Actress Teri Hatcher is happy as a single woman this days, adhering to what was much less than an ideal marriage years ago. She said People in 2019, "there is a difference between being lonely and being alone. I have actually been single for a an extremely long time however there is nothing lonely around my life. I desire to eliminate the stigma the that."

The Desperate Housewives star to be briefly married to her an individual trainer, Markus Leithold, in the 1980s, before she married actor Jon Tenney in 1994. Follow to People, the two met top top a blind date while Hatcher to be starring in Lois & Clark: The brand-new Adventures of Superman.

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The couple later welcomed their only child, daughter Emerson, when the present ended in 1997.

However, after ripe years the marriage, the Supergirl actress filed for a divorce, which apparently was a long time coming. Hatcher told the Mirror about the decision, speak "I put myself through a lot of torture in struggling for so plenty of years. I finally had come decide the I needed to placed myself an initial because i wasn"t walk to endure if ns stayed." So what led Hatcher to address what she defined as the "bottomless pit of agony connected in acquiring out of a marriage" year ago?

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Teri Hatcher does not recall her marriage to Jon Tenney fondly. In fact, the reason they obtained divorced was because the two had actually a significant problem through intimacy. In she memoir, Burnt Toast, Hatcher wrote around how the 2 did not even have sex on their honeymoon.

From there, that lack of physics intimacy ongoing throughout your marriage, even though the two had actually a child together. "I know exactly when Emerson was conceived, because we had actually sex as soon as that year, top top Valentine"s Day," Hatcher said, per Vanity Fair. "From the beginning, our marriage was probably more defined by friendship."

Following the finish of her and also Tenney"s marriage, the Coraline actress later on told Vanity Fair in 2006 that she no much longer wanted to it is in void the that type of closeness, husband or no husband. "Now I want sex: trusting, deep, fabulous, open — did ns say trusting? — wild, crazy sex, with the exact same person, over and also over. Without a marriage license!" she said.

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Teri Hatcher may have filed because that divorce from Jon Tenney in 2003, but issues with custody and also visitation of your daughter Emerson to be a problem for them because that years after. So lot so the TMZ referred to it together a "never-ending divorce" in 2010.

In addition to the custody issues, the Tomorrow never ever Dies actress was likewise annoyed with having actually to separation her heritage (per California law) with she ex, despite her feeling that he was never there during their marriage. She composed in she memoir Burnt Toast how irritable she to be for having "to offer the husband I had actually supported when he"d gone and done every little thing he"d wanted half of the money I"d spent my whole life earning." She added "I"d been doing the earning and the parenting so in which method it didn"t feeling fair."

Despite her unhappy marriage, Hatcher appears to be life her best life as a single woman these days. She called People in 2019, "many ladies who obtain divorced will certainly not get remarried. That kind of sounds depressing but it doesn"t need to be. Countless women space not just surviving alone, they"re thriving. They"re empowered, they"re do money, they"re gift healthy, they"re traveling. You are enabled to it is in proud of her life once you"re not part of a couple."