Jim climbed Biography

Jim increased is an American sports anchor and also reporter for abc 7 Chicago because joining the team in January 1982. That reporters for the alphabet 7 top-rated 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. Newscasts. He as well plays a major role in the gas programming specials. Before functioning at WLS-TV, he operated for WIXT-TV in Syracuse, new York.

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Jim climbed Age

Rose is 68 years old as of 2021. He to be born ~ above July 5, 1953, in Edison, new Jersey, united States. He celebrate his date of birth on July 5th every year.

Jim increased Height

Rose stands at a elevation of 6 feet 1 inch tall.

Jim rose Family

Rose has controlled to store his personal life away from the limelight for this reason he has not disclosed any kind of information around his parents. It is also not known if the has any type of siblings.

Jim rose Wife 

Jim is married to Lakesha Draine due to the fact that 2011. The couple is blessed with 2 children Jayson & Suzette. Increased was previously married to WLS-TV news anchor Cheryl Burton native 1986 until 1995. He first met Burton while she to be a cheerleader for the Chicago bears in 1985. After their divorce, he married in 2011.


Jim increased Photo

Jim climbed Net Worth

Rose has actually an estimated net precious of around $1 Million – $5 Million i m sorry he has earned v his effective career as a sports broadcaster.

The table below answers few of the frequently asked questions about Jim Rose.

How old is Jim Rose?68 years old as of 2021
How tall is Jim Rose?6 feet 1 inch
Who is Jim increased married to?Lakesha Draine
How lot money does Jim climbed earn? $45,000 – $110,500
How much is Jim climbed worth?$1 Million – $5 Million

Jim rose Salary

Rose earns an yearly salary ranging in between $ 45, 000 come $ 110, 500.

Jim rose Career

Rose started his job in sports broadcasting while offer in the United says Army, exhilaration as sports director because that AFN-TV in Berlin, West Germany (1973-75).

In addition, the is the vice president of the Swan Group, a non-profit group produced to give away the “Swan House” come a Chicago area solitary mother who controlled to get the academic distinctions in college. After ~ a duration of 4 years of sweat equity, in addition to an outpouring of ar donations, his tough work concerned fruition.

Rose handed the secrets of a 2,000 square feet residence over to a mother who had two youngsters at an mean grade the 3.8- roughly in October 2006. In spite of the many honors he has actually received throughout his career, the considers this “one that his life’s crowning achievements.” He continues to volunteer his time to aid many charitable groups and also worthy reasons throughout the Chicago land area.

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Jim climbed ABC7 Chicago

Rose is currently working in ~ ABC7 Chicago wherein he functions alongside other famous ABC7 Chicago anchors and reporters including;

Alan KrasheskyStacey SagerDavid NovarroVal WarnerPaul MeinckeDiane PathieuEric HorngJohn GarciaMichelle GallardoEvelyn HolmesJessica D’OnofrioSarah SchulteLeah HopeJanet DaviesJohn IdlerSamantha ChatmanChuck GoudieLarry MowryMark RiveraStacey BacaDionne MillerPhil SchwarzKaren JordanRavi BaichwalRoz VaronTracy ButlerTerrell BrownHosea SandersTanja BabichCheryl ScottJudy HsuMark GiangrecoEric ThomasKristen SzeSandhya PatelDan NoyesChris NguyenMike NiccoDion LimLiz KreutzSpencer ChristianDan AshleyLarry BeilReggie AquiChris AlvarezKumasi Aaron

Jim increased Social Media Platforms

Jim is active on his social media accounts and also is frequently seen posting top top his Facebook, and Twitter. He has over 4k pendant on Twitter, end 6k followers on and also over 2k followers on Facebook.