If Leonard Cohen, who passed away Thursday at age 82, had actually only exit one song in his lifetime, “Hallelujah,” his place in the Rock and also Roll hall of Fame would certainly still be really deserved. “Hallelujah” has certainly earned him a clues in the reality Rocks room of Fame, since the moody yet majestic ballad is one of the most-covered melody in TV talent compete history.

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Yes, maybe “Hallelujah” has come to be the can be fried singing show cliché; also Cohen himself as soon as complained to the Canadian Broadcast service that also many world had extended it. However there is a an excellent reason why the go-to track was never ever retired native the American Idol, Voice, and also X Factor catalogs, and why so many contestants have signed approximately sing the season after season: It’s just an all-time, timeless classic, so lot so the its influence has been only negligibly decreased by the dozens of remakes that have actually aired on TV end the years.

The exciting irony about Cohen’s composition ending up being such a singing display staple was the he didn’t actually possess a Kelly Clarkson-esque voice himself; his sleepy, semi-spoken monotone, though distinctive, sexy, and also brimming with character, more than likely wouldn’t have acquired him a gold ticket ~ above Idol or inspired any kind of chairs come spin roughly on The Voice. Yet that’s the enduring beauty beauty of Cohen’s songs, especially “Hallelujah”: even if it is performed through a perceptible singer-songwriter or a multi-octave power-diva, they tho work.

Anyway, us assume girlfriend really care for music (do you?), so here are some of the ideal talent present performances the “Hallelujah.”

13. Joshua Davis (The Voice, Season 8)

“Hallelujah” is a explain song plenty of contestants select when trying come prove that they are, together American Idol judge Randy Jackson used to say, “in the to success it.” therefore this Team Adam underdog tried to win through it ~ above The Voice Season 8 finale. His power only gained him to third place, however it was a respectable effort — particularly since, unlike various other a pair other singers on his list, Davis retained things straightforward and didn’t show off or oversing.

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11. Alexandra Burke (The X aspect U.K., Season 5)

Following a game-changing performance of the track by Jason Castro on American Idol (more on that in a bit), Simon Cowell chose “Hallelujah” together The X Factor winner Burke’s coronation song throughout the pond. The power-vocalist’s Whitney-esque interpretation ended up being the triumphant “Christmas #1” ~ above Britain’s singles chart in 2008 and broke a european sales record set by a vault X factor U.K.

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champion, Leona Lewis; it also became the fastest-selling solitary released by a mrs in the U.K. Burke’s “Hallelujah” success also helped Jeff Buckley’s version and Cohen’s initial chart in the U.K. At #2 and also #36, respectively.