The Dukes that Hazzard theme track is almost as iconic together the classic TV present itself. Having actually a country music legend kick things off before watching Luke and also Bo duke (Tom Wopat and John Schneider) race around in their practice Dodge Charger, potentially joined by your cousin Daisy (Catherine Bach) in her signature "Daisy Duke" shorts, really helped collection the tone because that the display as a whole.

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Waylon Jennings to be the narrator of the 1975 film Moonrunners which starred James Mitchum and Kiel boy name as two cousins to run bootleg liquor for their Uncle Jesse. Warner Bros hit up writer and director Gy Waldron to see if he"d it is in interested in turning his story right into a TV comedy. Fast forward four years and The Dukes that Hazzard quickly ended up being one the the highest-rated shows on CBS, to run for seven seasons. Waldron kept numerous of the same ideas from his original film, consisting of some that the names (Uncle Jesse!) and also the bootleg liquor template (Bo and Luke fight it out are cousins top top probation for distilling moonshine). However most importantly, he carried Jennings with him come narrate the show and also write and perform the layout song, "Theme indigenous The Dukes of Hazzard (Good Ol" Boys)."

Similar to his duty in Moonrunners, Jennings played the Balladeer throughout the series. The narrated every episode also as provided playful comment on the plot before the advertising breaks. Jennings likewise took the theme tune (with a couple of tweaks) and released it together a single.

Waylon Jennings single version

"Theme native The Dukes that Hazzard (Good Ol" Boys)" was released together a single on Jennings" 1980 album, Music Man. Fans were instantly drawn come the tune after recognizing that from the fight show. The solitary was a number one fight on the Hot nation Singles Chart and even reached #21 on the Billboard warm 100.

But Jennings do a few changes come his variation of the theme song prior to releasing it commercially. His 3rd verse playfully comments on the truth that his role on the present is quite much restricted to offscreen.

You know my momma loves me

But she don"t understand

They save a showin" my hands

And not my confront on TV

Jennings ultimately did make a physics appearance in the last season the the show due to popular need from fans. The as necessary named episode, "Welcome, Waylon Jennings," introduces the nation singer together a friend of the duke family.

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The Dukes that Hazzard version

While Jennings made his single a bit much more personal in the last verse, the show"s yes, really theme track tied into the show, through the third verse commenting on the two key Dukes, "Fightin" the device like two modern Robin Hoods" followed by a "Yeehaw" from Bo and Luke. It also included part banjo playin" that didn"t do Jennings" track.

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Which version carry out ya"ll like better? either way, The Dukes of Hazzard theme song gave us among Waylon Jennings" signature songs, i beg your pardon will always be a classic.