it method that another an equipment is already using this address.

21. I beg your pardon DHCP IPv4 message contains the following information?Destination address: IPv4 address: gateway address: mask:


A client will very first send the DHCPDISCOVER broadcast post to find DHCPv4 servers top top the network. This blog post will have the limited broadcast address,, together the location address. The client IPv4 address, the default gateway address, and also subnet areas will every be since these have not however been configured ~ above the client. When the DHCPv4 server receive a DHCPDISCOVER message, the reserves an accessible IPv4 attend to to lease come the customer and sends the unicast DHCPOFFER message to the requesting client. When the client receives the DHCPOFFER indigenous the server, it sends earlier a DHCPREQUEST broadcast message. ~ above receiving the DHCPREQUEST message, the server replies v a unicast DHCPACK message.

22. A network administrator is implementing DHCPv6 for the company. The administrator configures a router come send RA messages through M flag together 1 by making use of the user interface command ipv6 nd managed-config-flag. What effect will this configuration have actually on the procedure of the clients?

Clients must use the information that is had in RA messages.Clients must use all configuration details that is listed by a DHCPv6 server.Clients must use the prefix and prefix size that are listed by RA messages and obtain added information indigenous a DHCPv6 server.Clients should use the prefix and prefix size that are listed by a DHCPv6 server and generate a random user interface ID.

Under stateful DHCPv6 configuration, i m sorry is indicated by setup M flag as 1 (through the user interface command ipv6 nd managed-config-flag), the dynamic IPv6 deal with assignments are controlled by the DHCPv6 server. Client must obtain all configuration information from a DHCPv6 server.

23. Refer to the exhibit. The customers on the LAN network that R1 cannot obtain an IPv6 attend to from the configured stateful DHCPv6 server. What is absent from the stateful DHCPv6 construction on router R1?


The FA0/0 user interface is lacking the command that notifies the clients to usage stateful DHCPv6.IPv6 has actually not been permitted globally on router R1.The DHCPv6 pool has not been bound to the LAN interface.The DHCPv6 pool does not enhance the IPv6 address configured on interface FA0/0.

When configuring a router interface for stateful DHCPv6, the router must have the ability to inform the hold PC’s to receive IPv6 addressing indigenous a stateful DHCPv6 server. The user interface command is ipv6 nd managed-config-flag

24. Refer to the exhibit. NAT is configured ~ above R1 and also R2. The computer is sending out a inquiry to the net server. What IPv4 attend to is the resource IP resolve in the packet in between R2 and the internet server?


25. Describe the exhibit. R1 is configured because that NAT as displayed. What is wrong through the configuration?


NAT-POOL2 is not bound to ACL 1.Interface Fa0/0 have to be determined as an exterior NAT interface.The NAT swimming pool is incorrect.Access-list 1 is misconfigured.

R1 has to have NAT-POOL2 bound to ACL 1. This is completed with the command R1(config)#ip nat inside resource list 1 pool NAT-POOL2. This would enable the router to examine for all interesting traffic and if it matches ACL 1 it would be analyzed by usage of the addresses in NAT-POOL2.

26. A network technician is configuring pat on a router and has approve the command:

ip nat resource list 1 interface serial 0/1/0 overloadWhich additional command is forced to specify addresses indigenous the network together the inside regional addresses?

27. Describe the exhibit. If the IP addresses of the default gateway router and also the DNS server are correct, what is the configuration problem?


The DNS server and the default gateway router should be in the same subnet.The IP deal with of the default gateway router is not had in the excluded deal with list.The default-router and dns-server commands need to be configured with subnet masks.The IP resolve of the DNS server is not had in the excluded attend to list.

In this configuration, the excluded deal with list should include the resolve that is assigned to the default gateway router. So the command have to be ip dhcp excluded-address

28. To fill in the blank.In IPv6, all routes are level ___ ultimate routes.Correct Answer: 1*
IPv6 is classless by design, make all courses level 1 ultimate paths by default.

29. Fill in the blank.The acronym ___ explains the form of website traffic that needs a separate VLAN, strict QoS requirements, and a one-way overall hold-up less 보다 150 ms across the network. These restrictions assist to ensure web traffic quality.Correct Answer: voip*
VoIP traffic tends to have a different VLAN to ensure that voice quality is maintained. VoIP website traffic requires:assured bandwidth to ensure voice qualitytransmission priority over other varieties of network trafficability to it is in routed around congested areas on the networkdelay of much less than 150 ms throughout the network

30. Describe the exhibit. A network administrator has actually just configured attend to translation and also is verifying the configuration. What three things deserve to the administrator verify? (Choose three.)


Address translate into is working.Three addresses indigenous the NAT pool are being used by hosts.The name of the NAT swimming pool is refCount.A standard access list numbered 1 was used as component of the construction process.Two types of NAT are enabled.One harbor on the router is not participating in the address translation.

The show ip nat statistics, show ip nat translations, and also debug ip nat regulates are valuable in identify if NAT is working and also and additionally useful in troubleshooting troubles that are connected with NAT. NAT is working, as displayed by the hits and also misses count. Since there are four misses, a problem might be evident. The standard access list numbered 1 is gift used and also the translation pool is named NAT as shown by the last line of the output. Both static NAT and also NAT overload are used as checked out in the complete translations line.

31. Which destination do Cisco routers and also switches usage by default when sending syslog messages for all severity levels?

NVRAMnearest syslog serverconsoleRAM

Syslog messages because that Cisco routers and switches deserve to be sent to memory, the console, a tty line, or to a syslog server.

32. I beg your pardon requirement should be checked before a network administrator performs one IOS picture upgrade on a router?

The wanted IOS image paper has been downloaded to the router.There is sufficient room in flash memory.The old IOS image file has to be deleted.The FTP server is operational.

Before one upgrade procedure starts, the user have to make sure that over there is sufficient space in the flash to organize the new IOS photo file. One old IOS document does not have to be deleted as long as over there is sufficient an are available because that the brand-new IOS file. FTP is not sustained for the IOS upgrading process. Instead, a TFTP server is used. The brand-new IOS photo should it is in downloaded and loaded to the TFTP server.

33. A network administrator configures a router v the command sequence:

R1(config)# boot system tftp://c1900-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-4.M3.binR1(config)# boot device romWhat is the impact of the command sequence?

The router will fill IOS from the TFTP server. If the image falls short to load, it will load the IOS image from ROM.The router will search and also load a precious IOS image in the sequence of flash, TFTP, and ROM.The router will copy the IOS photo from the TFTP server and then reboot the system.On next reboot, the router will load the IOS image from ROM.

The boot mechanism command is a an international configuration command that allows the user come specify the resource for the Cisco IOS Software picture to load. In this case, the router is configured to boot from the IOS photo that is stored on the TFTP server and will use the ROMmon imagethat is situated in the ROM if it fails to situate the TFTP server or falls short to pack a valid image from the TFTP server.

34. I beg your pardon three software program packages are accessible for Cisco IOS relax 15.0?

Unified CommunicationsDATAEnterprise ServicesAdvanced IP ServicesIPVoiceSecurity

Cisco IOS relax 15.0 has four available modern technology software packages.IPBaseDATAUnified CommunicationsSecurity

35. What 2 license states would be intended on a new Cisco router as soon as the license has been activated? (Choose two.)

License State: Active, In UseLicense State: Active, RegisteredLicense Type: ipbasek9License Type: TemporaryLicense State: OnLicense Type: Permanent

When the display license command is issued, the following information is a sample that what would certainly be found once the license has been activated:Index 1 Feature: ipbasek9Period left: Life timeLicense Type: PermanentLicense State: Active, In UseLicense Count: Non-CountedLicense Priority: MediumIt is important for a technician to have the ability to verify an triggered IOS 15 license.

36. Which type of revolution route frequently uses the street parameter in the ip route global configuration command?

summary revolution routedefault revolution routefloating revolution routestandard static route

Because a floating static path is not designed come be used as a major route, that configuration needs a higher administrative distance than the normal default value of 1. Once set greater than the administrative distance for the present routing protocol, the street parameter allows the path to be used only once the major route fails. Every other forms of static routes have specific uses as primary routes.

37. Describe the exhibit. Which type of IPv6 static path is configured in the exhibit?


fully specified static routerecursive static routedirectly attached static routefloating revolution route

The route noted points come another resolve that should be looked increase in the routing table. This makes the path a recursive static route.

38. Describe the exhibit. Which route was configured as a static route to a particular network making use of the next-hop address?


C is straight connected, Serial0/0/0S <1/0> via <1/0> via is straight connected, Serial 0/0/0

The C in a routing table shows an user interface that is up and also has one IP deal with assigned. The S in a routing table signifies that a path was set up using the ip path command. 2 of the routing table entries presented are static paths to a specific destination (the network). The entry that has actually the S denoting a static route and <1/0> was configured utilizing the next-hop address. The various other entry (S is straight connected, Serial 0/0/0) is a static course configured using the exit interface. The entry with the route is a default static course which is offered to send packets to any kind of destination network the is no specifically provided in the routing table.

39. A network administrator has gone into the complying with command:

ip course serial0/0/1When the network administrator enters the command present ip route, the path is no in the routing table. What should the administrator carry out next?

Re-enter the command using a network number quite than a usable IP address.Verify the the serial 0/0/1 user interface is active and available.Re-enter the command making use of the correct mask.Verify the the network is energetic within the network infrastructure.

The factor that a effectively typed revolution network would certainly not enter the routing table is if the exit interface is not available. The is a precious network number and that route does not need to be “up and also up” in order because that a static path to be configured on a far router.

40. Describe the exhibit. Just how did the router acquire the last course that is shown?


The ip route command was used.The ipv6 route command to be used.Another router in the very same organization provided the default course by making use of a dynamic routing protocol.The ip address interface configuration mode command was supplied in enhancement to the network routing protocol configuration mode command.

A default route is presented in EIGRP through an asterisk (*) and also the entry. The path was learned v EIGRP and also the Serial0/0/1 interface on the router.

41. To permit RIP routing because that a certain subnet, the configuration command network was gone into by the network administrator. What address, if any, appears in the to run configuration file to recognize this network? address is displayed.

RIP is a classful routing protocol, definition it will instantly convert the subnet ID that was entered into the classful attend to of when it is presented in the to run configuration.

42. Refer to the exhibit. What is the bureaucratic distance value that suggests the route for R2 to reach the network?



Router 2 is utilizing a static course to with network and static routes have actually an governmental distance the 1.

43. Refer to the exhibit. Which type of path is


ultimate routelevel 1 parental routechild routedefault route

A level 1 parental route screens the classful network address, the number of subnets, and also the variety of different subnet masks that the classful address has to be subdivided into. It does not have an departure interface. A kid route, can be fried route, and also default path all have leave interfaces the are associated with them.

44. What is the name of the layer in the Cisco borderless switched network style that would certainly have an ext switches deployed than other layers in the network architecture of a huge organization?

data linkcorenetwork accessaccessnetwork

Access great switches carry out user access to the network. End user devices, such together PCs, access points, printers, and also copiers, would need a port on a move in bespeak to connect to the network. Thus, much more switches are essential in the accessibility layer 보다 are needed in the core and also distribution layers.

45. What is a function of the distribution layer?

high-speed backbone connectivityinterconnection of massive networks in wiring closetsnetwork accessibility to the userfault isolation

The distribution layer interacts in between the accessibility layer and the core by aggregating accessibility layer connections in wiring closets, offering intelligent routing and also switching, and also applying access policies to accessibility the rest of the network. Error isolation and also high-speed backbone connectivity space the primary functions of the core layer. The main function of the access layer is to provide network access to the user.

46. Which network style principle focuses on the ability of on-demand seamless network expansion in a switched network?


There are number of sound network architecture principles that have to be offered when building design guidelines for a borderless switched network:Hierarchical – specifies the duty of each device at every tier, simplifies deployment, operation, and also management, and reduces fault domain names at every tierModularity – permits seamless network expansion and integrated business enablement on one on-demand basisResiliency – Satisfies user expectation for maintaining the network constantly onFlexibility – allows intelligent traffic fill sharing by utilizing multiple network resources simultaneously

47. A rap in a network administration software firm is configuring a testing setting to verify the power of new software with different network connectivity speeds, including FastEthernet, GigabitEthernet, and also 10 GigabitEthernet, and with copper and fiber optic connections. Which kind of switch should the software agency purchase to execute the tests?

fixed configurationaccess layermodular configurationstackable

A modular construction switch is used at the distribution and also core layers. A modular configuration switch commonly takes 3 rack units or more. Modular construction switches offer more flexibility in the varieties and variety of ports as well as the growth cards that deserve to be used. A solved configuration switch tends to it is in an accessibility layer switch. Stackable switches are usually access layer switches that have been cabled together.

48. What 2 license problems would be expected on a new Cisco router once the license has actually been activated? (Choose two.)

License Type: PermanentLicense Type: ipbasek9License Type: TemporaryLicense State: OnLicense State: Active, In UseLicense State: Active, Registered

When the display license command is issued, the adhering to information is a sample of what would be discovered once the license has actually been activated:Index 1 Feature: ipbasek9Period left: Life timeLicense Type: PermanentLicense State: Active, In UseLicense Count: Non-CountedLicense Priority: MediumIt is crucial for a technician to have the ability to verify an caused IOS 15 license.

49. In an IPv6 routing table, every routing table entries are classified as which type of routes?

level 2 child routeslevel 1 parent routeslevel 1 can be fried routeslevel 1 network routes

IPv6 is classless by design, make all courses level 1 ultimate courses by default.

50. Which form of traffic calls for a different VLAN, strict QoS requirements, and also a one-way overall hold-up of less than 150 ms across the network?


VoIP traffic often tends to have a separate VLAN to ensure that voice top quality is maintained. VoIP traffic requires the following:• Assured bandwidth come ensure voice quality• transmission priority over other types of network traffic• ability to be routed around congested locations on the network• delay of less than 150 ms throughout the network

51. What information is added to the switch table from incoming frames?

destination MAC deal with and incoming harbor numberdestination IP address and incoming harbor numbersource MAC deal with and incoming port numbersource IP resolve and incoming harbor number

A switch “learns” or build the MAC resolve table based upon the source MAC attend to as a framework comes right into the switch. A move forwards the frame onward based on the location MAC address.

52. I beg your pardon statement correctly describes how a LAN move forwards frames the it receives?

Cut-through structure forwarding ensures that invalid frames are always dropped.Only frames through a transfer destination resolve are forwarded out all active switch ports.Frame forwarding decision are based on MAC resolve and harbor mappings in the cam table.Unicast frames are always forwarded regardless of the location MAC address.

Cut-through framework forwarding reads up to only the very first 22 bytes that a frame, which excludes the frame check sequence and also thus invalid frames may be forwarded. In addition to broadcast frames, frames through a location MAC attend to that is no in the video camer are likewise flooded the end all energetic ports. Unicast frames room not always forwarded. Obtained frames through a destination MAC attend to that is associated with the switch harbor on which the is got are not forwarded because the destination exists ~ above the network segment connected to that port..

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53. Just how will a router manage static routing differently if Cisco refer Forwarding is disabled?

It will certainly not do recursive lookups.Serial point-to-point interfaces will require completely specified static routes to avoid routing inconsistencies.Ethernet multiaccess interfaces will require fully specified static routes to prevent routing inconsistencies.Static routes that use an exit interface will certainly be unnecessary.

Explanation: In many platforms to run IOS 12.0 or later, Cisco to express Forwarding is enabled by default. Cisco express Forwarding eliminates the require for the recursive lookup. If Cisco express Forwarding is disabled, multiaccess network interfaces require totally specified static courses in order to protect against inconsistencies in their routing tables. Point-to-point interfaces do not have actually this problem, because multiple finish points room not present. V or without Cisco express Forwarding enabled, utilizing an exit interface when configuring a static path is a viable option.


55. In a routing table i beg your pardon route have the right to never be an ultimate route?

parent routechild routelevel one routelevel two route

56. Refer to the exhibit. In the routing table entry, what is the bureaucratic distance?



57. How countless classful networks are summarized through the static summary route ip path S0/0/0?


Explanation: A an overview route of with a network prefix that /21 will summarize 8 routes. The network prefix has actually moved native the classful boundary of 24 come the left by 3 bits. These 3 bits determine that 8 networks space summarized. The networks that are summarized would be with

58. Refer to the exhibit. One administrator is trying to configure beat on R1, yet PC-A is unable to accessibility the Internet. The administrator tries come ping a server ~ above the internet from PC-A and also collects the debugs the are displayed in the exhibit. Based on this output, what is most likely the reason of the problem?


The deal with on Fa0/0 need to be NAT resource access list matches the wrong address range.The inside worldwide address is no on the exact same subnet as the ISP.The inside and also outside NAT interfaces have actually been configured backwards.

59. Describe the exhibit. A pc at attend to is can not to access the Internet. What is the most likely cause of the problem?


The NAT pool has actually been exhausted.The dorn netmask was provided on the NAT pool.Access-list 1 has not been configured properly.The inside and also outside interfaces have actually been configured backwards.

60. What is a disadvantage once both sides of a communication use PAT?

Host IPv4 addressing is complicated.End-to-end IPv4 traceability is lost.The versatility of connections to the net is reduced.The protection of the communication is negatively impacted.

With the use of NAT, specifically PAT, end-to-end traceability is lost. This is since the organize IP deal with in the packets during a communication is translated when the leaves and enters the network. Through the use of NAT/PAT, both the adaptability of relationships to the Internet and security room actually enhanced. Hold IPv4 addressing is detailed by DHCP and not related to NAT/PAT.

61. A small company has actually a web server in the office that is available from the Internet. The IP resolve is assigned to the internet server. The network administrator is configuring the router so that external clients can access the web server end the Internet. Which item is compelled in the NAT configuration?

an IPv4 resolve poolan ACL to identify the regional IPv4 attend to of the web serverthe keyword overload because that the ip nat inside resource commandthe ip nat inside source command to attach the within local and also inside an international addresses

62. A college college student is researching for the Cisco CCENT certification and also is visualizing extended accessibility lists. Which three keywords could instantly follow the keywords allow or deny as component of one extended access list? (Choose three.)

wwwtcp udp icmptelnetftp

63. What is expected by the hatchet “best match” when used to the routing table lookup process?

network matchsupernet matchexact matchlongest complement

64. I m sorry three advantages are detailed by revolution routing? (Choose three.)

Static routing does no advertise end the network, therefore providing far better security.Configuration the static routes is error-free.Static routes scale well together the network grows.Static routing frequently uses much less network bandwidth and also fewer CPU operations than dynamic routing does. The path a revolution route supplies to send data is known.No treatment is compelled to maintain an altering route information.

65. A network administrator is implementing a distance vector routing protocol between neighbors ~ above the network. In the context of street vector protocols, what is a neighbor?

routers that room reachable over a TCP sessionrouters that share a link and also use the exact same routing protocolrouters the reside in the same arearouters that exchange LSAs

66. Describe the exhibit. The college student on the H1 computer continues come launch an extensive ping with increased packets at the student on the H2 computer. The school network administrator desires to avoid this behavior, but still enable both students accessibility to web-based computer assignments. What would certainly be the best arrangement for the network administrator?


Apply an outbound expanded ACL on R1 S0/0/1.Apply one outbound traditional ACL on R2 S0/0/1.Apply an inbound conventional ACL top top R1 Gi0/0.Apply one inbound expanded ACL top top R2 Gi0/1.Apply an inbound expanded ACL on R1 Gi0/0.

67. What is connected with link-state routing protocols?

low processor overheadpoison reverserouting loopssplit horizonshortest-path first calculations

68. How is the router ID because that an OSPFv3 router determined?

the greatest IPv6 deal with on an active interfacethe shortest MAC address on an energetic interfacethe highest IPv4 address on an active interfacethe highest possible EUI-64 i would on an active interface

69. One administrator attempts to readjust the router identifier on a router that is running OSPFv3 by changing the IPv4 deal with on the router loopback interface. As soon as the IPv4 deal with is changed, the administrator notes that the router identifier did not change. What 2 actions deserve to the administrator take so the the router will usage the new IPv4 resolve as the router ID? (Choose two.)

Shut down and also re-enable the loopback interface.Reboot the router.Copy the running configuration to NVRAM.Clear the IPv6 OSPF process.Disable and re-enable IPv4 routing.

Explanation: There space two methods that have the right to be used to readjust the router identifier of an OSPF router. The router can be rebooted or the OSPF process can be cleared.

70. Describe the exhibit. Which would certainly be favored as the router identifier of R2?


2001:DB8:CAFE:2::/64LLA: FE80::22001:DB8:CAFE:A001::/64The router ID has to be manually configured.

71. Which two pieces of details are compelled when producing a standard access control list? (Choose two.)

destination deal with and wildcard masksource attend to and wildcard masksubnet mask and also wildcard maskaccess perform number in between 100 and 199access list number between 1 and 99

Explanation: traditional ACLs can be numbered 1 come 99 and 1300 come 1999. Standard IP ACLs filter just on the source IP address.

72. Which 2 keywords have the right to be supplied in an access control perform to change a wildcard mask or address and wildcard mask pair? (Choose two.)


73. What is the result of the accessibility control perform wildcard mask (Choose two.)

The first 28 bits of a offered IP address will be ignored.The last four bits of a supplied IP address will be ignored.The an initial 32 bits that a provided IP deal with will it is in matched.The an initial 28 bits of a gave IP deal with will be matched.The last 5 bits of a supplied IP attend to will be ignored.The last 4 bits the a supplied IP attend to will be matched.

74. One administrator created and applied one outbound Telnet extended ACL ~ above a router to protect against router-initiated Telnet sessions. What is a repercussion of this configuration?

The ACL will not work-related as desired since an outbound ACL can not block router-initiated traffic.The ACL will work-related as wanted as long as that is applied to the exactly interface.The ACL will not work since only typical ACLs can be applied to vty lines.The ACL will work as long as it will certainly be used to every vty lines.

75. A network administrator is testing IPv6 connectivity to a internet server. The network administrator does not want any type of other host to attach to the internet server other than for the one check computer. Which type of IPv6 ACL can be supplied for this situation?

only a traditional ACLa traditional or extended ACLonly an extensive ACLan extended, named, or numbered ACLonly a called ACL

76. What does an OSPF area contain?

routers the share the exact same router IDrouters whose SPF trees space identicalrouters that have actually the exact same link-state details in your LSDBsrouters that share the same process ID

Explanation: one OSPF area contains one collection of link-state information, although every router in ~ the area will procedure that info individually to kind its very own SPF tree. OSPF procedure IDs are locally far-ranging and are created by the administrator. Router IDs uniquely identify each router.

77. What is the effect of start the network area 0 command in router configuration mode?The user interface with the IPv4 resolve will certainly be a passive interface.OSPF advertisements will encompass the network top top the user interface with the IPv4 resolve command will have actually no effect since it uses a quad zero wildcard mask.OSPF advertisements will include the particular IPv4 address

78. What is the order of packet species used by an OSPF router to establish convergence?

Hello, LSAck, LSU, LSR, DBDLSAck, Hello, DBD, LSU, LSRHello, DBD, LSR, LSU, LSAckLSU, LSAck, Hello, DBD, LSR

79. What best describes the operation of street vector routing protocols?

They use hop count together their just metric.They only send out updates once a brand-new network is added.They send their routing tables to directly associated neighbors.They overwhelming the whole network through routing updates.

80. What is an benefit of utilizing dynamic routing protocols rather of static routing?

easier to implementmore for sure in regulating routing updatesfewer router source overhead requirementsability to proactively search for brand-new routes if the current path becomes unavailable

81. Describe the exhibit. R1 and R2 room OSPFv3 neighbors. Which address would R1 usage as the next hop for packets that are destined for the Internet?



82. Refer to the exhibit. What attend to will be used as the router ID because that the OSPFv3 process?


83. I m sorry network architecture may it is in recommended because that a little campus website that consists of a solitary building through a few users?

a network design where the access and main point layers are fell down into a solitary layera collapsed core network designa three-tier campus network architecture where the access, distribution, and also core space all separate layers, each one through very details functionsa network architecture where the accessibility and circulation layers are broke down into a single layer

84. Once does a switch use framework filtering?

The location MAC address is because that a host on a various network segment native the source of the traffic.The location MAC resolve is because that a hold on the exact same network segment as the source of the traffic.The location MAC deal with is because that a host with no entry in the MAC resolve table.The location MAC attend to is for a organize on a network sustained by a different router.

85. I m sorry command will certainly verify the status of both the physical and the online interfaces ~ above a switch?

show running-configshow ip user interface briefshow startup-configshow vlan

86. Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is investigate a lag in network performance and also issues the present interfaces fastethernet 0/0 command. Based on the calculation that is displayed, what two items must the administrator examine next? (Choose two.)


cable lengthsdamaged cable terminationduplex settingselectrical interferenceincorrect cable types

87. I m sorry command would certainly be finest to usage on an unused switch port if a firm adheres to the ideal practices together recommended through Cisco?

shutdownip dhcp snoopingswitchport port-security mac-address stickyswitchport port-security violation shutdownswitchport port-security mac-address difficult mac-address

Explanation: unlike router Ethernet ports, switch ports are enabled by default. Cisco proposal disabling any kind of port the is no used. The ip dhcp snooping command globally permits DHCP snooping on a switch. More configuration enables defining harbor that can respond come DHCP requests. The switchport port-security command is supplied to defend the network from unidentified or unauthorized attachment of network devices.

88. Which two commands should be enforced to return a Cisco 3560 trunk port to that is default configuration? (Choose two.)

S1(config-if)# no switchport trunk enabled vlanS1(config-if)# no switchport trunk aboriginal vlanS1(config-if)# switchport mode dynamic desirableS1(config-if)# switchport mode accessS1(config-if)# switchport accessibility vlan 1

89. Which two methods can be provided to administer secure management access to a Cisco switch? (Choose two.)

Configure every switch ports to a new VLAN that is no VLAN 1.Configure particular ports for administration traffic ~ above a details VLAN. Configure SSH for remote management.Configure every unused ports to a “black hole.”Configure the native VLAN to complement the default VLAN.

90. Describe the exhibit. A network administrator is configuring inter-VLAN routing ~ above a network. Because that now, just one VLAN is being used, but more will be included soon. What is the absent parameter the is displayed as the emphasize question note in the graphic?


It identifies the subinterface.It identify the VLAN number.It identify the native VLAN number.It identify the type of encapsulation the is used.It identify the number of hosts the are enabled on the interface.

91. Describe the exhibit. A great 3 switch routes for 3 VLANs and connects to a router for internet connectivity. Which two configurations would certainly be used to the switch? (Choose two.)


(config)# interface gigabitethernet 1/1(config-if)# no switchport(config-if)# ip address user interface vlan 1(config-if)# ip resolve no shutdown(config)# user interface gigabitethernet1/1(config-if)# switchport setting trunk(config)# user interface fastethernet0/4(config-if)# switchport setting trunk(config)# ip routing

92. To fill in the blank.Using router-on-a-stick inter-VLAN routing, how many subinterfaces have to be configured to support 10 VLANs? 10

93. Refer to the exhibit. Inter-VLAN communication between VLAN 10, VLAN 20, and VLAN 30 is no successful. What is the problem?


The access interfaces carry out not have IP addresses and each should be configured through an IP address.The switch interface FastEthernet0/1 is configured as an access interface and also should it is in configured together a tribe interface.The switch user interface FastEthernet0/1 is configured to no negotiate and should be configured to negotiate.The move interfaces FastEthernet0/2, FastEthernet0/3, and also FastEthernet0/4 are configured to not negotiate and also should be configured come negotiate.

94. As soon as routing a big number that VLANs, what space two disadvantages of utilizing the router-on-a-stick inter-VLAN routing an approach rather 보다 the multilayer move inter-VLAN routing method? (Choose two.)

Multiple SVIs are needed.A committed router is required.Router-on-a-stick requires subinterfaces to it is in configured on the same subnets.Router-on-a-stick calls for multiple physical interfaces on a router.Multiple subinterfaces may affect the traffic flow speed.

95. Which two statements are attributes of routed ports on a multilayer switch? (Choose two.)

They are not connected with a certain VLAN.The user interface vlan command has to be gone into to produce a VLAN on routed ports.They assistance subinterfaces, choose interfaces on the Cisco IOS routers.They are used for point-to-multipoint links.In a switched network, they are mainly configured in between switches at the core and distribution layers.

96. Complement the borderless switched network guideline summary to the principle. (Not all choices are used.)


97. Fill in the blank. Do not use abbreviations.The duplex full command configures a switch harbor to operate in the full-duplex mode.

98. Start PT. Hide and also Save PT

Open the PT activity. Carry out the work in the task instructions and then price the question.To verify the the SVI is configured correctly, price this question: i m sorry ping command perfect successfully?​



CONFIGURATIONSW0(config)#interface vlan 10SW0(config-if)#ip address default-gateway

99. I m sorry command will develop a revolution default route on R1 to send all website traffic to the Internet and also use serial 0/0 as the departure interface?

R1(config)# ip course serial 0/0R1(config)# ip route serial 0/0R1(config)# ip course serial 0/0R1(config)# ip route serial 0/0

100. What is a result of connecting two or much more switches together?

The variety of collision domains is reduced.The size of the broadcast domain is increased.The variety of broadcast domain names is increased.The dimension of the collision domain is increased.

101. What is expected by the hatchet “best match” when applied to the routing table lookup process?

exact matchlongest matchnetwork matchsupernet match

102. A router through two LAN interfaces, two WAN interfaces, and one configured loopback interface is operating v OSPF together its routing protocol. What go the router OSPF procedure use to entrust the router ID?

the greatest IP resolve that is configured on the WAN interfacesthe IP deal with of the interface that is configured through priority 0the highest IP attend to on the LAN interfacesthe OSPF area ID that is configured on the user interface with the highest IP addressthe loopback user interface IP address

103. Stimulate the DHCP process steps. (Not all choices are used.)

Place the alternatives in the following order:Step 3 – target left empty – Step 4 *Step 2 *Step 1*

104. Refer to the exhibit. Organize A has sent a packet to organize B. What will certainly be the source MAC and also IP addresses top top the packet as soon as it arrives at host B?


Source MAC: 00E0.FE10.17A3Source IP: MAC: 00E0.FE91.7799Source IP: MAC: 00E0.FE91.7799Source IP: MAC: 00E0.FE91.7799Source IP: MAC: 00E0.FE10.17A3Source IP:

105. One administrator is do the efforts to remove configurations indigenous a switch. After making use of the command erase startup-config and also reloading the switch, the administrator finds the VLANs 10 and 100 still exist on the switch. Why were these VLANs not removed?

These VLANs cannot be deleted unless the switch is in VTP customer mode.These VLANs room default VLANs the cannot it is in removed.These VLANs have the right to only be eliminated from the move by using the no vlan 10 and no vlan 100 commands.Because these VLANs are stored in a paper that is referred to as vlan.dat that is located in flash memory, this document must it is in manually deleted.

106. In which form of attack does a malicious node request all obtainable IP addresses in the attend to pool the a DHCP server in bespeak to protect against legitimate master from obtaining network access?​

CAM table overflowDHCP snoopingMAC address floodingDHCP starvation

107. Describe the exhibit.A layer 3 switch paths for three VLANs and connects to a router for net connectivity. Which 2 configurations would certainly be applied to the switch? (Choose two.)

(config)# interface gigabitethernet1/1(config-if)# switchport setting trunk(config)# interface fastethernet0/4(config-if)# switchport setting trunk(config)# interface gigabitethernet 1/1(config-if)# no switchport(config-if)# ip address interface vlan 1(config-if)# ip deal with no shutdown(config)# ip routing

108. I m sorry characteristic is distinctive to EIGRP?

EIGRP supports classless routing.EIGRP support loop-free autosummarization.EIGRP support both IPv4 and also IPv6.EIGRP support unequal-cost pack balancing.

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109. Enhance the router memory form that provides the major storage for the router feature. (Not all alternatives are used.)

Place the alternatives in the following order.— not scored —full operating device -> flashlimited operating device -> ROMrouting table -> RAMstartup configuration file -> NVRAM