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The people living in the Sunset Towers realize beforehand in The Westing Game that little items space disappearing or gift stolen. Several of the items have both monetary and also sentimental value. Ultimately, the is Sydelle Pulaski"s small notebook the proves to it is in a theft of bigger proportions.

Sydelle is the...

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The human being living in the Sunset Towers realize early in The Westing Game that little items space disappearing or being stolen. Numerous of the items have both monetary and sentimental value. Ultimately, that is Sydelle Pulaski"s tiny notebook the proves to it is in a theft of bigger proportions.

Sydelle is the just tenant who has the foresight to take it notes during the analysis of the will. The various other players establish the worth of her notes since the will offers small clues to the game and also the rules. Sydelle realizes the her notes give her team a distinctive advantage, therefore she hides the notebook in her room. Unfortunately, the notebook is stolen.

Sydelle Pulaski stared at the ceiling wicker bottom, then sank to the in salt of the bathtub, shaking she head in disbelief. Who in Sunset Towers had stolen the shorthand notebook.

The notebook reappears in thing 11 once Mr. Hoo finds it on a table in his restaurant. Sydelle accuses Mr. Hoo of gift the thief, and he flatly denies the accusation.

“I did not steal her notebook,” the indignant Hoo explained. “I uncovered it on a table in mine restaurant this morning."

This small exchange plants the seed the Mr. Hoo might have something to execute with the thief, yet there won"t be confirmation of that till chapter 26. It turns out that Mr. Hoo is married come the thief. His wife, madame Hoo, has been stealing points to offer in order to get enough money to go back to China. She doesn"t speak much English, doesn"t have any type of close friends, and also is functioning in a restaurant own by her husband. She is feeling lonely and also homesick, and the restaurant isn"t doing well sufficient to pay for the trip, so mam Hoo transforms to stealing.

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“Yes, please.” A trembling mam Hoo stood before thejudge. “For to go to China,” she claimed timidly, setup a scarftied bundle on the desk. Weeping softly, the thief shuffled back to she seat.

The referee unknotted the scarf and also let the flowered silkfloat down approximately the booty: she father’s railroad watch, apearl necklace, cuff links, a pin and earrings set, a clock. (Grace Wexler’s silver cross never ever did revolve up.)