Warren distribution is a family-owned company that was founded more than 95 years ago in 1922 by James Schlott, the grandfather of Robert “Bob” Schlott, the existing Chairman and also CEO.

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Today, we room the biggest private label lubricants manufacturer and also automotive chemical distributor situated in phibìc America. Plus, we ship come 45+ countries. Our commodities include passenger auto motor oil, heavy-duty engine oil, commercial oils, and greases. We distribute a wide selection of popular automotive chemicals.

Our manufacturing capacity is now 140 million gallons every year from more than 2,000,000 square feet the manufacturing and distribution facilities in Iowa, West Virginia, Alabama and Texas. Our corporate office is in Omaha, Nebraska.

Uncompromised high quality is at the facility of the service and integrity us promise and also work tirelessly to supply to all our customers.


Our remarkable quality, efficiency, and service are ceded by an ext than 750 associates who are dedicated to transparency and responsiveness. Our team is led by a customer-facing team each with more than 25 years of pertinent experience in lubricant manufacturing, marketing, and also distribution solutions that together with other associates are concentrated on meeting and exceeding client expectations.


Bob has led the vision and also grown the company for over 50 years. That has produced an entrepreneurial culture and steadfast dedication to offering customers v unsurpassed service, quality, and also transparency. He received his BS in Chemical engineering from Iowa State University and his MBA native Harvard University. Born and also raised and now life in the supervisory board Bluffs, Iowa, he has led a life of building businesses and also communities and also serving ~ above the boards of nonprofit social service and also arts and society organizations. His family consists of three grown children. Bob enjoys hiking, biking, mountaineering and horticulture v his wife Polina.

Chuck has detailed strategic management to the company for over 25 years. He has likewise served together Chief gaue won Officer. Previously, he was Professor and also Chairman, department of Mathematics and also Computer Science, the college of Nebraska at Omaha. That earned a PhD. In math from brand-new Mexico State University. Chuck is married and has 2 adult children.

Curt leads the strategy and also growth development efforts for the Company, and overseeing allsales/marketing and supply functions. He has much more than 35 years of suffer in the lubricantsbusiness, including an elderly leadership roles with Castrol north America, Sunoco, and Safety-Kleen. That earned a BS in Chemical/Biochemical Engineering and an MBA in Finance, both native Rutgers University. Curt is married and has 2 adult children.

Donna and also her team room responsible for Manufacturing and Distribution operations, Quality/ Lean, Engineering, Finance, and also Information Technology. She has been v the firm for much more than 35 years, stop a B.S. Degree from Buena Vista College, Storm Lake, Iowa with focus in Finance. She is married with 3 children.
Mike has actually been through the agency since 1998. He came to be Chief jae won Officer in 2016 and also is responsible because that all facets of Accounting, Finance and also Information Technology. Previously, he organized positions as Controller and other positions in the Accounting/Finance field. The earned a BS in accountancy from the college of Wyoming. That is married and has two adult children.
Jim Douglas is responsible because that International and a part of the us domestic, Mass retail Sales Divisions, in enhancement to overseeing every the “order to cash” operations, the Sales & Marketing bureaucratic functions and also the Product Management features for the company. Jim has been with Warren for over 20 years, is married with two adult sons, and resides in Omaha, NE. He got his BSBA with focus in Finance indigenous the university of Nebraska at Omaha in 1987. In 1999, that earned his MBA, through a significant in Management, from the university of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN.
Rebecca joined the company in 2010 as general Counsel. Now, she and her team room responsible because that the Legal, human Resources, and also Risk management Departments. And she creates and drives the implementation of progressive policies, procedures, and also practices that lure top talent and also create a society of employee engagement in compliance with the legislations of the nations where we carry out business. She deserve a J.D from Creighton University college of Law, Omaha, NE. Rebecca is married and has one adult daughter.
Abe monitor the Retail and OEM sales divisions. Abe has been v Warren for practically 18 years and also is married with two teenage sons. The earned a BS level in Mechanical engineering with a minor in French native Iowa State university in 1996. In 2001, he earned an MBA with an emphasis in logistics from the Weatherhead college of administration at case Western make reservation University.
Jim blacksmith is responsible for every Procurement attributes for all four Warren website including components in assistance of all production processes and also automotive commodities in support of that details sales channel in ~ Warren. Jim additionally oversees Product Development, graphics Arts, demand Management and also Forecasting, and Mass Retail company Analytics. Jim has been v Warren because that 25 years, is married with 4 adult kids, and also resides in Omaha, NE. He got BSBA levels in both Management and Marketing indigenous the college of Nebraska in ~ Omaha in 1986.

Warren circulation opened that is doors in downtown Omaha, NE i m sorry is wherein the company headquarters still resides today. Back in the 1930s, once the company began mix oil, it to be unheard the the eastern of the Mississippi, yet now the agency manufactures and also distributes oil throughout the globe. This once tiny distributor is currently one the the leading, privately-held lubricant manufacturers in the united States.

Warren Distribution, Inc. Was founded in 1922 by James Schlott. That ran his distribution business at 811 Howard Street in downtown Omaha, NE.

The company Supplied Lubricating Oils and also Related commodities To farming Businesses In Omaha and Surrounding Areas.

In 1930, James’ kid Norman Schlott joined the business. After joining, Norman occurred an oil blending procedure which led Warren to become the an initial operation west the the Mississippi to execute so. Throughout this time, the company developed its own private brand brand that oil called Gold bond Lubricants. The product to be so successful the formula was offered to an perform dealer in eastern Iowa approximately 1935.

By the so late 1940s, Warren had begun manufacturing antifreeze. The company even created its own line the automotive fluids within the Polar brand, which included windshield wash fluid and also antifreeze among other products. Polar is still own by Warren distribution today.

In 1963, the firm lost its building at 811 Howard Street as result of a fire. But this didn"t slow down the Schlotts under as they easily relocated to 727 southern 13th Street. The brand-new location would come to be the company’s home for the next 54 years.

In June that 1970, Bob Schlott, child of Norman and grandson the James Schlott, joined the household business. At about the very same time, Bob purchased some property along River road in council Bluffs, Iowa to broaden on the antifreeze business.

By the moment 1976 Rolled roughly The firm Began producing Their own Plastic Bottles and Packaging Their goods In-House.

In 1999, The agency Became ISO 9001:2015 Certified and Implemented skinny Methodology To enhance Processes and Eliminate Waste.

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This was also a pivotal time because that the company as they shifted their emphasis to generally manufacturing oil. With the production transition came increased business and company growth. Manufacturing and also distribution facilities opened in Guntersville, AL. In 2002, Glendale, WV. In 2006 and also Houston, TX. In 2018.