"Hannah Montana" helped beginning Miley Cyrus right into superstardom. Fiction mirrored fact as Cyrus play Miley Stewart, your mean teenage girl who just so happens to it is in an ultra-famous pop singer. Therefore naturally, number of of Miley"s classmates discover her true persona transparent the series. Her best friend, Lilly Truscott (Emily Osment), uncovers her an enig early top top in the series" run, and also it"s not lengthy until she gets the word out to Oliver Oken (Mitchel Musso). The only central character who stays in the dark transparent the entire show until the very last episode is good, ol" Rico Suave, Jr, as played by Moisés Arias.

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Rico ran a concession stand on the beach surrounding the Stewart household. He"s a organic businessman, hatching miscellaneous schemes transparent the show"s run while manipulating those approximately him to get what that wants. As for Arias himself, he"s preserved busy end the years and continues come act. In instance you feel like you haven"t checked out him in something lately, you far better think again. He"s end up being unrecognizable since his "Hannah Montana" days, so friend may have actually watched the in something without even realizing it. 

Disney Channel/Instagram
Arias to be still simply a preteen as soon as he initially landed a spot on "Hannah Montana." But, believe it or not, it"s currently been 10 years since the show ended, and Moisés Arias has actually grown right into a well young man. That remains active on Instagram and also regularly uploads brand-new pictures that himself, and while Rico may have been the youngest member that the Hannah Montana crew, he"s every grown up now.

His distinctive look appears to involve long hair and also a kind amount of face scruff. As you scroll v his feed, it"s likewise abundantly apparent that tiny Rico has actually taken come the gym over the years. One picture, in particular, shows the actor positively shredded. He additionally has a mask on, therefore it"s clear he didn"t let his fitness regimen fall to the wayside throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

One thing"s clear from all of this: Arias may have played a character named "Rico Suave," but these days, he"s as ripped together Gerardo. 

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He may be a little bit taller and have a six-pack, but Arias hasn"t slowed down once it concerns the exhilaration department. His resume has grown substantially due to the fact that "Hannah Montana" ended, and he proceeds taking diverse roles to display what he"s capable of as a performer. Shortly after his time ~ above the Disney Channel ended, he acquired a recurring duty in ABC"s "The Middle" as Matt. About that very same time, that ventured right into the great unknown by play Bonzo Madrid in "Ender"s Game."

His list of credits likewise includes the likes that "The Stanford jail Experiment," "Pitch Perfect 3," and also "Five Feet Apart." most recently, audiences could see him in the semi-autobiographical comedy "The King of Staten Island," alongside Pete Davidson. By the watch of it, Arias has actually no plans on slowing down any type of time soon. He"s attached to star in the initial superhero project, "Samaritan," in one as-of-yet undisclosed role. 

In an interview v ComicBookMovie.com, Arias spoke around having to placed filming for "Samaritan" on pause in light of the pandemic, saying, "What we had actually done, it to be a great group that people, and also it"s really intense and an innovative and a difficult endeavor, so ns hope we can get back to complete the second half soon." No doubt audiences are anxiously waiting for Arias to return to the huge screen, together well.

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After browsing through the actor"s filmography, it would certainly be easy to assume Moisés Arias doesn"t have time for lot else in his life. However, he"s likewise an accomplished photographer, and also you deserve to see countless of his pieces v his website, 490tx. Word to the wise: Several of his photos are NSFW, so continue with fist if you want to peruse his if on your occupational computer.

Most that his picture consist of candid shots of some of his famous friends, including Jaden Smith, Justin Bieber, and also Bella Hadid. He"s also hopped on board the NFT train all the means to the moon. He"s provided several images he"s taken as NFTs for sale so the you might own something straight from Rico of "Hannah Montana" himself, provided you"re willing to fork over some severe cash. A photo of the Hollywood sign he do an NFT of marketed for 0.24 ETH, which comes the end to $577.71. Various other NFTs he noted have offered for even more, therefore it"s good to see him securing his bag. 

It"s basic to know why Moisés Arias and also Jaden Smith would be such great friends. Both the them know what it"s prefer to address the struggles of reputation at really young age, i beg your pardon is likely why they"ve functioned together in various mediums over the years. Arias has done a lot an ext than exclusively shoot photos of Smith. He"s also made numerous music videos because that the artist under his 490tx brand. They"re all obtainable to watch on YouTube, and some that the singles Arias operated on encompass "Batman," "Blue Ocean," and "Scarface."

Arias has likewise worked through the singer ¿Téo?, a.k.a. Mateo Arias. No, the last surname isn"t a coincidence. He"s the younger brother of Moisés Arias and followed in his sibling"s footsteps, earning functions in "Drake & Josh," "Kickin" It," and more. However, he went top top to become an accomplished singer, through his most recent album "Sol" acquiring released in 2021. 

Arias has actually stayed liven over the years, especially after his time ~ above "Hannah Montana" pertained to an end. However, that doesn"t mean it"s every been smooth sailing. The actor uncovered himself on the wrong finish of the tabloids in may 2014 after ~ photographs that him do not wear shirts in a bed alongside a then-13-year-old pasture Smith arised (via E! News). Arias was twenty years old at the time, and the incident virtually broke the internet. The matter additionally landed the Smith household in lot of of warm water, as Jada Pinkett Smith discussed years later. 

On an illustration of "Red Table Talk," Pinkett Smith brought up just how the Los Angeles County department of Children and Family solutions investigated the family shortly afterward. She believed the matter was blown totally out the proportion, insisting there was never ever anything salacious around the photos. She walk on to mention, "The guys > basically lived with us, for this reason they"re prefer her brothers. These guys are constantly in this house with their shirts off."

While he later deleted all of the photos, reports indicate other shots exist of Jaden Smith, Kylie Jenner, and also Kendall Jenner. It shows up as though the collection was every in the surname of art. Arias isn"t also 30, yet he"s already achieved a good deal in his extensive career for this reason far. That knows what mediums he"ll communicate with in the future?