THE DIARY the A YOUNG GIRLCharacters through ChapterEDITOR:Remy Hale
1Sunday, June14, 1942
MoortjiA cat.

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MargotAnne"s larger sister.
OttoFrankAnne"s father. Aka: Pim.
EdithHollanderAnne"s mother.
HanneliGoslarOne that Anne"s friends. Aka: Lies.
SanneLedermannOne that Anne"s friends.
IlseWagnerHanneli"s bestfriend.
Jacquelinevan MaaserAnne"s bestfriend.
HeleneOne that Anne"s aunts.
StephanieOne that Anne"s aunts.
LeniOne of Anne"s aunts.
Rin believe TinA dog.
2Monday, June 15, 1942
BettyBloemendaalOne that Anne"s classmates.
D.Q.One of Anne"s classmates.
E.S.Most talkative classmate that Anne.
HenryMetsOne the Anne"s classmates.
J.R.One of Anne"s classmates.
BeppyHenry"s girlfriend.
NannieSigaarOne of Anne"s classmates.
Eifjide LongThe most advantageous student.
MauriceCosterOne of Anne"s admirers.
SallySpringerOne that Anne"s classmates.
EmielBonewitG.Z."s admirer.
RobCohenAnne"s lover.
Maxvan de VeldeA farm boy.
HermanCoopmanOne of Anne"s classmates.
Jopiede BeerHerman"s friend.
LeoBloomJopie"s finest friend.
Albertde MesquitaOne the a transferee students indigenous Montessori.
LeoSlagerOne the a transferee students from Montessori.
RuStoppelmanA transferee college student from Almelo.
C.N.One that Anne"s classmates.
JacquesKocernootOne the Anne"s classmates.
HarrySchaapThe most decent boy in the class.
WernerJosephOne the a nice guys in the class.
SamSolomonOne that the difficult boys in the class.
AppieRiemOne that Anne"s classmates.
3Saturday, June 20, 1942
KittyThe surname of Anne"s diary.
Mrs.KuperusAnne"s 6th grade teacher.
TreesMargot"s friend.
4Sunday, June 21, 1942
Mr.KeesingA mathematics teacher.
5Wednesday, June 24, 1942
JosefIsraelkadeA ferryman.
WilmaAnne"s friend.
HelmuthSilverbergWilma"s cousin. Aka: Hello.
6Wednesday, July 1, 1942
UrsulaHelmuth"s girlfriend.
PeterSchiffAnne"s good friend.
7Sunday, July 5, 1942
Mr.ElteSchool administrator.
GabiAnne"s classmate.
Mrs.GoslarLies"s mother.
Mr.KleimanA worker at Opekta Company.
Mr.KuglerAn employee.
8Wednesday, July 8, 1942
Mr.van DaanMr. Frank"s organization partner.
MiepAn employee.
Mr.GoldschmidtAn apartment owner.
JanGiesMiep"s husband.
9Thursday, July 9, 1942
BebVoskuijlA typist.
Petronellavan DaanMr. Valve Daan"s wife. Aka: Putti.
Petervan DaanPetronella"s son.
16Monday, September 21, 1942
Cissyvan MarxveldtA writer.
17Friday, September 25, 1942
Mr.DreherMr. Frank"s friend.
Mrs.DreherMr. Dreher"s wife.
Mr.BroksA sales representative.
MouschiA cat.
21Thursday, October 1, 1942
Mr.LevinsonA Jewish pharmacist and also chemist.
23Wednesday, October 7, 1942
BernhardAnne"s cousin. Aka: Stephen, Elias.
24Friday, October 9, 1942
BertusA young athlete.
32Tuesday, November 10, 1942
AlfredDusselA dentist.
47Wednesday, march 10, 1943
Karl JosephSilberbauerAn SS sergeant.
48Friday, march 12, 1943
BocheA warehouse cat.
TommyAn attic cat.
56Saturday, might 1, 1943
LotjeMr. Dussel"s darling.
59Sunday, June 13, 1943
BenjaminAnne"s acquaintance.
61Sunday, July 11, 1943
Mrs.KleimanMr. Kleiman"s wife.
66Monday, July 26, 1943
MussoliniPrime Minister the Italy at that time.
70Thursday, respectable 5, 1943
Mr.van MaarenA male with a shady past.
Mr.de KokMr. Van Maaren"s acquaintance.
DickensMr. Frank"s continuous companion.
92Friday, January 7, 1944
SallyKimmelAnne"s kindergarten"s classmate.
AppySally"s cousin.
123Thursday, in march 16, 1944
Mr. P.Miep"s friend.
129Thursday, march 23, 1944
BramMargot"s friend.
134Wednesday, march 29, 1944
Mr.BolkesteinMinister of Education.
141End Of component I
Mr.SleegersThe night watch.
Mr.van HoevenA supplier of potatoes.
142Friday, April 14, 1944
PeterGerbrandyPrime Minister of dutch government.
144Sunday, April 16, 1944
Mr.WoodstarAnne"s acquaintance.
158Monday, might 8, 1944
MichaelFrankOtto Frank"s father.
Alice SternMichael"s wife.
169Wednesday, may 31, 1944
JopiejJacque"s friend.
171Monday, June 5, 1944
ScharminkeltjeA brand-new warehouse cat.
176Friday, June 23, 1944

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van OaanPim"s friend.
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