For Jennifer Williams, a 10-year-long relationship ended with a glass the water. You check out it right. Divorce remained in the cards because that her and then-husband Eric Williams however no one believed their marital relationship would concerned a screeching halt. The pair dated six years and were married for practically four, which do it every the an ext surprising. In Season 1 of "Basketball Wives", Eric threw water on Jennifer"s confront during a sit-down dinner but not before they do the efforts to traction an amicable break-up where they would certainly go on to become an excellent friends. Clearly, that didn"t happen.

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Jennifer and Eric"s marriage ended in a $30M divorce?

Eric Williams (Getty Images)

Even despite Jennifer forgave Eric for the incident and his admitted infidelity, she couldn"t place the kind of human he had become. "He’s just a various person from the one ns know. I feel like he’s falling turn off the deep end, and also I’m like, you can’t be that bitter about what’s walking on," she told significance in an interview date 2011. They divorce the same year and apparently, she won big, go away through a $30 million settlement, Celebrity net Worth reported.

At this point, it would be simple to assume that a part of she $25 million estimated net worth came from she settlement but that is no the case. She is a effective entrepreneur and also a well-known TV star that walks away through an impressive paycheck every season. And why not? given the drama she bring to the show, she apparently gets payment $340,000 every season, which contains the reunion episodes.

Jennifer burst right into the fact TV scene v her figure on "BBW". Right from the word go, viewers were encouraged that she was here to stay. She did, albeit for 4 seasons. Her departure had naught to do with her beef through Evelyn Lozada. Jennifer want to "rebrand" herself, change directions in life and also grieve a small over a an individual loss. Her mother passed away of cancer in 2015.

Even then, she was never completely detached indigenous the collection and make a guest appearance in Season 6. If away, she featured in Karamo Brown"s "The Next: 15", an unscripted show that ripped truth shows apart. After ~ she functioned on her businesses and way forward, the wife was ago to comprise with Evelyn and put the bitter previous behind them. And also just like that, she was back on camera. This aside, she operation a health club Flirty Girl Fitness, launched a lip gloss line Lucid Cosmetics and also a fashion boutique Classy Girl Wardrobe.

She gained a restraining order against ex-boyfriend Tim Norman

Jennifer Williams and Tim Norman (OWN)

After her divorce through Eric to be settled, Jennifer date CMG entertainment"s Cisco Rosado. They separation in 2014. Even though she jumped right into the dating pool, the star was acquisition it slow. She was managing her mother"s fatality when "Welcome to Sweetie Pie" star Tim Norman walked into her life. "It to be going well," she said when she showed up in among the illustration of the own show, but the connection spiraled the end of manage in simply a year. Apparently, Tim"s temper had come to be "aggressive." She asserted that the had, on multiple occasions, gotten abusive in the direction of his co-stars, Cheatsheet reported.

He accused stalked Jennifer to the suggest where she had actually to document a restraining order versus the ex-boyfriend, that is awaiting trial. AJC reported the he was "accused of being the mastermind behind the murder-for-hire plot that caused his nephew"s death."

She discussed the scandal during the Season 2 reunion episode however the basic vibe about it to be she had actually leaked naked pictures of it s her to be more famous. She denied it left, right, and center saying she didn"t need to pull together tricks to be on optimal of she game. However, shortly after there to be rumors that what Jennifer was not admitting to could very much it is in the truth. Her photos to be leaked on people Star hip Hop and she is friends v the CEO, and also even describes her together "sis," a blog, Kiss Richmond, claimed. As tempting as this explanation may seem, for now, let"s side v Jennifer because she is in the front and also center the the scandal and also has addressed it already.


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