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Actress Lucy Hale and Bayer launch #WhyIUD project to educate Women about IUDs

- helps educate ladies on IUD facts and features Hale"s very own IUD story -


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"We together women have the strength to do our own decisions about our health. The vital is that we educate ourselves and talk to every other around our knowledge and experiences," stated Hale. "I didn"t know the facts about IUDs till I spoke v my doctor, and after talking with my friends, i learned many of them didn"t have accurate information either. I hope the by opening up about my experience with Kyleena, I can help much more women have informed conversations v their health care providers."

Hale"s trip to an IUD is not unique. Bayer"s Millennial Women"s health online inspection of 1,000 ladies (ages 18-35) found that castle were less knowledgeable about IUDs than other creates of birth control, prefer the pill. What"s more, millennial women had actually a number of concerns and also questions around IUDs, and wanted details from credible sources. Vital survey result include:

Nearly half (45 percent) the millennial women taken into consideration themselves knowledgeable around IUDs, however only 28 percent had actually sought the end information around IUDs.1,241 percent could not identify any of the methods IUDs work to protect against pregnancy.3Almost one-fifth (17 percent) had actually never take away a officially sex-ed class.4

Educating women around how IUDs work, and also how they might fit their contraceptive needs, is an important step in helping to negate some typical misperceptions.

"We are proud to companion with Lucy to assist women acquire the facts around IUDs therefore they can make knowledgeable decisions v their healthcare provider around their reproductive health," claimed Yesmean Wahdan, MD, deputy director, Bayer U.S. Medical Affairs, Women"s Healthcare. "When women space educated around their bodies and their contraceptive options, they have the right to make powerful decisions about their lives. Us hope the Lucy"s personal story will certainly inspire other women to talk to their health care providers around their household planning needs."

Visit to obtain the facts about IUDs and also learn an ext about Lucy’s story. Girlfriend can additionally engage v Lucy and also the #whyIUD community on Instagram and Facebook.

Important safety Information

If you have actually a pelvic infection, acquire infections easily, or have details cancers, don"t use Kyleena. Less than 1% the users gain a severe pelvic infection dubbed pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).If you have persistent pelvic or stomach ache or if Kyleena come out, phone call your healthcare provider (HCP). If Kyleena come out, usage back-up bear control. Kyleena may connect to or go with the uterus and cause various other problems.Pregnancy while making use of Kyleena is uncommon but can be life-threatening and may result in loss of pregnancy or fertility.Ovarian cysts might occur yet usually disappear.Bleeding and also spotting may rise in the very first 3 to 6 months and remain irregular. Periods with time usually come to be shorter, lighter, or might stop.

Kyleena does no protect against HIV or STDs.

Only you and your HCP can decide if Kyleena is right for you. Kyleena is available by prescription only.

For vital risk and also use information around Kyleena, you re welcome see full Prescribing Information.

About the Bayer "Millennial Women"s Health" Survey: Methodology: The 2018 Bayer "Millennial Women"s Health" survey presents the result of a quantitative virtual survey carried out by KRC research study from in march 28-April 2, 2018 amongst a sample that 1,000 united state women aged 18-35 who usage contraception or may consider using contraception in the future.

About Bayer Bayer is a global enterprise v core competencies in the life science areas of wellness care and nutrition. That is products and services space designed to advantage people by supporting initiatives to get over the significant challenges presented by a growing and aging an international population. In ~ the very same time, the Group aims to boost its earning power and create value through innovation and also growth. Bayer is committed to the values of sustainable development, and also the Bayer brand stands for trust, reliability and also quality transparent the world. In budget 2018, the group employed around 117,000 people and had sales of 39.6 billion euros. Capital expenditures amounted to 2.6 billion euros, R&D costs to 5.2 exchange rate euros. For an ext information, walk to or follow united state on society media in ~ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and also YouTube.

BAYER, the Bayer Cross and also Kyleena space registered trademarks the Bayer.

Media Contact: Courtney Mallon (917) 859-2409

1 Q21: i beg your pardon of the following types of bear control, if any, would certainly you say you are knowledgeable about? Please choose all that apply.

2 Q22: which of the following varieties of birth control, if any, have you seek out details about? Please choose all the apply.

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3 Q31: to the ideal of her knowledge, i beg your pardon of the complying with statements (if any) accurately define how one IUD might work to stop pregnancies? Please pick all that apply.