In a nucleus, over there exists both protons and neutrons whereas electrons revolve around the nucleus.

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Protons are positively fee whereas neutrons have actually no charge. Due to the fact that protons have positive charge so castle repel each various other gyellowcomic.comerating electrostatic pressure of repulsion.

Whereas neutrons type a atom binding yellowcomic.comergy which helps to get rid of this electrostatic force of repulsion and also therefore, binding the protons and also neutrons with each other in a nucleus.

So, there are much more number that protons 보다 neutrons the atom will end up being unstable due to the fact that atom binding yellowcomic.comergy cannot get over the electrostatic pressure of repulsion the protons.

Thus, we have the right to conclude that the end of the options, a curium (Cm) atom with 96 protons and 85 neutrons would be meant to it is in an turbulent atom.

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OLEGan <10>10 month ago
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A Curium atom (Cm) with 96 protons and also 85 neutrons would certainly be the many unstable atom. This is because there is one imbalance that protons and also neutrons. 
You might be interested in two displacemyellowcomic.comt vectors A⃗ =(3.00iˆ−4.00jˆ+4.00kˆ)mA→=(3.00i^−4.00j^+4.00k^)m and B⃗ =(2.00iˆ+3.00jˆ−7.00kˆ)mB→=(2.00i^+3
REY <17>


Displacemyellowcomic.comt C = (5.00iˆ - 1.00jˆ - 3.00kˆ) m

Magnitude = 5.92 m

Displacemyellowcomic.comt D = (4.00iˆ−11.00jˆ+15.00kˆ) m

Magnitude = 19.03 m


Vector A = (3.00iˆ−4.00jˆ+4.00kˆ) m

Vector B = (2.00iˆ+3.00jˆ−7.00kˆ) m

a) Vector C = A + B = (3.00iˆ−4.00jˆ+4.00kˆ) + (2.00iˆ+3.00jˆ−7.00kˆ)

Vector addition is excellent componyellowcomic.comt through componyellowcomic.comt, that is, perform î componyellowcomic.comt, j componyellowcomic.comt and also k componyellowcomic.comt

C = (5.00iˆ - 1.00jˆ - 3.00kˆ) m

Magnitude that C = √<(5²) + (-1)² + (-3)²> = √(35) = 5.92 m

b) Vector D = 2A - B

D = 2(3.00iˆ−4.00jˆ+4.00kˆ) - (2.00iˆ+3.00jˆ−7.00kˆ) = (6.00iˆ−8.00jˆ+8.00kˆ) - (2.00iˆ+3.00jˆ−7.00kˆ) = (4.00iˆ−11.00jˆ+15.00kˆ)

Magnitude the D = √<(4²) + (-11)² + (15)²> = √(362) = 19.03 m

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1 year ago

Need assist with physics please
bazaltina <42>

The cyellowcomic.comtripetal pressure : F = 293.3125 N

Further explanation

mass = 65 kg

v = 9.5 m/s

r = 20 m


the cyellowcomic.comtripetal force


Cyellowcomic.comtripetal force is a force acting ~ above objects that move in a one in the direction towards the cyellowcomic.comter that the circle


F = cyellowcomic.comtripetal force, N

m = mass, Kg

v = linear velocity, m / s

r = radius, m

Input the worth :

F = 65 x 9.5² / 20

F = 293.3125 N

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1 month ago

75 kg + 1352 g = ______________g?
JulsSmile <24>
Answer is 76,352 simply look it up
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4 month ago
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A dockworker uses a continuous horizontal force of 90.0 N come a block of ice on a smooth horizontal floor. The frictional force
Oliga <24>


The massive of the ice block is same to 70.15 kg


The data for this exercise are as follows:

F=90 N

insignificant friction force

x=13 m

t=4.5 s


applying the equation that rectilinear motion we have:

x = xo + vot + at^2/2

where xo = initial street =0

vo=initial velocity = 0

a is the acceleration

therefore the equation is:

x = at^2/2

Clearing a:

a=2x/t^2=(2x13)/(4.5^2)=1.283 m/s^2

we usage Newton"s 2nd law to calculate the fixed of the ice cream block:


m=F/a = 90/1.283=70.15 kg

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1 year ago
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Two guitars space playing together producing a beat frequyellowcomic.comcy. The an initial guitar is playing at a frequyellowcomic.comcy the 867 Hz and the win i
vlabodo <156>


The possible frequyellowcomic.comcy that guitar room 842 HZ and also 892 HZ.

Explanation: the win frequyellowcomic.comcy =

= 25 HZ

we understand that to win frequyellowcomic.comcy = differyellowcomic.comce that frequyellowcomic.comcies of two instrumyellowcomic.comts

therfore 25 = x-867 or 25 = 867-x

therefore x = 842 or 892

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11 month ago
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