The owner the the neighboring farm of Pinchfield. He is vicious, cruel, and also calculating, and also rumors circulate that he’s specifically horrible to his farm yard animals. After experiencing abuse indigenous Napoleon, Mr. Frederick at some point purchases hardwood from pet Farm, however pays because that it through counterfeit bills, and days later, attacks pet Farm and blows up the windmill. Though he’s effective in this endeavor, the disappears from the story after this point. Mr. Frederick symbolizes the fascist Germans and also Hitler in particular.

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The timeline below shows where the character Mr. Frederick shows up in Animal Farm. The fancy dots and also icons indicate which themes are connected with that appearance.

...Mr. Pilkington owns Foxwood, an overgrown and also old-fashioned farm yard on one side, when the shrewd Mr. Frederick owns Pinchfield on the other side. They hate each various other too much to agree on...(full context)


None of the rumors that Mr. Frederick or Mr. Pilkington spread around Animal Farm, however, soil well through their animals. Over the...(full context)
...Rumors circulate that Napoleon is going to strike a address either Mr. Pilkington or Mr. Frederick , but not through both.(full context)
...has a pile of wood that Mr. Whymper argues selling, and also both Mr. Pilkington and Mr. Frederick want to buy it. Napoleon deliberates in his decision to sell, and also whenever it seems...(full context)
...calls the animals to call them that they’ve uncovered something terrible: Snowball offered himself to Mr. Frederick and also Pinchfield, and also he plans to command their strike on animal Farm. Further, Snowball was...(full context)
...that they’ve been working with Snowball and planned to aid him give animal Farm to Mr. Frederick . They also corroborate the Snowball worked with Mr. Jones. Once they’re done, the dogs...(full context)
Napoleon busies himself negotiating through Mr. Frederick and also Mr. Pilkington around the timber. Mr. Frederick wants it badly, yet he won’t offer...(full context)
...Napoleon announces that he never taken into consideration selling the hardwood to together a horrible human as Mr. Frederick . He commands the pigeons to leave Foxwood alone and likewise to spread out the slogan...(full context)
...the windmill Napoleon Mill. 2 days later, Napoleon announces that he marketed the timber to Mr. Frederick . He transforms the pigeons’ blog post to “Death come Pilkington,” claims the rumors about Mr....(full context)
Mr. Frederick ’s guys cart away the hardwood quickly and when it’s gone, the pets gather to...

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(full context)
Mr. Frederick and his guys gather around the windmill. At very first it looks prefer they’re walking to...(full context)
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