The Vampire Diaries Character buy it Michelle Gellar Turned under (& Why) sarah Michelle Gellar turned under a duty on The Vampire Diaries. A wade Dead actress landing the function instead.

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The Vampire Diaries Character buy it Michelle Gellar Turned down (& Why Rose
The Vampire Diaries co-creator Kevin Williamson wanted buy it Michelle Gellar come play the role of Rose-Marie, yet the actress turned the down. Based on the book collection by L. J. Smith, The Vampire Diaries ran because that eight seasons from 2009-2017 and was among The CW"s most well-known shows. The superordinary drama starred Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert, who found herself in the middle of an epic love triangle between Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) and his older brothers Damon (Ian Somerhalder). The Vampire Diaries came to be the longest-running vampire collection to date, beating out both True Blood (2008-2014) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003). Despite the show"s cult status and specialized fanbase, Williamson failure to attract his most coveted guest star, sarah Michelle Gellar.

The walking Dead"s Lauren Cohan played Rose-Marie, and the vampire personality was introduced in season 2, illustration 8, "Rose". She and her ideal friend Trevor walk away Elena, planning to hand her over come Elijah Mikaelson (Daniel Gillies make his Vampire Diaries debut as among the initial siblings). "Rose" revisits the night Katherine Pierce fled Klaus Mikaelson. In common Katherine fashion, she supplied Rose and Trevor come unknowingly rotate her right into a vampire i beg your pardon aided the Petrova doppelganger (one the The Vampire Diaries five doppelgangers) in her escape. As a result, the twosome was forced to go on the operation for 500 years or confront Klaus" wrath. Elijah shows Rose mercy, the Salvatores save the girl, and also Elena learns that her fatality is the crucial to breaking the Hybrid curse.

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While Cohan created a compelling Rose, Williamson originally had actually Buffy the Vampire star buy it Michelle Gellar in mind because that the component (Williamson wrote 1997"s Scream 2 in which Gellar had actually a little role). During a 2011 interview with Page Six, Williamson said, "Originally me and also my pipe dreams had us trying to gain Sarah Michelle Gellar because that Rose. She was an extremely appreciative yet just stated no. She was the just stunt spreading we’d have ever before agreed to." Williamson didn"t increase on why Gellar refused his offer, yet it"s safe to i think the actress wasn"t interested in revisiting acquainted territory, even if it supposed playing a vampire rather of slaying them.

Sarah Michelle Gellar together Buffy Summers Buffy the Vampire Slayer
together the seventh and also final season of Buffy wrapped, Gellar openly admitted she was happy to ultimately let her character remainder in peace, telling EW in 2003, "Buffy, in this incarnation, is over.” Gellar"s appearance on The Vampire Diaries would have actually undoubtedly to be a coup because that the show, but it might have possibly tarnished Gellar"s Buffy legacy as a feminist icon due to the fact that the personality of increased doesn"t exactly embody female empowerment, spending her immortal life fleeing Klaus. Gellar go on come star in The CW"s Ringers (2011-2012), which might have additionally factored right into her decision to pass on The Vampire Diaries. Gellar has continued to show up on the huge and small screens, although she breakout gig together Buffy Sommers stays her many memorable.

The character of Rose appears in several more episodes the The Vampire Diaries, helping Elena and also the Salvatores gain an ext information about the elusive Klaus. She also engages in a quick fling with Damon that ends dramatically after a werewolf bites her. Rose"s final moments expose a softer next of Damon, and also the scene to be a tearjerker. Cohan called EW, "It’s not generally what you expect to acquire to do once you’re guest-starring on a TV show. I just thought it was such a moving script." In season 3, she returns illustration 19, "The love of Darkness," as a ghost who weighs in on Elena"s burgeoning attraction for the elder Salvatore, offering clues as to why Elena choose Damon end Stefan.

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