Music prompts us to respond with open-heartedness rather of judgment. The ushers united state to a higher place from where we can see beyond distractions to what is true and great and lasting.

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Over the course of his prolific career, musician Michael Shrieve has written, produced and played on albums that have actually sold millions of copies worldwide. In 2016, Rolling Stone listed him amongst the “100 greatest Drummers,” and also in 2011 the very same magazine’s readers made decision him as among the “Top 10 Drummers of every Time.”

As the initial drummer because that Santana, Michael to be the youngest performer in ~ Woodstock at age 19. He helped create the an initial eight albums of this seminal group, and was ~ above the head of shaping a brand-new musical era. In 2016, Michael reunited with the initial band come perform and also record a new album, Santana IV, top top which two of his initial songs room featured.

Michael is respect world-wide for his adventurous trial and error with the most an imaginative and masterful musicians. No various other drummer has collaborated through such longevity and also sophistication alongside artist in such varied genres together rock, jazz, electronic, DJ and world music. That is well recognized for his groundbreaking adoption of digital percussion when it was a brand-new medium in the 1970s.

Michael proceeds to strive because that innovative viewpoints to percussion-based music, and records with both renowned and emerging artists. He recently released the speculative “Trilon,” a free-form jazz-groove participation with Reggie Watts, Skerik, Mike Dillon, James Rotondi, Brad Houser and Brian Siskind. Michael additionally performs through his very own rock/jazz jam band, Spellbinder, that simply released its 2nd album. The quintet members joining Michael room Danny Godinez, Farko Dosumov, john Fricke and also Joe Doria.

After a decade of worldwide collaboration, Michael will shortly release his most personal project, “Drums that Compassion,” because that which that is composer, producer and drummer. This approximately world-vibe album expresseses Michael’s spritual view on what music contributes to the world. The album bring together several of the world’s many respected percussionists and musicians: Obo Addy, Zakir Hussain, Olatunji, Trey Gunn, Amon Tobin, Tarik Banzi, Jack De Johnette, Jeff Greinke, Airto Moriera, BC Smith, and also James Whiton.

Michael’s record credits include the master of popular and also avant-garde music – Mick Jagger and the rolling Stones, George Harrison, Pete Townsend, Steve Winwood, Police guitarist Andy Summers, movie composer mark Isham, and such music luminaries as man Mclaughlin, Stomu Yamash’ta, Klaus Schulze, Freddie Hubbard, Jaco Pastorius, Wayne Horvitz and Bill Frisell. Many notable publications have cited Michael’s impressive work: The brand-new York Times, Downbeat, rojo Stone, Billboard, Modern Drummer, Musician, Drum, Paris Match, Melody Maker, and also Life Magazine.

Michael Shrieve likewise composes music because that film and television. He functioned with the director Paul Mazursky ~ above the film, “The Tempest,” and scored music because that Curtis Hanson’s “The Bedroom Window,” as well as numerous television movies and shows. In 2002 Michael wrote and also produced the song, “Aye Aye Aye,” through Carlos Santana, which showed up on the album, “Shaman.” Rolling Stone magazine acknowledged it as among the songs that “leaps the end of the album, joyful and organic there is no calculation,” and also achieves “globe-spanning euphoria.”

From 1990 to 2005, Michael to be host, performer and curator of the renowned “Bumberdrum,” which brought together a stage full of the numerous percussionists participating in Bumbershoot, an yearly world-class art and also music festival in Seattle. Michael was the musical Director for the pre-game display of significant League Baseball’s 2001 every Star video game hosted by the Seattle Mariners, which affiliated over 80 drummers and dancers representing plenty of countries.

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Michael is the previous President of the Pacific Northwest Branch the the nationwide Association of recording Arts and also Sciences (NARAS), and also served together Musical Director for Seattle theater Group’s “More Music
The Moore,” a program that highlights gifted young musicians from Seattle’s various social groups.

Michael Shrieve to be inducted into the Rock and also Roll room of fame in 1998. In 2005, Michael received the guitar Center’s first annual “Lifetime accomplishment Award.”