The ‘Pretty little Liars’ theme track is around as renowned as the show. ‘Secret’ by The Pierces dram duringeveryepisode, and also you know you sing-along to it every single time. Well, Ashley Benson is in reality the one who discovered the template song! gain the details.

The Pretty little Liars filmed the pilot in Vancouver with I. Marlene King, 55,Ashley Benson, 27,Shay Mitchell, 30,Troian Bellisario, 31,Sasha Pieterse, 21, and Lucy Hale, 27. While they were there filming, Ashley played a tune that remained with lock throughout their 7 seasons on the show.“On the means back from that shoot, the was as soon as you played in the auto what would come to be our theme song,” Troian said to Ashley throughout an interview through Entertainment Weekly. “You had played that for every one of us, and you to be like, ‘I desire to show it come Marlene since I really think it could be a good theme song.’”

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And that’s how the PLL template songcame come be! “Secret” has been the perfect theme song for thePretty little Liars opening sequence. It’s tough to believe that the tune was created for the show! The tune was released in 2007! PLL didn’t premiere until 3 years later!

The present only has actually a few more episodes left in its last season, with PLL gearing up for the large A.D. Disclose in the series finale, i beg your pardon airs June 27. End the years, the girls have become like family to each other, and it hasn’t been straightforward to say goodbye. However, lock don’t believe the show is ending too quickly for your characters. “I think we’re finishing it in ~ the many perfect time and also honestly, there couldn’t have actually been a better ending because that this,”Shay told EW.

Pretty little Liars airs Tuesdays in ~ 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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