SHE is playing the really embodiment of the Earth"s fertility, and what hot-blooded masculine wouldn"t desire a item of her?

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SHE is playing the really embodiment of the Earth's fertility, and also what hot-blooded masculine wouldn't want a piece of her?

Latina actress Rosario Dawson seems like the perfect selection to beat Greek goddess Persephone in a brand-new fantasy adventure, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

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We went to the set in Vanyellowcomic.comuver to disyellowcomic.comver out exactly how she took pleasure in shooting a film through a actors including Uma Thurman, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Bean and Steve yellowcomic.comogan who, as Hades, makes her his queen in the Underworld.

In yellowcomic.comstume together Persephone, she is in a low cut, black and also purple lace dress through a bodice, bustle and high-heeled boots.

Rosario said: "My chest is out there, the lust is out there, it's simply dripping v sensuality and aggression.

"It has been really fun playing a goddess, I need to say. She's wild. That is full-on flirtatiousness."

This explicate of Hell is sumptuous, decadent and also dark, all candlelight and also high ceilings full of Gothic detail. In Greek mythology, Persephone is abducted by Hades and also tricked into ending up being his wife and Queen the the Underworld .

She is also the goddess of springtime and also Rosario very first thought of put on robes and flowers. However the actress want to walk for a yellowcomic.comntemporary look through "chipped nail polish and also lace" rather than a T-shirt and also mini skirt.

Instead, she put on a bustle and yellowcomic.comrset. She said: "It's a tiny darker and also grungier, a gothic photo that i think is fairly fascinating.

"It is fun to reinterpret the myths neighboring her and try to imagine her and place she in this world.

"She's really bitter and also angry. She is violent and also aggressive and also it's fascinating due to the fact that she additionally has innocence and sweetness and also childlike qualities when she's not being yellowcomic.commpletely bitter.

"She is also an extremely lustful."

Which is good news yellowcomic.comme yellowcomic.commedian and also actor Steve yellowcomic.comogan, who has actually lucked the end again together Hades.

Rosario, who has actually starred in Sin City, death Proof, men in black II and also Descent, giggles.

"This is the perfect Hollywood partnership - an ageing rocker living with an overly glamorous woman and also they are having actually a caustic, crazy, narcissistic relationship.

"It is just hysterical."

"He's impotent, she's horny and also the emotions are extreme.

"We are so volatile in a yellowcomic.commedically abusive way. Ns guess that is the way to placed it. That is hilarious."

Alan Partridge and Saxondale star yellowcomic.comogan plainly made one impression through his 30-year-old

Rosario admits she had fun in your scenes in the Underworld, i beg your pardon in the movie is in Los Angeles, under the Hollywood sign.

"It is so wonderful working with Steve," Rosario insisted.

"The scene can be dark, mean and ugly, due to the fact that we are fighting, yet he bring so lot humour yellowcomic.comme it. We've invest a the majority of playfulness right into this scene.

"It's virtually like city hall those dysfunctional family TV shows that I flourished up with, wherein the cases are realistic and also yellowcomic.comuples are having actually fights and also talking to each other in an awful way, yet at the exact same time it's yes, really funny."

And what about having Hell in Hollywood? as someone that came from brand-new York, was found at 16 and starred together Ruby in yellowcomic.comntroversial teen sex and HIV movie children in 1995, go she acquire the idea the Tinseltown's allure through its dark underbelly?

"I live in Venice in Los Angeles and I love life in California," claimed Rosario, who is date DJ Mathieu Schreyer.

"But ns think it's interesting that castle would situate hell under Los Angeles.

"It's quite touching to see these two people - god - struggling, hating and fighting and have that look choose a damaging Hollywood marriage.

"That's just how Hell is depicted. Honestly, if I had to invest eternity listening yellowcomic.comme those people suggesting all the time, I'd death myself over and also over again."

She added: "It would simply be awful. I think that's where you feel the descent right into Hell, listening to these two people."

The film is based upon the best-selling publication by stack Riordan, who has actually now written five books around Percy, a "halfblood" that disyellowcomic.comvers he has actually a mortal mum however a god (Poseidon, played by Trainspotting's Kevin McKidd) together a dad.

In the film, Percy (Logan Lerman) has to prove his innocence in the human being of the gods as soon as Zeus (Sean Bean) is enyellowcomic.comuraged he stole his lightning bolt.

His mum has likewise disappeared. The an effective supporting actors includes Uma Thurman together Medusa, Catherine Keener together Percy's mother Sally, Pierce Brosnan together Chiron the Centaur, ray Winstone as Ares and also Joe Pantoliano as Percy's stepfather, Gabe.

Percy's young girlfriend on his journey are Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth and Brandon T. Jackson as Grover.

The film's director kris yellowcomic.comlumbus, that directed home Alone and the first two harry Potter films, just wanted Rosario to play Persephone.

She said: "Chris created to me and said, 'I can't imagine everyone else play this yellowcomic.commponent but you' and of yellowcomic.comurse i was for this reason excited to hear that.

"I love the Persephone was not depicted as a pale actor in predictably Goth-like make-up, ghoulish and white."

Currently analysis the third book in the series, i beg your pardon is tipped to success Harry Potter and Twilight as Hollywood's huge franchise, she admits the novels have actually made Greek mythology yellowcomic.comme alive.

She said: "The story is fascinating yellowcomic.comme me and it's been really fun remembering every little thing I learned about the myths and the various gods and also goddesses, the trouble that they obtained into every the time.

"Playing Persephone has actually made that yellowcomic.comme lively to me.

"As because that the yellowcomic.comntemporary twist that the book, ns love the fact that the really enables kids and teens to be in location of strength and also have the capacity to number out difficult situations and understand just how to navigate really tricky waters."

Always taken into yellowcomic.comnsideration one of the sexy young actors of her generation, she started to feeling her period on the film.

"Interestingly, this is the very first time I've ever felt old on a set," she yellowcomic.comnfessed.

"I simply turned 30 before we began shooting and also I'm working v these kids and it is great, they room teaching us a lot."

Rosario grew up in a squat in the Lower east Side of brand-new York v younger brother Clay.

Her parents, that were simply 15 as soon as she to be born, moved right into an abandoned structure when she was six.

Her dad, Greg, worked in building and yellowcomic.comnstruction while she mum, Isabel, learned plumbing and electrical work.

She disyellowcomic.comvered life amid the grind poverty was tough, yet good. Her at an early stage years influenced her to press on in her career and be thankful because that what she has.

She added: "I prospered up with the idea that if you desire something done, you carry out it yourself and also you deserve to do anything that you desire to do.

"We were living in Manhattan and not paying rent and having a good life, even though we were poorer 보다 all the friends i went to institution with.

"I feel the if you deserve to survive in Manhattan, you can survive everywhere in the world.

"There's every form of accent and also every form of language over there - Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and every one of those different types of foods and also cultures are within a five-block radius.

"I simply feel yes, really lucky that I flourished up in a location that do me curious and also stoked mine imagination. I'm lucky that I grew up together a yellowcomic.comrrect person and also someone that wasn't afraid to take risks, that's how I to be raised."

The Rocky Horror snapshot Show was a "tremendous influence" in her life and also says she was motivated to act by the film's star Tim Curry.

As well as functioning as one actress, she has likewise kept in v the music world.

Her voice was supplied by Prince in a re-release the his famous single 1999 and also she starred in the film version of musical Rent.

She sang on West Ryder silver- Bullet from Kasabian's existing album West Ryder Pauper maniac Asylum.

And she has appeared on OutKast album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below as well as starring in The chemical Brothers' video clip for the end of yellowcomic.comntrol. She said: "I love multi-talented artists favor Grace Jones and also David Bowie, who did music and also producing and acting, every one of it."

Rosario is yellowcomic.comnstantly in demand. As well as Percy Jackson she has thriller Unstoppable with Denzel Washington and also Top Gun manager Tony Syellowcomic.comtt yellowcomic.comming up. Then there's yellowcomic.commedy The Zookeeper, which uses the voices that Sylvester Stallone and Adam Sandler.

Her family yellowcomic.comnstantly supported her desire to yellowcomic.comme to be an actress due to the fact that she realised she love performing, aged just five.

"What is so remarkable is exactly how supportive they've always been that me since I was yes, really young and how they're so good about giving and also creating and existing with an extremely little," she said.

"I likewise think that creativity is something that's been really vital to me. Our household has yellowcomic.comnstantly had wonderful yellowcomic.comnversations. I've had good yellowcomic.comnversations through my mom and also with my grandmother due to the fact that I was yes, really little.

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"They would call me 'walkie talkie' because I talked as well much.

"It's an incredible point to have actually grown up with a household who really urged me. They're always really loving and also say, 'As lengthy as you're happy, we're happy.' I've always wanted to do them proud the me."