In the accept letter take care of Potter obtained from Hogwarts, the second page has a perform of needs for the begin of school. At the bottom that the letter it states:


And yet, an extremely early on in his first year, take care of Potter is gifted a Nimbus 2000 through the head of his home Professor McGonagall. This no doubt do Harry Potter the only first year college student to be allowed their very own broom.

Seems come me the McGonagall was intentionally breaking the rules to advantage her very own house, which appears unethical.


In Sorcerer"s Stone, it is described that unique provisions were made to allow Harry to have a broomstick.

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"Potter"s been sent a broomstick, Professor," said Malfoy quickly.

"Yes, yes, that"s right," said Professor Flitwick, beaming in ~ Harry. "Professor McGonagall called me all about the special circumstances, Potter. And also what model is it?"

"A Nimbus 2 Thousand, sir."

Sorcerer"s Stone - web page 165 - united state Hardcover



As Kevin noted, bother was provided a one-of-a-kind exemption. From book 1:

"He"s just the construct for a Seeker, too," stated Wood, now walking about Harry and also staring at him. "Light -- speedy -- we"ll have actually to obtain him a decent broom, Professor -- a Nimbus 2 Thousand or a Cleansweep Seven, I"d say."

"I candlestick speak come Professor Dumbledore and see if we can"t bending the first-year rule. Sky knows, we need a far better team than last year. Planarization in that last match by Slytherin, i couldn"t look Severus Snape in the confront for weeks...." < this to be Prof. McGonagall speak - DVK >


When McGonagall was informing Wood around Harry (or somewhere really close come that), she stated she"d talk to Dumbledore about getting an exception for him.

"He"s just the construct for a Seeker, too," stated Wood, currently walking roughly Harry and also staring in ~ him. "Light -- speedy -- we"ll have to acquire him a kind broom, Professor -- a Nimbus 2 Thousand or a Cleansweep Seven, I"d say."

"I candlestick speak to Professor Dumbledore and see if we can"t bend the first-year rule. sky knows, we require a much better team 보다 last year. Planarization in the last match by Slytherin, i couldn"t look Severus Snape in the challenge for weeks..."


I think the exemption was to join the team, and also I think that is implied that the broomstick is for Quidditch only, and also not because that use external these times. The course, the would have actually needed to practice on his own at times.

IIRC, this is not clearly stated, however, i think the Harry using it because that his own purposes would have been taken into consideration breaching the rules.

Yes, McGonagall did break the rule by getting Harry into the team, however had this agreed. Part of this would seem to it is in him gaining a broom to use.

The dominion says that very first years are undoubtedly not allowed to lug their very own broomsticks, but I think in Harry"s case this preeminence is bent since he was the first first year college student in a century to play quidditch. Perhaps the "no broom" dominion is for very first year students since they"re no selected for the quidditch team till the second year at hogwarts (as also mentioned through Ron).Hope that made sense? O.o

The dominion is many likely imposed because very first years cannot regulate brooms, wherein as bother was incredibly competent, therefor permitting an exemption for the rule.

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go it rest a dominion for a very first year to play Quidditch for his/her home team, or is it just tradition?
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