In a the majority of ways, Dawson’s Creek was means ahead that its time. Not only did its characters resolve themes favor substance abuse, mental illness, and also grief, but the writers also pushed the envelope with talks about sex and sexuality. From work one, Dawson Leery and his friends seemed to get into an extremely candid conversations about sex. The subject of virginity is likewise often talked about at great lengths. But, just who execute the main personalities lose your virginity to?

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James valve Der Beek, Michelle Williams, Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson, Meredith Monroe, and also Kerr smith | Columbia/TriStar international Television

Dawson Leery

Ever the hopeless romantic, it provides sense that Dawson Leery loser his virginity come his very an initial girlfriend. Native the beginning, Dawson is an extremely vocal about how everyone around him is obsessed with sex and he can’t understand why. When the Spielberg fanatic has romantic relationships with a host of Dawson’s Creek personalities in high school, that doesn’t shed his virginity come Jen Lindley until season five.

Pacey Witter

When Dawson’s Creek very first premiered, every member of the gold trio to be still a virgin. But, oddball Pacey Witter was the very first to have actually sex. In his classic “bad boy” fashion, he loser his virginity come his high-school English teacher, Ms. Jacobs aka Tamara. As Pacey was only 15 in ~ the time, he wasn’t legitimate old sufficient to give his consent. Fortunately, their partnership eventually involves an end after an additional student overhears the talking around it come Dawson.

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Joey Potter

Always recorded in between an epic love triangle, many civilization assumed the Joey Potter would lose her virginity come her first love, Dawson. But, it was Pacey that she at some point lost she virginity come in season four. The 2 ran far together in between Junior and an elderly year, but they in reality didn’t have actually sex until their an elderly trip, much to the surprise of various other characters.

Jen Lindley

As one of the most complex characters in Dawson’s Creek, the comes together no surprised that Jen Lindley (played brilliantly by Michelle Williams) losing her virginity is rife through dubious consent. Though us don’t obtain particulars about her story, we understand that Jen’s very first time happens long before the first season of the show. Jen admits the she was just 12 years old once she an initial had sex. She additionally shared the she was exploring a ton v drugs and alcohol at that time, so over there are numerous variables that added to her an initial time being far less than ideal.

Katie Holmes, James valve Der Beek, Michelle Williams, and also Joshua Jackson

Jack McPhee

Jack McPhee was among those personalities that make TV history. In fact, Jack’s kiss through his crush, Ethan, in season 3 of Dawson’s Creek marked the first gay male kiss aired top top primetime television. Points didn’t job-related out v Ethan, yet Jack ongoing on to have a relationship with Toby in later on seasons. In spite of all this, Jack actually loses his virginity come a girl named Kate that we briefly meet in the Valentine’s Day illustration of season three.

Andie McPhee

Andie McPhee is a character whose sexual history is a little of a mystery. Though it’s thought about a big deal once she and also Pacey sleep with each other in season two, the audience is left unsure if her very first time with him was actually her an initial time altogether. What we do know for certain is that the pair finished up dividing up after ~ Andie cheated ~ above Pacey. Fortunately, the pair was able to move past the betrayal and also become pals when it was every said and also done.

Audrey Liddell

Busy Phillips’ Audrey Lidell gave Dawson’s Creek the breath of fresh air the needed. Though she eventually days Pacey, we understand next to nothing around when she lost her virginity. However, the list simply wouldn’t be finish without consisting of her.

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A much more incestuous group of characters we’ve never seen.

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But, all of the sex, lies, and videotapes, certainly made Dawson’s Creek a dynamic display to watch. Friend can record up on all 6 seasons and 128 illustration on Hulu.