You recognize the story: Girl native respectable family falls in love v motorcycle-riding bad boy native the wrong next of town. Parental disapprove, and also force the girl to rest up with the boy. Boy, aggrieved and also despondent as just a young romantic can be, peels out on his motorcycle, and also promptly crashes and is killed. Girl cries and also promises never ever to forget him. If william Shakespeare had actually been lively in 1964 and also worked at the Brill Building, he might well have written the chart-topping hit solitary " Leader of the Pack" rather of Romeo and also Juliet. However he wasn"t around, so instead, the job dropped to the writing/producing team the Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich and George "Shadow" Morton. when Greenwich (who passed away in 2009) and Barry finished up in the Rock and also Roll room of Fameand came to be the subject of a 1980s Broadway musical,their collaborator stayed intriguingly obscure. Morton, a Brooklyn native who passed away on Feb. 14 at period 71 in Laguna Beach, Calif., to be a songwriting savantwho never learned to play an tool or read music. What the did have actually was an exotic imagination, the chutzpah to speak his means into the music business and also the lucky to have a friend who knew three high college girls from emperors who had developed a group dubbed the Shangri-Las. Below they are, performing "Leader of the Pack" on the 1960s TV display I"ve gained a Secret, through actor Robert Goulet together the spurned biker.

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below are part intriguing facts around Morton and also "Leader the the Pack":

follow to Fletcher, Morton obtained his nickname native his collaborator Barry, who jokingly stated that he resembled the enigmatic protagonist of the old radio present "The Shadow" in his ability "to cloud men"s minds."

Morton came up v the idea for "Leader the the Pack" together a followup to "Remember (Walkin" in the Sand)," the initial struggle he had written because that the Shangri-Las. He envisioned a sport on the straightforward narrative in "Remember," which he once described as "sad song: girl falls in love, boy has to go away." This time, he upped the ante dramatically: the girl would certainly be compelled to break off the romance, and also the boy would ride off and die.

Barry and also Greenwich reportedly had actually the motivation for the song"s distinctive sound effects. According to Fletcher, Barry ran a cable under from the studio window to 47th Street, so that he could record the sound that a Harley-Davidson that belonged to among the studio engineers.

end the years, "Leader that the Pack" has been covered many times by various other artists. Here"s a late-1970s rendition by Bette Midler.
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